Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hurry Up and Wait

I have a personal motto in which I try to live by it is, to do the best I can with whatever I'm doing. I love making jewelry it really is my joy, I'm sharing this piece that is already sold just because I love it so. I feel I must also share a bit about my personal life…

Our household and my work schedule as of late has been and will be in a constant state of flux and will be for some time. My husband and myself have taken on the care for my elderly Father-in-law who lives a good hour from here through congested, often aggressive traffic. My son helps when he can and his good cheer is always appreciated. We have a very excellent caregiver who relieves us for two sacred days and that is a true blessing. Lately I have been darting down filling in, on the fly, willie nilly and I must say I really detest having no schedule so I'm working on that. I'm hoping to take the weekends and to be able to work in my studio during the week, that is my plan anyway. My little doggie is always afraid of being left behind for a Home Alone #3, 4 or 5 incident so he isn't taking any chances of being overlooked! I have left him home with Eric since he is nearly blind and he has our house memorized but I took him with me last time and I was amazed at how well he adapted. ( he likes me best :) His presence was a nice distraction and a comfort for Professor Darrow and myself so Mart now has a job as a therapy dog.

The good part is that Mr. Darrow's home has a full ocean view and a constant, wonderful, cool breeze. I took this picture of the blue moon at the edge of the continent at about 4 a.m. when I should have been asleep. Pretty, pretty, maybe I should work on some moon pieces…

I appreciate your patience with shipping and listing and the like, I just wanted you to know, I'm doing the best I can!

xo, Ro


  1. bless his heart, little mart....not wanting to be left behind, blooming in his therapy dog role.

    great view of the moon....i missed it, here, cloud cover et al.

    strange how our schedules can be so disrupted, once we are in a routine, then a new routine becomes our schedule.


    1. Oh Mart, he's the best, he's sleeping in right now, snoring next to me, my pet squirrel :)

      So pretty, the water shimmer.

      I'm all for spontaneity, without it I would have no social life but I function best with a work schedule, it's good, I'm getting there.


  2. That is a marvelous motto :) I am someone who really likes to have a schedule too, so I feel for you there. You are doing a wonderful thing taking care of your father in law, I'm sure it's so exhausting. I'm glad little Mart has found a calling as a therapy dog too! What a cutie-you could just pop him right in that bag. I will get a little pocket dog one day!
    Gorgeous picture of the moon too, who could sleep with views like that? :)

    1. Why not give it your all, I'm not saying I'm the best at anything I just try hard. I think you have to have a little planning to really be productive, I too have always been schedule oriented.

      We know we are doing the right thing, it's okay if we work together.

      When I worked my 9 to 5 Mart came with me and when it rained I would put a towel on top of my lunch and stuff in my tote and pop Mart on top. He would ride there in my car. Having a pocket pooch is just right for us right now, I won't mention about how much I miss my Jo.

      Every day that's right where the sun sets, you can't beat that view!

  3. Well, of course Mart loves you best. :-)

    And of course, he feel some responsibility here and will do the work to the very best of his abilities.

    And of course, we will wait on the sidelines and cheer you as you take on this role. Sometimes, we may walk along with you, from a distance, in thoughts and prayers and correspondence. That's what this trail is for!!

    There are blessings in these days, too, even though the new routine can seem so overwhelming. Many challenges, too, of course--in all sizes and shapes. :-) Please know we've got your back.

    *Wearing my Bird Girl ring in honor of you today...and in this way, you're accompanying the dogs and me on a blueberry picking adventure!


    1. Ha, we know that story don't we, I know yours love you best too. Isn't that true, that's why we love our dogs so much, they share everything with us and is there anything more sympathetic.

      I must say I'm learning a lot about a variety of things and also about myself, I'm not complaining, most of my friends are taking on similar roles, it's a right of passage I suppose, just a cog in the wheel of life. It isn't sexy or fun but you're right it is the journey.

      Aww, I hope the dogs get their fill too Birdgirl, I planned a berry pick too but on my way up the mountain I realized a huge bike race was taking place and I would have never gotten back out so I had to turn around empty handed and settle for a hike. You just reminded me I need to get back up there!! I hope you had a good day.


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  5. beautiful jewelry and thoughtful blog... best wishes for the care of your father in law. From an australian admirer of your etsy store!