Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jewelry Preview

I wanted to show you the two pieces I just finished, these are going to etsy later tomorrow but they can be reserved now. I like this format as a preview since there is a lot of expelling about the second piece. I also think the quality of the pictures is better here than on Facebook. I finished the heron I showed you earlier. I made a charm style pendant with plenty of interesting bits and pieces.

Since it is nesting season, I made a he and a she. The heart stone is a moss agate, the larger heron stands on a very blue labradorite.

The clasp is intended to be worn in the front, it has a blue labradorite briolette for fun. This one is called "The Heron Pair "


I must confess when I watch Downton Abbey I'm always jealous of the jewelry. I have said to my husband more than once that I wish I could make the jewelry for the show. I love Edwardian era jewelry so I made this piece with that era in mind, only with a modern spin. I became really involved in the joinery of this piece, I love dreaming up joinery.  The bar with the twist is based on a skeleton key, only to evoke the feel, not to make an actual key. A crashing wave in this pretty stone, sloshing while you walk….. but wait there's so much more...

The stone, a horse canyon agate has a small pocket of druzy crystals and I remember when I found the stone I thought of a small cloud above the waves. I cut a circle in the back, sun or moon… but it's a bit of trickery to look at a stone like this with no back because your body will be behind it so it won't  necessarily look like this when it's worn but……………...

 look it takes on all kinds of different appearances deepening on what you wear.

There's a heron and moon on the back….

and it's really long with a prism brio like a ships prism or a lighthouse bulb, see it up there.

You can slip it over your head, it has no clasp..

See the moon..

Unconventional I know but who want's to be conventional anyway?

Thanks for visiting..xo Ro


I was missing Michael Jackson today…( funny way to begin a sentence I know) the man had some problems to be sure but he was a musical genius too. I'm a Spotify junkie so I got on a roll with MJ this morning when this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE3zJgO-0S4came on and I have to say, we all have our clinkers,  and this one with Paul is hilarious. So I'm thinking about a blurry photo montage of Banjo. You can substitute it for your own dog, running on the beach, fetching a stick or dreaming next to a dead stuffed fox….that doggone girl is mine ❤❤❤!

xo Ro and Jo

Monday, February 24, 2014

Heron Love

I'm waiting for the house to wake up, I've been up since 4, I did my yoga and waiting for the light to go for a walk. I went out with a girlfriend the other morning on a birding excursion and was not disappointed. Some of my favorite fine featured friends were there.

*Eric's up :)

In fact the beautiful blue herons were there in big numbers sitting on eggs or attending newly hatched chicks. Don't you just love how they manage those long legs! I think the judges would be giving this one high marks for incredible form, pointed toes and all.

*Mart is up, hanging on the edge of the grand canyon bed, at 12 his eyesight is not what it used to be so he makes tiny little help me noises to be gently set on the floor when it's still dark in the morning. "I'm coming Martler"

They were flying to and from the bare trees, hunting around the small lake for provisions.

Three in the trees though not a fantastic shot, I don't have a long enough lens but my friend had a very good set of binoculars. We watched them for the longest time and I must say after watching the Cornell heron cam, I felt pretty informed as to just what was transpiring.

It was a fun morning, inspiring in fact. I had been asked by a very sweet lady to make a heron piece so these birds arrived at the right moment.

I started another heron piece yesterday which I plan to finish today, I'm always excited to see how they're going to come out.

Banjo's up, I hear the birds so it's time for dog food and out the door.

Have a good week all, xoxo Ro

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Everybody Wants to Get Into the Act!

I spent some of today working in my studio then adding new earrings to etsy. I took pictures and more pictures, I thought these little blooms might look nice with a living bloom from my garden so I plucked one.

That's when I noticed this guy. "Hello little spider, yes you can participate…

I took several shots of my earrings while he moved around on the coreopsis flower, then I took him outside where a proper spider belongs.

Gosh, everybody must be hungry…..while I walked to the flower bed my little bloom was accosted by a bee, look at the tiny spider move to the rear. Small dramas on a quiet afternoon!

 There you go little one..

I added some pretty new earrings to my shop ….

*No spiders or insects were harmed while photographing my work.

xo Ro

Friday, February 7, 2014

Howdy Friends!

First I want to take a moment to thank all of you for generously welcoming me back after my one month sabbatical. Thank you for participating in my pajama party, I did list my work in my pj's and some of you confessed to being in yours also, the beauty of shopping and conversing on the net. Luckily I was finally dressed when the mailman knocked.

I've been hiking every morning now that the weather has finally turned more wintery. I made a pact with myself a long time ago. I always hike the day after a rain, no matter what... everything else can wait. These are the best days when the air is cool and clean, the plants are washed and bejeweled with droplets, everything is highly scented, the birds are happy and so am I.

Hello Mrs. did you find a warm place to sleep last night?

jewels of the trail

I started a book I'm absolutely loving, this view made me think of it, the title is The Garden of Evening Mists so imagined waking in the Highlands and I tried to think about what a tea plantation might smell like after a rain, in the mist.

Banjo was entertained with other scents, gopher, squirrel, deer, I think dogs pretty much stay in the moment though both of my dogs dream like crazy when they sleep.

Life is a beautiful thing, when handed such a gift it best to receive it with greed and I'm being greedy theses days.

I hope you all do the same! Wishing you all good things, a lovely weekend for instance.

Love, Ro