Monday, December 15, 2014

Show Shots, Big Gratitude

We had beautiful weather, everything was sparking, crisp and washed from rain the previous day (YAY).

Here is a smattering of shots of our show. Most of them are taken at set up because, fortunately we get pretty busy and it's difficult to get action shots.

We all worked hard to have a nice variety to choose from.

A tradition I started last year I call my "Where's Waldo" 

I always have fun decorating, this one found a good home rose hips and all.

heart rocks

collection of leaves

My jewelry display is in my living room since my studio is too small but my studio serves as a dressing room for Kathryn's wearables so every bit of space is used.

decisions, decisions

Show banner planted in the blood orange.

view from the kitchen sink



Thank you so much to everyone that came out to shop, for supporting us and for appreciating or work. Thank you friends for sticking by us even if we have our noses buried in our studios too much this time of year. Thank you Marc, Bryce, Jeanmarie, Carol for lugging, packing, adding, smiling and being right there for us. Thank you to all my etsy friends for making this another fantastic year for me. We feel truly blessed to have you in our lives!

xo Ro


  1. oh my gosh Ro, these pictures are just SO beautiful! I'm so amazed every year how stunning it all is. Eric's work and Kathryn's work, just no words!
    I thought of you all almost constantly all weekend, happy for you, and homesick for me! hee hee.
    love you soar sister!

    1. Thank you Deb, you know what an undertaking this is, I'm so glad the weather was good, that made it much more enjoyable. Yes they both had lots of beautiful work, I agree. It just seems like you belong here for this! I thought of you also, many times.

      I love you back!

  2. i believe the shot from the kitchen window is the best of all.

    so glad you had good weather and a good show[ing]….


    1. I know I love that linen with the star, her fabrics make lovely stained glass style curtains. No hankies this year but she promised to make some for you :)

      The weather was beautiful and more rain today, yay, yay , yay!!!


  3. I have been SO negligent in not writing sooner. Steve and I SO enjoyed meeting you and seeing your home and studio! I hope we didn't seem too odd saying over and over "me too, me too" about everything in your nest! I do think we were separated at birth though. We didn't mean to disappear without saying goodbye, but we lost you and had to get on the road..maybe it made us feel mysterious ;-) Oh, also, I love my new earrings...of course! Thank you, as always, for sharing your talent. Merry Christmas, Ro!