Sunday, November 2, 2014

Crow Watching "The Gift"

xo cROw


  1. Oh my GOSH, this is amazing!!!! Well, perhaps something ordinary for the crows :-) but amazing for you to watch and photograph!! Or maybe they're just hoping to catch your eye and become the next models for some of your silver work...the word is out about you in AvianLand, you know. :-)

    Happy Sunday, and thanks so much for this beautiful beginning to the day!!

  2. I thought it was amazing too Caroline, I'm thinking this bird was frolicking, just doing it for pure fun, like a dog with a stick, I have never observed such a thing. The crows were in rare form in that gorgeous light, so glad to have my camera.

    I'm kind of loving this time change only I'm ready for bed by 8 :)

  3. so glad you captured this!

    just a couple mornings ago, i stopped my jeep along the highway to watch ravens at play in the matanuska river area, weaving and dipping in the air currents. they'd stop on the highway, and then, off they'd go again!