Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend Views

Hello friends! I hope all is well with you. Last week was the hottest yet with temps in the triple digits. I tried to fry a chicken egg on a basalt rock but it didn't work, apparently it needs to be over 101 for good results, I'll keep you posted on this project as this summer will most likely be a record breaker, which is not the record, I'm excited to break. I hunkered in my studio like a lizard under a rock only venturing out in the early morning and evening.

I went to the mountains yesterday enjoying the little cooling trend we are currently experiencing, a few clouds yesterday, more today but this one…… an alleluia cloud. I watched it morph, mutate, undulate and like a prism the light bent and changed in the realm of rainbow sherbet hues, a lovely show especially when you're flat on your back, an activity I plan to engage in more often, won't you join me? I like the perspective and when you're exhausted like my friend was you might even get a little cat nap. It makes you feel like a little offering plus you don't have to crane your neck to watch the birds.

* Bird fact….I watched a busy Scrub Jay, a common bird close to my heart but it didn't make the traditional scrub calls it was screeching like a Steller's Jay which got me to wondering if the two species could possibly cross, and yes they can. The bird I was watching could have been just mimicking its cousin or possibly a hybrid. Fun things to think about and questions to ponder. Now I'm wondering about quail?

We saw scads of bluebirds and enjoyed their solos…..

so gorgeous I had to take too many pictures then show them to you

bluebird shot #3 of 25 :)

My friend found a little lost marsupial which she is helping along until it's a little older and ready to be released.

cute/ugly/strange  I wondered if people kept them as pets……of course they do and everything else under the sun… this is my favorite collection though.

Speaking of collections, mine is slowly growing and looking forward to our show which will take place   May 31 and June 1. I hope to see some of you then!

Eric is busy in his studio too, they look like water rings in this light……feeding trout. I keep a web sometimes too to in a neglected corner of my studio to help with flying pests, a little insect management, the natural way.

Embrace the embraceable and disregard all the rest!
 love to you, Ro


  1. You always have encounters with the sweetest little birdies - so very jealous of you! I don't envy your heat - glad to have passed it your way :P

  2. I do, I go looking for them, bird hunting with my camera. I have an idea, let's share houses and I'll take the winter season :)

  3. yes. keep us posted on the fried egg project. [~wink]

    just last week i stetched out on my back, up on the hill at the garden, staring up into the trees and the sky….
    not only did my brain feel better, more relaxed, my spine felt wonderful, also.

    good to see you again, ro.

    1. I shall keep you posted, I'm glad I won't be trying it today :)

      It was lovely, we found a derelict old road, sat to talk then my friend flopped down as I continued on a bit, snapping shots of birds and such. She looked so comfortable I had to try it out and it was lovely. Jo sprawled next to me. I'm glad you did too, belly up is my new trend. On a hot day look for shade and check for snakes!

      Good to see you too PF

  4. This post makes me smile--Bird Picture #3 of 25--Oh yes, I have a more than a few of those!!!! We have gray jays here, so I'm excited and hoping they're regular guests--I can't help it, they fascinate me. Also, ROBINS right now, so I'm sure Rockin' Ro-bin is out there serenading the birch trees. :-) I'm going to find a good spot in my yard for an unobstructed view of the sky and then make good use of it.

    Sending some cool breezes your direction...and lots of hugs. TWO WEEKS till show time--wow!!!!!!! I think I need to find a flight to your corner of California....

    1. I can get pretty snappy with the birds I bet you can too! I looked up jays during my research and saw those gray jays SO interesting, they nest there in Feb of all times! They might just be the boldest to befriend and they like cheese!! I read that the Stellar is also up in your neck of the woods and named after someone or other Stellar from AK. Oh I love the voice of Robin, that is a calming song.

      The heat is no fun, I seriously struggle for sanity when the heat is on and I'm hoping, HOPING for decent show weather, Eric and I both said out loud that rain would be just fine with us!

      Come on down!!

  5. Wonderful photos! Those clouds!! Know you are fabricating all sorts of fabulous pieces for your show. Hope work is going well. So sorry about the heat down there. Btw, your recent milagros series was stunningly special!! xoxoxo

  6. Hi Priscilla!!! I know it, those rainbow clouds come on quick, that always fascinate me. Work is going well thank you, I'm putting in long hours but the weather has cooled to lovely, things are so dry it's just scary. Thank you on the milagros, I had fun with those, I hope all is well with you, congrats on another summer in the cooler :) xoxo