Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Friday!!!

A little sneak peek on what I've been working on… 
Sometimes I find myself riding old familiar currents and I feel compelled to build these pretty Catholic pieces then I realize we are in the Lenten season. I want to build more so I won't be listing them until next week. Each piece is very involved, note four layers of silver. I'm really enjoying their company and plan to sit with them and use them to influence the next. When I was little I would sit in church  my mind was always adrift and I would become lost in the art, the statuary , the designs on the robes while the priest carried on in Latin. Just like a lot Catholic art these bear very strong Spanish influences and since he Native Americans learned their silver work from the Mexicans they also have a Native American feel. These I have been intentionally disguised as arrowheads.

That's what I'm doing but I just wanted to pause and wish all of you a most glorious weekend!!

ox Ro


  1. so layered, and not just the silver. [~wink]
    love 'em….

  2. Gorgeous homage to faith, art, and roots, Ro—truly beautiful. I always love the stories behind your pieces.

    (Off to look at phones. My flippity has flopped—waaah!)

    1. Thank you Ash! I was offered a free iPhone but decided to keep with the flippy, though I would like the GPS and the star chart, people I'm talking to are always ringing and buzzing, I'm not ready for that.

      Have a good weekend xo

    2. After setting off TWO alarms while in Best Buy (by accidentally jiggling the power cord while testing phones) and being asked ELEVEN times if we needed help, I'm going to fish two empty cans from the recycling bin and will just bloody well use those until I can un-flop my flippity! (Cripes. Days like this I wish I drank. And smoked.)

    3. I've been there, shopping for gadgets I don't understand, it's supposed to be fun but it doesn't feel like it to me, I try to skip the whole thing and send Eric. Verizon was going to send me one and that was even more enticing but….. I'm glad you reminded me though I found flippy and charged her. Better just go for the chocolate!