Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jewelry Preview

I wanted to show you the two pieces I just finished, these are going to etsy later tomorrow but they can be reserved now. I like this format as a preview since there is a lot of expelling about the second piece. I also think the quality of the pictures is better here than on Facebook. I finished the heron I showed you earlier. I made a charm style pendant with plenty of interesting bits and pieces.

Since it is nesting season, I made a he and a she. The heart stone is a moss agate, the larger heron stands on a very blue labradorite.

The clasp is intended to be worn in the front, it has a blue labradorite briolette for fun. This one is called "The Heron Pair "


I must confess when I watch Downton Abbey I'm always jealous of the jewelry. I have said to my husband more than once that I wish I could make the jewelry for the show. I love Edwardian era jewelry so I made this piece with that era in mind, only with a modern spin. I became really involved in the joinery of this piece, I love dreaming up joinery.  The bar with the twist is based on a skeleton key, only to evoke the feel, not to make an actual key. A crashing wave in this pretty stone, sloshing while you walk….. but wait there's so much more...

The stone, a horse canyon agate has a small pocket of druzy crystals and I remember when I found the stone I thought of a small cloud above the waves. I cut a circle in the back, sun or moon… but it's a bit of trickery to look at a stone like this with no back because your body will be behind it so it won't  necessarily look like this when it's worn but……………...

 look it takes on all kinds of different appearances deepening on what you wear.

There's a heron and moon on the back….

and it's really long with a prism brio like a ships prism or a lighthouse bulb, see it up there.

You can slip it over your head, it has no clasp..

See the moon..

Unconventional I know but who want's to be conventional anyway?

Thanks for visiting..xo Ro


  1. Wow, the lovely pieces!!! Ro!! The moon is super idea:-) and the labradorite heron too!!!
    Many greetings from Prague

    1. Hello my friend! Greetings to you from California. I love the moon, love the herons together they are voila!!! :)

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Did I mention they were gorgeous?!

  3. Littlecherryhill and I think alike!! She's so right :))

    Great photos. Your moon idea is genius - and I love the silhouettes of the herons. Even a "he and she" because of nesting season!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't take my eyes off of that crashing wave. I remember reading an old Native American saying once that I just love. I know I've shared it with you, but it occurs to me all the time. All. The. Time. (When I read your blog.) Basically the gist of it is: "When a woman wears her jewelry, she walks in beauty." Love it!

    1. Thank you Lisa I was thinking about the ocean and Davie Jones locker not in a creepy way but the key idea. I want to go to the coast and watch the herons on the beach, salt or fresh, just give them water :)
      Oh that's perfect, I always have jewelry on, it's part of me!


  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, I appreciate it! I love wearing the longer pieces, I've made some for me too :)

  5. Soooooooooooooooooooo incredible--I think the stones that find their way to your hands and heart are the luckiest stones in the world!!!