Monday, February 24, 2014

Heron Love

I'm waiting for the house to wake up, I've been up since 4, I did my yoga and waiting for the light to go for a walk. I went out with a girlfriend the other morning on a birding excursion and was not disappointed. Some of my favorite fine featured friends were there.

*Eric's up :)

In fact the beautiful blue herons were there in big numbers sitting on eggs or attending newly hatched chicks. Don't you just love how they manage those long legs! I think the judges would be giving this one high marks for incredible form, pointed toes and all.

*Mart is up, hanging on the edge of the grand canyon bed, at 12 his eyesight is not what it used to be so he makes tiny little help me noises to be gently set on the floor when it's still dark in the morning. "I'm coming Martler"

They were flying to and from the bare trees, hunting around the small lake for provisions.

Three in the trees though not a fantastic shot, I don't have a long enough lens but my friend had a very good set of binoculars. We watched them for the longest time and I must say after watching the Cornell heron cam, I felt pretty informed as to just what was transpiring.

It was a fun morning, inspiring in fact. I had been asked by a very sweet lady to make a heron piece so these birds arrived at the right moment.

I started another heron piece yesterday which I plan to finish today, I'm always excited to see how they're going to come out.

Banjo's up, I hear the birds so it's time for dog food and out the door.

Have a good week all, xoxo Ro


  1. WOW, you are an early riser! :) Fantastic pictures! I've only seen one at a time, that must be awesome to see so many at once.
    Love that new heron piece too.Gorgeous work.
    I'm a little surprised Banjo was the last one up--She always looks like such a go getter :)
    Enjoy your week!

  2. I like to try and get a jump start when everyone is still down for the count :) I was reading about herons DJ because I was wounding why the nest so close together. They nest in colonies with up to 500 birds….OHHH I like to see 500 herons now wouldn't you!!! I suppose there were probably 6 or 8 on that particular day which seemed like the jackpot to me.

    Banjo is floppy, a relaxed dog, Mart is the manager, you know it's always the little guy but when the leash comes out Banjo lights up and Mart goes back to bed. I now walk Mart for a little bit when I get back home just so he doesn't feel left out.

    I hope you enjoy yours too!!

  3. Oh what a treat of a post!

    Ro, I loved it. I could just sense the quiet and peace in your house at that hour. How sweet.....from little Martler's small peeps talking to you, to the perfect form of the beautiful herons :)). Banjo's start of her day. (I'm with Banjo, btw, sleeping as late as I can! lol) And complete with awesome photos, as always!

    There certainly is something very special about that early EARLY hour. Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your day!! <3

  4. P.S. Those herons you crafted in silver are **stunning**. XO

  5. It's the best part of the day so still... and to get out in that slanted light. Banjo is definitely easy peasy, if Bryce is home he'll be cutting Z's when I return from walking and Banjo always wants to take post next to his bed……his dog Spot :)

    Good to have you along Lisa, I just finished reviewing this mornings pictures, lovely.

    Thank you on the jewelry, I didn't do anything I said I would do in my studio today but it was exciting trying new ideas :) :P xoxox