Thursday, January 16, 2014

Taking Refuge

After another busy holiday season I decided to realign my compass enjoy a bit of stillness, work quietly with intention and fill my pockets, so to speak. I'm reopening my etsy shop the first of February. In the mean time... Eric and I drove out to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge to visit out seasonal friends.

The last of the cottonwood leaves rattling in the breeze

We took Martay as part of our doggie enrichment program, Banjo was enjoying beach life in Laguna.

"These are Canadian Geese Mart". I bet you didn't know Yorkies were bird dogs, he points with his ears and boy howdy was he getting his ears full.

This pond was filled with snow geese but I was enjoying the green flash on the mallard heads, since we had just finished shopping for rocks, I was thinking about malachite, malachite mallards.

The sun was slanting turning the desert fluff into pretty torches.

Birds of a feather do like to flock together, snow geese take off…

Eric vowed next time to record the sounds at Cibola. Ha, you can never observe the ducks and geese without laughing yourself, they really can yuk it up but the little burrowing owls are as silent as the night. Tiny and adorable they could easily fit in your hand.

They grow alfalfa and sometimes blue herons.

Cibola or The Seven Cities of Gold. We stayed til the golden hour and watched the thatch of the mowed cornfields light up while the Cranes picked and squabbled. Their sounds are what I appreciate the most, like creaky wooden ships, an absolute delight!

( Note ; corn and hayfield in the background both crops are of exacting height and space not a renegade  to be found, you could make a chalkline. Farmland makes me feel messy :)

The gorgeous full moon was  a nice bonus, one I appreciated.

I'm back home and out hiking this morning, visiting my deer friends. Weather here has been dry, windy and hot with no winter in sight. The driest winter in recorded history as a matter of fact and this is not good.

We are on fire watch and I watched the tiny, I mean gnat sized planes and helicopters try and do something about this, just a few miles away and it doesn't look good, the wind for now seems to be blowing towards it. We had a pretty good sized earthquake yesterday which I slept through and now this. It feels like Mother Earth is striking back.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods dear friends. If you need me I'll be working with the music turned up LOUD.

Best wishes, xo, Ro


  1. So stunning photos, Ro!!! Thank you for your blog, love him:-) Many greetings from us!!! Adela

  2. Thank you Adela, I haven't been wiggling much lately on the computer, I appreciate your visit!

    xoox Auntie :)

  3. how I'm missing my beloved Ro and pictures! ahhhh...thank you for posting. I love, love LOVE the burrowing owl. so beautiful. Its so good that you and Eric are enjoying a time of rest (I know your tapping away in your studio too) much love soar sister!!

    1. It is my pleasure Deb. Those tiny owls are so cute and precious, I love them too. Yes tapping away indeed. Trying to stay up there :)

  4. Oh I love your pictures!!! That one of the alfalfa-WOW. You need to go into the photography business too!
    Hope your compass realigning is going well :)

    1. I like that shot too DJ, I think it would make a lovely folk painting. I think everyone is a photographer these days though I do enjoy it immensely, thank you.

      Ah well, I'm doing my best with the compass thing :)

  5. I always enjoy a good refuge visit, and especially one seen through your eyes. :-) "Malachite mallards" is the PERFECT phrase, and those snow geese!!! That photo of them taking flight is magnificent!!!! There's nothing like blue herons and sandhill cranes to fill your pockets--glad you got out and about, with a few new stones for your pockets, too, I see. Take care in the fire weather--that doesn't look good...I'll do a rain dance for you.

    1. I know you do, if it wasn't for you I would never have known, thanks for tagging along. They are aren't they, malachite. You have the snow and we have your geese, for a little while anyway. UgH this new weather is the pits, fire, nearly contained. PLEASE keep dancing, I'm still hopeful!

    2. P.S. Glad to see Mart is educating himself, taking in the refuge a bit--I can only imagine what HIS impressions were!!!!

    3. sMarty is a bird lover but those are big ones, he was being hunted by a red tail the other day but he didn't know it, we scooped him up and put him inside.

  6. Sure enjoyed your blog post & hope your sabbatical/compass alignment journey is a positive one!!!

    You have been in my thoughts with the dry winter & unseasonal fires. It's dry up here too & windy but I know the winds blow hotter where you are. xoxoxo

    1. Well everybody needs a break, a time to stand back, re access, lock and reload. I used to think if everyone took a sabbadacal no matter what their career choice was it would be a very good thing. I had a house full of guests today and I didn't stress because I had to leave my work with the pickle pot on so things are good.

      Day after day with no rain Priscilla is not a good thing, forever summer…..just the same ol same ol, "beautiful weather" people say….


  7. Ro,
    Happy New Year!!
    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures :)
    Stay safe, Rae

  8. Howdy Rae,
    Happy 2014 to you too, I hope it's a good one for all.
    You're welcome, thanks for visiting.
    The fire is nearly fully contained, good news!