Friday, November 22, 2013

Hunkered In

It rained all day yesterday a wonderful respite from the dry, blue skies, I'm always happy when it rains.

Since my studio is planted in a garden I thought you might like to see my view. 
looking out from my work bench

out the glass door


nothing wrong with big hips

 Be one with the agave little rainbird.

Mockingbird who incidentally feeds on the persimmons I've left on the tree for them.

Glory clouds at the end of the day

Taped up and ready for today.

Have a wonderful weekend friends! xo Ro

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I'm trying to plan ahead, I want to grow Monarch Butterflies so I planted some weeds I bought at our local native plant nursery but I want more so I went to the hills to collect milkweed seed.

Milkweed is the host plant for Monarch Butterflies so I'm hoping my plants are gobbled by those pretty striped caterpillars, good pests for the garden I say…

I went to find seeds but naturally theres always so much more. In the dry and stubble pasture I unsuspectedly launched a great gathering of meadowlarks.

They circled, I smiled, it can be a heart thumping event while out hiking alone, the sound of all those sudden wings, shuffling, smacking.

Just the kind of thing a bird girl looks forward to…. I stuffed it all in my pocket and headed home. I planted milkweed and I also grew..

 a few silver meadowlarks which have flown over here.

Have a splendid day all! xoxo Robird

Friday, November 15, 2013

Rose Breasted Sap Sucker

I had to share this one with you….. I made a pendant with a feather sent to me by a certain birdgirl who lives in the eastern part of the US. I live on the west coast, we don't have this particular bird here, golly though I wish we did, what a beaut. It comes from the Rose Breasted Grosbeak our Grosbeaks are yellow, they may have faded with all the sun we are known to endure.

When I received the feather I knew I wanted to enshrine it, keep it forever for posterity so I sandwiched it behind glass much like the Victorians did with hair, only I prefer feathers as a keepsake. I added a few scrumptious berries since this little silver bird is flitty, I only wanted a few for color but not too much distraction from the sweet relic.

I can get pretty sappy over adorable little treasures such as this, I really love them. Thank you so much for thinking of me when extracting a tiny and precious little bit of beauty and flying it my way…awww is right…….and a baby…aaaaawwwwwww, shoot!

xoox Ro sie  :)

p.s., the pendant is over here if you want to see more pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend all!!

also…..thank you for your responses on my blog, I'm not being snooty, I just don't have much time to type back. I appreciate and read them.. ❤❤❤

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Moongazing, Tasty Tidbit

Last night I was having a conversation with my friend Moon.... "why so dark?"

When from out of nowhere a cloud monster appeared with its moon thirsty beak agape.....

With one hand he shoved  Moon in his terrible mouth..... and gulped .....

which became an inner glow :)

That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Bryce sent me this last night, it's wonderful, I hope you take a moment to listen, it endues smiles.

Have a superfantsatic day all! xoxo Robot

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And The Winner Is.........

First off thank you so much everyone who played, for following me on Facebook and for reading this here blog. I'm home alone so I'm conducting this little contest solo. I wrote down your names.....

  I put them in the Stetson.........

tilted the hat away, swirled around the tiny papers....reached inside and.....

Maria Therese, it's your LUCKY morning, better get over to the power ball liquor store in case you haven't used it all up yet. Please contact me with your address and I'll send these pretty light catchers to you.

Speaking of light, oh how I love these rainbow clouds, this one might be the best one yet!

Have a beautiful day all, Love, Ro

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Catching Light...... Win a Pair

I'm on my earring extravaganza, building earrings for my December show, I made several pairs of these pretty light catchers, I made a pair for you.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment or a Facebook like. The winner will be drawn from a hat Tuesday November 12. My intentional friends are welcome to enter as well.

Good luck everybody and thank you always for your support.

xo Ro

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Monkberry Moon Delight

I hope this blog finds you well, busy, happy, I can claim all of those, the weather is cool, the light is beautiful, the flickers are here. I love the fantastic colors of these birds, the points on the tail feathers the crack of their voice, I wish I had a pet flicker but they are not friendly like my dear Jay Chester who still visits practically daily outside my studio.

The leaves are changing, falling.

Banjo and I are embracing the mornings.

In our climate this is the season of renewal as our native plants awaken and we begin the greening.

I've been sailing along, building lockets, these were requests and they are both sold, still they require so much time and tinkering to get things just right, the fit, the hinges, the clasps.

I wanted to show them to you, toot my horn a bit, toot, toot.

I have a million other ideas along these lines as one thing leads to the next, the progression, the greening, if you will, it's growing season.

Both lockets included a little surprise inside. Work is steady and fun, funderful but the date is getting late and Christmas feels like it's closing in.

I need to let my online work luff a bit while I design and build for our December show so I'll be sitting here, making and most likely singing.

Why Monkberry Moon Delight? I've had that nonsensical, greasy song in my head all morning. Catchup catchup, cats and kittens......don't get left behind, don't get left behind... I'm going to try and get rid of it, I'm stocked and ready for smooth sailing.

Thanks for stopping in, much love, Ro