Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Linger a Bit

I have always been fond of the morning, it's my favorite time of day, I couldn't sleep in to save my soul, it doesn't matter how little sleep I might get I would feel gypped if I wasn't present for the morning even if it means  just coffee in the garden. The mornings have been wonderfully cool, some with clouds and raindrops. I went with some friends to cloud lake to see a rare, I mean, very rare, Ascitic Loon who some how lost its way and ended up here.

Oh gosh a rainbow cloud, really. One of the woman that I went with is an avid birder who had the skinny on the loon sighting and is also a haiku-ist she recited a poem she wrote about the loon and now thought she needed to write another  to include the rainbow cloud. I suggested she include a unicorn and my little pony. I'm not sure why I always think of rainbows as cornball. I think they have been overused in the wrong way, admittedly it is beautiful and raining way up there.

I know you wanted to see the loon but I always get stuck on the herons and egrets. I admitted to my new birder friend that I was not a real birder, I just love them all (well not that mockingbird making all the noise outside my house) so most of them.

Here it is, a long, LONG way from home, tucked in and sleeping with a light rain coming down. I'm sure I would have overlooked it as another loon or grebe if it was not pointed out, still it was interesting and being with friends who know how to linger was the best part.

Here we are finishing up July 2013, I'm making the best of it since there wont be another in the history of forever and I hope you are too.

Much love, Ro

On jewelry news.. I'm making earrings and quietly adding them to etsy, thank you so much to those of you who have snatched them up, hearted them, making me feel like I count in the ever expanding et sea.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Butterfly Whisperer

 I went to a public, California native plant garden yesterday to do some research.

I was researching trees with a friend who was looking for something big to plant in her garden, we looked at maples and oaks...

and admired the beautiful wood on the manzanita.

 awwww don't you just love it!

We forgot that the butterfly pavilion was there and open until we saw the sign.

That's where we met her.....

 The butterfly whisperer......

she had them eating right out of her hand........

perching on her fingers.

She just had that certain something.......... a sweetness the seemed to recognize.

This is the most flitty of them all, the California Dog Face butterfly, our State insect.....it will never rest with it's wings open in order to see the matched dog silhouettes on the inside of each wing.

 so I did my best.....at least one is visible, see the silhouette, the black eye? I agree it's an ugly dog.

I can never get over how the monarch chrysalis looks like enameled jewelry, so pretty with it's band of gold not to mention the contents inside the locket.

The fairest of them all, the beautiful buckeye.......there was only one and it wanted to cling to the netting, not the most artistic shot but nice to know these guys and gals only have another week before they are released out into the garden where they'll face fates much more treacherous than a cute girl with a soft voice and flower in her hand.

 Back at the gift shop, we shopped for books and I admired the jewelry display........ see, squirrels are useful for something. I offered to buy the squirrel but settled on a picture. The man selling books tried to remove the jewelry so I could get more of a natur-ie shot. "Heck no I said, leave it on that's the best part. Too bad she isn't wearing earrings."

My girlfriend already knew she wanted more sycamores, we both knew that. Still a good excuse for research, who could pass that up, not me.

Happy weekend all, I hope you have some fun too, love Ro

Sunday, July 21, 2013

SummeRing Posse

The weather couldn't be nicer, cool and cloudy with actual rain yesterday. My girlfriend called while it was coming down and we screamed and yahooed the joys of rain while we both stood out in it using our cordless phones. It's been a good weekend visiting friends and working with my studio swung open.

I probably will get these rings to etsy on Tuesday, I'm still waiting to see if my niece can come by tomorrow for modeling then I will need to take all the pictures for the listings but it's summer and I'm taking it slow.

I'm taking time to watch the fish....

 and revel in natures lacework.

 I have no idea what the name of this plant is, I just looked at it's amazing form and thought "what will they think of next :)"

 I like the collections that present themselves in the crevices of boulders.

The thistle getting ready to pop.

The sound of water..

Last night I hand washed a blouse and hung it to dry over the shower head. As it dripped to the tub below it sounded exactly like rain, I need a shower and tub next to my bed....rain starved, always.
There is no better way to sleep then to the tune of rain. 

 California Bay Laurel

 This one let me get close enough to examine it's glitter.


Each saddle is patterned with rhy............rhy smiles!

Happy summer !, love Ro

Friday, July 19, 2013


*unsold, size 6

It's just after 6 a.m. and I'm headed up the mountain but before I go, I wanted to wish all of you a good weekend. I'm busy making summer rings, remember last summers bandkini's :) who knows I may get a spark to make them again but til then I started on some new projects yesterday.

I wanted to finish one to see how they were going to look so the prototype is finished and I fell in love so I'm going to be working on these later today and through the weekend.

 I have one more carved Peruvian opal, so I think I may construct twins, I've been itching to see how they would look once set.....mmmmmm, candy!

I'm taking a bucket this time and getting my singing voice ready to scare away any hungry bears, Eric and I are hiking up the narrow lapis canyon and I can't wait to get going.

Have a good day, a great weekend all.

Much love, Ro

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Searching for That Groove Thing

I was looking for a groove and I was just not finding one, sometimes work flows as though, through an open spigot, sometimes it just doesn't. I tried this and that but it just wasn't happening so I went out and tore around in the garden and I must add that it was so hot I thought I might pass out, I didn't, I just drank a gallon or two of water instead, the garden looks better. The studio was feeling a little torturous so I stayed out of it and went hiking instead. The bears are out, I stepped over a big pile of fresh scat two days ago and looked for tracks on the trail I was taking but the bear had gone into the brush and I was hoping I wouldn't see it, I didn't.

I love this line "cowgirl up cupcake" a perfect one for me during the dreaded summer months. It's taken from this book one of my dear friends recommended, when your down always read a book about someone that really has it tough so you can recognize what a big whiny wimp you really are! I'm currenty reading this! Oh my gosh what a big baby I am, I should just pull weeds and work in the sun as gratitude for not being born in war torn Chechnya...... 

..but I didn't pull those weeds in the heat, I just moved to a higher elevation because I could. Let freedom ring!!

Nice and cool in the early morning

the stars are ablaze

Blackberry brambles verdant and beautiful...

 the fruit a delight. I ate a million or two then I heard a bear clamber from the acre or so of bushes. I was with my girlfriend and as is our demeanor for walking in the early morning, we were speaking in hushed tones when we suddenly heard the sound of big crunching, so we began speaking loudly, addressing the bear, "hey bear, you've had enough move, along"  We sang silly songs to it. Have you ever been alone in a bears presence and sung really loudly as to not startle it? I have..... The Fool on the Hill is always a good choice :)

* The bear left in a big hurry scattering ripe berries all over the ground, Banjo feasted too.

making more

So much beauty to explore and a good dog to explore it with, this is good.

yucca taking on the first light

Headed down to the stream..

  fallen alders and metamorphic rock

Mint and watercress on a small pond where we sat and watched the trout surface for mosquitos, a flip followed by concentric rings. We decided we should build a small bear proof cabin right here, and catch some trout. I would stuff them with a bay leaf borrowed from a nearby tree, my friend thought that minted trout would be delicious. We could sustain on cattail roots during the winter months and make flat bread from the buckwheat we gathered and stored in the fall.

Girls can dream aloud while watching trout and blue dragons...

but we didn't build a cabin, we just lingered a bit longer and watched the breeze toss the rhygrasses  before we headed back home to our lives....

* sold & sold
where we both cowgirled up to face another summer day...

....with gratitude for friendship and also for the beauty just waiting to be found, even with bears.

Much lug, Ro