Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye May

Since I do make jewelry, here is my cheap plug... "New rings can be found here"

I took a long walk in the fog this early morning to say goodbye to May, it's been nice knowin' ya.

Here we are on the cusp of summer, the milkweed is always so cheery, even in the most sweltering of times, this plant is one tough cookie.

Sometimes I walk a skinny little deer trail flanked with poison oak, look how beautiful this plant is, I'm immune to it's toxins for whatever reason but don't shake my hand if you aren't......okay you can now, I washed them.

Our clematis "The Virgins Bower" in seed now, I couldn't help thinking about Dr. Seuss....Thing One and Thing Two, three, four , five and......

Good thing I stopped for the clematis or I would have run face on to the little spiders laundry, I did the limbo....( I really did)

I picked some ripe and juicy currants, ever so carefully, little spiny buggers and squeezed the sweet innards into my mouth, then another and another and...

 bedazzled sage

Quintessential, California, summer series, fawn colored grass, valley oak.

Sprawling mat, type milkweed I've only ever seen right here..beneath the Flicker nest..I need to go look it up.

I'm enjoying the gray while it's here and wishing you all a superfantastic weekend.....

Best wishes from dog beach.

Much Love, Ro and Jo and Mart too

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fiery Fingers

As I mentioned I was on a little journey with these beautiful stones that look like lapping flames,. The stones were my fuel source but a fire needs to be fed so I placed them on silver planks of wood to keep them alive. I made some blazing saddles as it were.

I was listening to this yesterday while I was setting the stones ... "I am the Light of the World"

Well I've got fiery fingers
I've got fiery hands
When I get on up to heaven, I'm going to join a fiery band.
Just as long as I'm here, as long as I'm here, I am the light of the world.

The song came on quite by accident, a happy accident. Words taken from the bible, good words to try and live by also.

" Mystery Flame " size 8
I wish I could tell you more about this agate, I have no clue, it is a mystery, a gorgeous stone impeccably cut set on a double backplate lassoed with silver rope.

*sold "Flicker" size 8.25

Owyhee jasper a gorgeous stone, proving a little is enough, a little is just right sometimes.

"Trail Blazer" size 6.5

Remember you are also the light of the world.

"Sunset" left size 7.75.....right size 7.5
Keeping with a theme something I'm not terribly good at, I created these small, charming "Sunset" rings. I'm not sure where any of these agates hail from, I have a lot of agates, but look how precious the scenes in these stones are...sunset on the water, the last throws of light, that light that turns everything pink before it disappears.

I textured the bands to look like flowing, choppy water.

:) :) :) *three smiles!

The rings led me to nature crafts.. 

"Tree Line" adjustable 17 to 19 inch chain

I framed this oh so pretty dendritic, chrysoprase with a twisted vine, I nailed it to a plank of bark I found in the woods and suspended it by a leaf.

*That's my story and I'm stikin' to it :)

The bezel can swivel back and forth working with gravity as you move.

*sold "On the Wing" adjustable to 19 inches or any increment shorter.

I can't really say how I got here only that it was fun to dream up, maybe it was time for a cool down :)
The small birds rest on flourishes suspending the stone which is a parrot wing jasper in marvelous verdant shades.

A capped bead for the clasp.

keep those wings beating...

I'm going to add these to etsy tomorrow, Friday, the last day of May. I have mail to answer, computer and live catching up to do. If you are interested in a piece, drop me a line and I'll hold it for you.

Thanks for stopping by...
 Shine your light ladies!! Much love Ro

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Fish Fry

  I hope you had a good three days off. I know some of you are indispensable at your chosen occupations and the cogs couldn't turn without your presence, hats off you, the troopers. One of my girlfriends is a grammar school, science teacher and over the past several weeks she has been chained to her classroom because she is raising trout with the kiddos. I asked if I could accompany her this weekend, oh my what an impressive campus, this is her room!

The grounds are beautiful and including this oddity! Have you ever seen such a tree?

 I just looked it up, the fruit is edible, now I need to go back and try some, I have to say they looked delicious but I was afraid to sample one....remember Eve?

This is the fry we had come to feed, they were so cute and individual...

each one seemed to be dressed in a slightly different outfit. The project is manned by a local fly fishing group, the fish will be ceremoniously released next week, the aquarium includes a refrigeration unit.

Meet Tia, a turtle that was inherited with the classroom. Classroom pets are generally donated by families tired of taking care (or not) of their exotic purchases. This was the saddest case of neglect ever, poor Tia, thought to be a tortoise was given only lettuce which she could not eat, left in a barren aquarium to die. She was on her last leg when Mary took her to the vet and home last summer.

 Tia is a meat eater who NEEDS water in order to.... shall we say eliminate. It's hard to believe in this age, someone couldn't take the time to identify what kind of amphibian she was or what she required.

so cute...

and personable.....(are you my mother?) She has rebounded and is getting the proper care now.

* I have to say, I fell head over heels over Tia and I asked my girlfriend if she left her position if she had planned to smuggle Tia out....OH YES she said without hesitation..

Then there are snakes, I say no thank you to snakes, I like native snakes in native places, the end....well all reptiles for that matter. I never feel good seeing a bird in a cage, an  animal in an aquarium, a dog in a kennel etc....

* when my son was little I would let him observe a lizard for one day because it would miss it's family and friends too much after that :)

EEek look at the length of that guy..they laminated his old pj's !

Friends with orreys!! Take it down, plug it in, turn off the lights!

* I didn't know she had one, but of course she would.

I was invited to my friends, Tom and Adrienne's home for a bit of prospecting..LUCKY me!

I decided to choose a direction with my work....hmmm what to make? I decided to make some blazing saddles, that was my intention, but I have a twelve track mind so I'm still getting there after completing two completely different pendants... I can never stay on the wagon especially with a pocket full of new rocks.

I hope your days are good...Much love, Ro

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cotton Mouth

  When you're sick you get new toys!

xo Jo

Friday, May 24, 2013


As I watched the night sky
from the wooden dock
I had painted gray earlier in the day

I saw an airplane fly,
its red port-light blinking all the while,
right through the Big Dipper

nearly clipping one of those stars
of that constellation,
which was tilted upside down at the time

and seemed to be pouring whatever it held
into space one big dipperful at a time

and that was when I discovered
poised right above me
a hitherto unknown constellation

composed of six stars,
two for the snout and the four behind
for the pigs trotters

though it would have taken some time
to make anyone see that.

But since there was no one there
lying next to me,
my constellation of the Pig
remained a secret

and a bright reminder
after many jumbled days and nights,
of my true vocation-

keeping an eye on things
whether they existed or not,
recumbent under the random stars.

Vocation by Billy Collins

Happy weekend all!
 much love, Ro

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I've been working but I've also been going easy on myself this week, working at an easy pace, walking reading cleaning, catching up with the garden doing all those things that keep the cogs moving, you know how it is. The cooking, the grocery shopping, I gave Mart and Eric both a haircut, humans like it when I cut their hair so they can tell thieir friends they were quaffed by a dog groomer a status I can never seem to shake no matter how much art I make. I suppose we are all made up of piecemeal but hey isn't that also the thing that keeps it interesting...

When we visited the Sierra we saw an amazing sight at a high country lake, something I had not witnessed before. The beautiful gravely bottomed stream that fed the lake was alive with spawning trout, they were paired off and breeding while a pair of bald eagles with fat bellies screamed and flitted from tree top to tree top....a marvel!

 Times like this really imbed in my soul and I think about the pristine beauty and the way the cycles of nature always make me feel more grounded.

Though trout filled, we did not fish but enjoyed the sweet  display.

I made a "Trout Stream" because that's the kind of thing I like to do.
Montana agate 3 1/2 in dangle

I gathered heron feathers from the forest floor and stuck them in my husband hat to keep them neat and from blowing away. I had to laugh when I saw Eric with his hat on, the feathers  redistributed, oh well :)

I created the "Forest Floor" because that is another thing I like to do.

Gorgeous collector stones, Morrisonite with coral 2 1/2 in. dangle.

earth girl finery

 I hiked up to the nest site yesterday with my pal Jo to see what was happing in my absence...

Ohhhh BABY red tail, so cute and curious, wondering who the lady with the dog was. 

I spent the rest of the day creating a nest builder..a little industrious bird just like me, like you, keeping things bolstered and moving forward.

While on my travels I read this and I found it to be the perfect road book, perfect for the adventurer and art lover. My friend T sent me an email suggesting I read "The Orchardist" and I must say THANK YOU because, I've greedily consumed nearly the entire book in two days....I'm highly recommending it to you, the story is wonderful, the writing superb, I'm excited and sad to finish it.

I hope you have a good day all you bird girls, nest builders. I'm going to add these to etsy right now, that is I hope to, as long as the phone and doorbell cooperate.

Much love Ro