Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Views

 I hope you had a good weekend, I spent most of mine away from the media, computer, I went out to to see the sights. The weather had warmed considerably the needle edging towards 90 so it was a good time to look for water and enjoy the company of birds.

I love the slow roll and glide of the white pelicans that look like they do it for sheer enjoyment, just because they can.

bees heavy with pollen on mustard

 Grebes paired up and formed hearts with their heads and necks then dove and disappeared, surfacing elsewhere, their calls, strange and wonderful.

 Hang in there now :)

wild carrot

Bird song was everywhere in the deep shade, HAPPILY no snakes.

 The dragons were out...


  wild radish.......we saw wild celery too, a regular salad bowl of if you were a forager.

 and naturally, my favorite, the heron.

I went out at 4 a.m. to look for meteors but I was so tired I only lasted about 20 minutes, I didn't see any did you?

Here's to a good week cup raised...........clink :)

xo Ro

Friday, April 19, 2013

Rough Week

 It's been a rough week there's no denying that. I went to my quiet place hunkered in and created beauty, things I don't think I could have made with a different frame of mind.

 I set six healing hearts and set them on handmade textured leaves then encircled them like a big hug. I work alone all day, walk alone, think too much, feel deeply, this is my art, my expression it's more than a bunch of stuff which at times can feel so personal I don't even want to talk about it, silly as that may sound.

I snuck a few things on etsy last night.

It's a new dawn, a new day a new spring let's embrace it.

Happy weekend all, xoxo Ro

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


it feels

wrong, disrespectful, shallow
to try and make things of beauty

in a world
at times feels so broken

that would mean the ones who intend to hurt,
the cowards
the people that suck would be the ones with the voice,
the ones who are winning.

With that being said
I will continue to look for and create beauty.

I will 
tell the people I love that I love them.

I will
embrace life and celebrate beauty
 and I hope
you will join me.

This does not mean
I am not sad or compassionate or that my prayers
do not go out to those who have suffered loss or hurt,
It only means that,

goodness, love and beauty
must prevail, must triumph.

Yours, sincerely, Ro

Monday, April 15, 2013

Random House

 What to say?
Sometimes these vagrant posts are the best ones..... So it's tax day here in the US, we always cut it down to the wire since we always have to pay, so our forms and checks will be mailed today. Metal prices are dropping, crashing, buy today or wait?.....hmmm.

 It's been raining/drizzling the past couple of days which always feels good in the land of the sun. I have been trying to work but have caught an uncomfortable cold so I sent some studio time yesterday, cutting things out, sanding blowing my nose til body aches drove me in the house to lay down......down girl, down...but I'm felling better today.

*up here, down there, the road to OZ

 I started reading this yesterday. When I read about the creative habits of others it just reinforces my own since I am a creature of habit myself and I know what works best for me, still I'm always interested to hear how others tackle the task of being creative everyday, facing the blank page so to speak.

A dear friend sent me this, it's a WONDERFUL field guide for all you feather collectors out there. It's been fun identifying some of them I had no clue as to whom they were were once affixed.

This small wren feather was once a mystery, the mystery now solved.

What are you reading? Sometimes I get the best suggestions from you.

Bryce clowning around with a Cogito poster :)

I enjoyed this after learning Steven was a consultant on Life of Pi the film, it was insightful and an interesting adventure to be sure.

I read this a little while back and with the current situation and posturing from North Korea you may find it interesting too. I picked it up on a whim but I hear it referred to often in the news as of late and the author consulted. The last two books I mentioned made me feel grateful for things I might be taking for granted like food btw.

My girlfriend sent me this link  it's amazing! I hope you save it to your browser bar or whatever that thingamajiggy is called. I watched it yesterday morning early and listened to the birds on the pond before it was even light here on the West Coast. ( the bottom of the page to the right there is another cam with different views) Yesterday there was no egg today, YAYY. I was thinking if I was infirmed or bed ridden I would like to watch this all day long, wouldn't you?

Have a good day/week, peoples xox Ro

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ahoy Mateys

* the brooch is sold
I bet you thought I drowned or was thrown overboard but no sometimes life just happens so I just went with the flow and enjoyed being carried off in the tide but I'm regaining my etsea legs again with a small regalia of spring inspired pieces.

One of my dear followers asked me if I would make some bunny jewelry so I started on some fun projects. The first ever bunny badge of distinction complete with a coral carrot, beautiful but also fun with a touch of whimsy.

I used to have a pet rabbit named Abernathy that lived in a hutch but I used to let him out on a harness so he could get some exercise on terra firma. He liked to nibble the grass and wanter around with my desert tortoise Touche who decided he was not happy being outside and would spend the day climbing the back porch to scratch at the door. It was our own version of the tortoise and the hare :)

Some of you noticed I added pretty, flitty, Painted Lady post earrings to my shop last weekend, I loved them so much I made a few more pair, they are now here.

I created this moonrise piece for a friend of mine here but I wanted to show you this magnificent stone, I couldn't believe it when I found it, it looks like a small painting, I thought you would enjoy seeing it too.

I 'm going to add these pieces to etsy probably later today but before I do I want to wish you a happy weekend wherever you may sail off to.

xo Ro

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Dating Season

There is always a different temperature this time of year, the dating season, when spring is ratcheting up. The hills are indeed alive with the sound of music...bird song, geee willikers you should hear the skittish quail, I love the greeting, caw ca caw, hello morning......welcome spring. I realized the tapping dapping sound they make is when they've become separated or when they hear me sneaking up on them, tap, tap, tap........A BURST of wings. You're lucky if you hear the tapping before the bush next to you explodes and your heart stops.

This desperate mocking bird was trying his best to impress, however his only audience seemed to me and I wanted to say...

not everybody likes a showoff, just try and be yourself as I noticed he was copying everyone else's songs, maybe you should try a little poetry a quieter approach.

He just kept singing the same things over and over bouncing up and down, playing his part in the lunacy that takes place during the dating season.

* If they don't find a mate they will continue this behavior for several months and on through the night.

Oh so charming, dressed for the occasion.... I do, I do like your party hat!

then gone in a flit second..he has work to do.

All I have to say is.......

not in front of the BABY!!!

Happy Spring, xoxo Ro and Bambi

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pretty as a Poppy

 I have been spending long hours in the studio while my sill pets survey the garden amongst my marble collection. If you collect marbles too, I might suggest a lug nut makes a wonderful marble stand, I never pass up a rusty one I might find in the street. Now you can think of me when you see a rusty lug nut lying in the street, I lug you, I lug you not.

 How does it go "always the bridesmaid never the bride"so I thought it was best to get the bridesmaids taken care of first. My own wedding involved a helicopter and boat, an island in the Pacific, Zane Grey and our best friends, maybe I'll tell you about it sometime, I have never been the conventional one. I love the misshapen pearls I used in these, handcrafted goodness, with a bit of sass.

 "Mariposas" are here
 I designed the hardware for the bridesmaids then took it a step further with a pair of flitting Mariposas.

Springy don't you think? Mismatched though not, the perfect couple.

With about a 2 1/2 in dangle, granted these are for everyone but who wants to be everyone :)

Poppy Serenade
So I promised the poppies and I wanted to start with the foliage of the Matiliga since those big fried eggs as they are sometimes known have not bloomed yet. Some of you in snowbound areas are starved for the green, I can certainly understand how you would be by now.

 I was having fun with design and joinery, hum a few bars and remember the dazzling green.

 These are pretty and tinkly and pretty tinkly as earrings go, I always use a light gage of metal for earrings, I like to keep them lightweight. I don't want your lobes down at your elbows when you're 80.
The stones are moss aquamarine.

* I stood in the morning fog, in the hills today, a light breeze blowing from the coast gently rocking the sycamores, the sounds of the creaking branches was so peaceful I wish I could have bottled it up, tree music, lovely cccccrrrrreeeeeeekkkkk.

K.I.S.S. Matlija ( pronounced matee a ha)

Simplicity is beautiful and I love the forms of the leaves so I copied them in silver.

I should have mentioned the backs of both the leaf earrings are shaded.

they dangle 2 3/4 inches the leaves are gently formed like a closing hand.

Poppies in Bloom
Now we have the blooms.... Carved Mother of Perl flowers rest on silver textured petals.

The MOP as it's known in the biz has a beautiful luster, and pretty, original elements add more interest and swing.

*sold & sold
I had fun trying to figure out how to affix the MOP to the silver, a tidy little adventure in riveting. I invented my own way of riveting and making rivets. I took a class and learned the basics but I was never happy with his style so I made up my own, still I wondered what foolish notion had crossed my mind when I need to rivet 4 things, I only made four rivets, well that was arrogant I thought. Through our mistakes we learn and learn and learn some more, I've "learned" to be grateful for mistakes at times, they can drive you down a whole new path and new adventures to explore, or they will instill in your brain to never do that again.....and so it goes.

Beau T FULL me thinks....filled with niece too!

PIB short for Poppies in Bloom dangle 2 inches.

I had fun this week, blazing a new trail, a path less traveled, looking for adventure and inspiration, even with long hours in my studio, I wouldn't trade it.

If you are interested in any of this work, drop me a line, I'll check my computer periodically while I work on the brides accessories.

I don't have time to add these to etsy today, I'm aiming to list them tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting!! xoxo Ro