Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hope To See You!

I finally feel like I'm readyish, it's time to start pulling it all together, cleaning , organizing, I hope to see you this weekend. Our shows are usually the ultimate rain dance but no showers are in the forecast.. YAHOO!!

xooxox Jewelry Ro


  1. Where is show to be held?
    Thanks, Ro.

    1. Hello Anon, the show is at 1836 N. Mills Ave. Claremont CA

      I hope to see ya!

  2. Yahoo-ey! I was peeking at your weather forecast, and am psyched for you all! It's almost showtime!!!

    Have fun- I know you will :))


    1. Awww thanks, I wish you didn't live so far away...

      Love you!

  3. So glad the weather forecast looks good. Have a great time, Ro. I'm sure it'll be fabulous. (I have my fingers crossed that I can make the next one!) xxx

    1. The goodies included in your 'poster' are fabulous!

    2. I'm relieved about the weather, ugh plan B, C, and E are so tiring..

      Mine are crossed too!

      Thank you, we have made a lot of nice things, I'm thinking about a show giveaway for the ladies that live far, far away..

    3. me, me, me!!
      I hope the show was wonderful, I know it must of been....with love from Oregon!

  4. I would love to break free from my duties and come to your show!

    Here's to clear skies, lots of fun and success with your show!


    1. I feel like a chump for not writing you back Cinda, YOU know how all consuming these shows are, then life, I hope you can break free from your duties just to break free from them!!!

      Thank you for the well wishes.


  5. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic!!! It's a pity it is soooo far:-))). Adela

    1. You are the furthest but you are always close to my heart, you are SUCH a nice lady, like one of the family :) Happy almost BIG day, I hope it's spectacular !!!

    2. Yes, it will be a BIG DAY, because I have the most beautiful gift on the world from my dear Auntie:-) Thank you so much!! So, I love gingo:-)

  6. Hope you have a fantastic show!!! I love that gingko pendant :) Maybe someday I will travel down to your neck of the woods to see the show. xoxoxo

    1. Thank you Priscilla, I think my ladies will like the ginkgo, not such an etsy thing but definitely a CA thing, I'm smitten with those leaves now falling. Just get in your car and drive south, I'll see you in less than a day :)


    2. I've been smitten with those piles of pretty yellow leaves around here too!!! I love Calif :) xoxo

    3. I'm glad you love where you live, I'm enjoying these cool days….I press the leaves so I can enjoy them longer :)

  7. Awwwww, sunshine on the horizon--that's fabulous!!!! Have a marvelous time, Ro--sometimes, I wish I could be perched next to Chester and eavesdrop on the conversations during your show, hear the reactions to all the gorgeous items on exhibit. Enjoy yourself now...I know you've worked HARD for this!!!!! xoxo

    1. Chester is always there, he'll make room :) when the show slows down he steals snacks from the cookie table, he loves our shows. Thank you, we'll have a good time, yes we all have been working hard, that for sure!

    2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Chester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he's my hero--keeping tabs on the guests AND the food. :-)

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Emma, I keep thinking about Christmas in Australia, Christmas in summer, you guys must have some interesting traditions.

      Happy Christmas to you!

  9. LOVE that ginko pendent... feels like it would radiate serene energy wearing it (&the post cured my gallery darrow withdrawl, hee-hee!). I hope a "spare" makes it to etsy. I love the poster too... seamlessly show all 3 artists (graphic designer in me). At least I have a local jewelry artist open house this weekend too here on the east coast. Good luck! :)

    1. Hi Jeanne I love that leaf too I actually did make two of them so one could be finding its way to etsy :) Thank you for the poster love, it is fun designing them I appreciate your stamp of approval, it means a lot. Good for you, shop local, locals support your community. Thank you!!!

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