Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Moongazing, Tasty Tidbit

Last night I was having a conversation with my friend Moon.... "why so dark?"

When from out of nowhere a cloud monster appeared with its moon thirsty beak agape.....

With one hand he shoved  Moon in his terrible mouth..... and gulped .....

which became an inner glow :)

That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Bryce sent me this last night, it's wonderful, I hope you take a moment to listen, it endues smiles.

Have a superfantsatic day all! xoxo Robot


  1. Okay....smiling here!!! That's SO fun to watch. That Bryce. He finds some cool stuff. (And I am envious of that Hall-of-Famer whistler!!)

    Love your cloud monster too with his greedy mouth -- haha!! <3

    Hope you are having a superfantastic day too, Robot :o)!


  2. I'll take your story any day! =)

    Awesome clip, too. I would love to see them live--they're terrific! (I'm with Lisa. That whistler!!)


  3. Haha! I like your story.

    And those ukulele's!!! That is so cool. Definitely makes you smile :)

  4. Lovely Moon Ro...don't know why your blog does not appear in my blogger...maybe I will re-sign. Hope all is well...I know you are a busy bee. xx

  5. Ha-ha! Love seeing imagery thru your eyes :)