Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I'm trying to plan ahead, I want to grow Monarch Butterflies so I planted some weeds I bought at our local native plant nursery but I want more so I went to the hills to collect milkweed seed.

Milkweed is the host plant for Monarch Butterflies so I'm hoping my plants are gobbled by those pretty striped caterpillars, good pests for the garden I say…

I went to find seeds but naturally theres always so much more. In the dry and stubble pasture I unsuspectedly launched a great gathering of meadowlarks.

They circled, I smiled, it can be a heart thumping event while out hiking alone, the sound of all those sudden wings, shuffling, smacking.

Just the kind of thing a bird girl looks forward to…. I stuffed it all in my pocket and headed home. I planted milkweed and I also grew..

 a few silver meadowlarks which have flown over here.

Have a splendid day all! xoxo Robird


  1. how adorable and unique! I can't wait to see how your monarch garden grows, that will be fun :-)
    hugs and loves!

  2. Thank you Deb! The thing about growing weeds is not to love them too much, they need to make it on their own. I hope I can grow butterflies :)

    Love you too!! xoox

  3. Milkweed is beautiful as it opens and flies away,,,, and so are your meadowlark bracelets. :)