Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still Twitching

 I'm still here, still doing what I do, which is to hike any morning I can with my best pal Jo.

To watch the sun sweep across the landscape.....

 or to see how many doves I can find collecting in the snags.

We even had a lovely rain storm blow in but I must have loved it too much and scared it off, it stayed but a day and made everything smell marvelous, leaving big, billowy white clouds the following day in it's wake......

still the sun has it's merits.

I've been busy tuning up the garden thinking about getting it ready for guests in December, I am the tortoise, there is so much to always do I try and stay with it and do it incrementally. One of my jobs was to move leaf mulch to the vegetable garden and when I did so I found the burial ground for all the June Beetles that flew around like zeppelins this summer. Those heavy, green, metallic bodies barely getting liftoff. They buzz quite loudly and are such clumsy fliers they bonk off your head which can give a scare to the non insect lovers. Think about a nearly ping pong ball sized beetle dive bombing you. As I moved the mulch and beetle parts I was hoping this winter the vegetables would somehow be larger and greener because of the secret ingredients.

Speaking about large and green..geez....do you have gigantic grapes in your market? These grapes are like no others, they should have their own category, a new fruit. Two grapes please, no thanks, I'm full. I must say they are delicious!

I've been hanging out with my deer friends, we gossip but....

we always follow the rules of the road, besides we are too busy to linger.

I have developed a sty in my eye which is quite painful, a job hazard from soldering and working in the dirt. It is causing the tissue beneath my left eye to twitch making me glad I'm working on the computer because it makes me self conscious like I look a little loony, a tweaker, a twitcher :) Luckily I still have antibiotic drops from the last time, I'll keep my glasses on.

I'm working in my studio, making stuff which I have been posting on Facebook, I hope you will follow me over there, I find it makes posting my work easier. Thank you to those of you that have already started following me.

Wishing you all good things, Twitchy Talia


  1. That second picture--what a gorgeous landscape!
    A ping pong ball sized beetle dive bombing me would definitely give me a scare, to say the least! I'm a wimp about bugs. They do look pretty in the leaf pile though.
    Love your law abiding deer :) hehe
    Aww, hope your eye heals fast!

    1. I agree DJ, I love the first sweep on the sun, long shadows....sigh.

      Heee I admit I don't like it when they get around my head, I've batted them to the ground, they lay fat juicy grubs for Chester though.

      Me too those little girls abide by the parking restrictions :)

      The eye is in the ugly stage today, tomorrow will be better.

  2. love that leaf-mulch photo: the detritus, so colourful!

    and your new jewels: so sparkly and lovely.

    [sorry about the stye....they can be so painful!]

    1. The more I dug the more exciting it got, I could hardly believe all those shiny bits.

      Thank you on the jewelry, I always have fun with it.

      Man I know, it felt like I had a stick in my eye all day yesterday, it looks worse today but it has to make a full circle, hot compresses feel good.

  3. reading your words,then coming across the picture, I thought, hmmmm...what is that in the leaves...is it pottery shards...hmmm,looks like beetle wings...oh...HA HA...it IS beetle wings, how pretty!
    So happy to see your pictures today! I hope your eye gets better soon, that must really be an uncomfortable situation.

    1. I have actually sent those beetle carcasses out Deb, they're beautiful, remember my fried that threw one back outside? "HEY I was saving that!"

      Maybe I should get a black pirates patch... ARRRRRR ;)

  4. You tell the BEST stories, with weather reports, the latest gossip and healthy snacks even. :-) Good to hear from you--and good to know you're busy doing some things you love! Hope the sty improves SOOOOOOOON--although I'm sure you could carry off the black pirate's patch like no one else could!!

    (Marvelous pirates' booty there, by the way--all that silver and sparkle, stars and moons even!!!!)

  5. I wonder if I could work with a parrot on my shoulder but alas I always have Chester :)

    Doing better, thank you for the good medicine and the compliments!

    xoxoox ara rarraaaaaARRRGH!

  6. Dear Twitchy Talia,

    I am late to the scene, but I ditto everything that Caroline said!! :)) You are just full of surprises....ones in snail-mail form, AND with your blog <3. Lucky shoppers who swooped in and purchased these new beauties! I'm so sorry for your recent eye pain and discomfort. However, you made me laugh picturing you with your eye patch and saying arrrrgh -- and maybe even with Chester "helping" you work!! hahaaaa

    I have been admiring my GalleryDarrow purchases, and marvel at the quality of your work. Each piece is so special and so beautiful. Thank you again, dear friend!


  7. You re full of surprises yourself, don't you love delicious snail mail, I sure do :) I'm very lucky to have swoopy shoppers to keep me busy, I love my work. My eye is getting better every day, thank you. Aww Chester, he's busy, The Jays are all visiting in big groups these days, I don't know why I only observe that they are. They look like they're having fun though. I looked for him but I didn't see him yesterday.

    Thank YOU for loving my work, I'm wondering if you had a bluebird brood this year? I received a bluebird house as a gift but I need to mount it. A lapis bird, same gorgeous color...