Monday, October 28, 2013


We are experiencing a tiny rain pattern, dark skies, the patter on leaves just outside the bedroom, could anything be more lovely? NO Jo needed no coaxing to hit the trail this a.m.,  I wish you cold have been here to smell, mmmmmmm, those sweet and savory oils produced by our chaparral are unparalleled. I like the smell of damp humus but our plants also smell sweet. I have sent some of you our Salvia Californica, or sage brush, it reminds me of the way mums smell only sweeter.

* I am not so fond of mums but I like the way they smell. I think the grocery store may have ruined mums, I'm not sure but I did tell my husband a long time ago if he ever had the idea of gifting me a pot of mums in foil paper to forget it. :)

ps. It's okay if you like mums, my mother loved them. In the midwest they are a bold pop of color and the last flowering plant to give before they all go to sleep in the winter. When my mother grew them they all got too long and floppy, faces in the mud.

I have found the best place to appreciate the rain is in a stand of sycamores, so I found a little grove and stood, I closed my eyes, felt the rain on my face and I listened. I listened to the drops slap the big leathery leaves, collect, slap the ones below til the rain made its way to the ground, shingled in leaf litter. What does it sound like I asked sounds like water dripping on manilla envelopes or folders. I stated to wonder why "manilla" so I looked it up for us.

*The manila component of the name comes from manila hemp or abacá, from which manila folders were originally made.

As I was walking through the lowlands I was visited by a gorgeous, curious, coyote, Banjo never saw him, his body obscured in the weeds, a moment.  I wished my camera was not dead but I was out of batteries so I'll have to remember our secret meeting in my head.

Rain prisms lifting the leaf veins.

Back home in the garden all lined up in the crack waiting for a drink.

The skies opened up and the birds came out, this mockingbird, the king of the garden these days.

Captain Chester at your service, he's talented!!

Why is he lording over the garden, fruit of course.

Life is beautiful, this is true, add a little rain and it's just that much beautiful-er.

Gleefully yours, Roe


  1. I hoped you were dancing in the rain today....

    "Rain prisms lifting the leaf veins." -- WHAT a photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stunning--straight to my heart!!!!

    1. I sure was, its been a beautiful blustery day, clouds wind rain.

      I had no path for my work so I decided to try a locket, my first, so far so good, lots of little detailed hardware..

      Thank you, the leaves are so pretty dappled with rain, heart leaves, my heart too!

    2. A locket?
      A locket?
      A LOCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Can't wait to see how you engineered this!

  2. That shot of Chester is very impressive.
    LOVE that sage brush you send, it smells SO good!
    Enjoy your rain :)

    1. Oh, yes, you're right, DJ--the sagebrush....

    2. Aw Chester, like a rocket, he still visits nearly every day :)

      Yum, yum, yummy sage, mmmm! I'm glad you both got a whiff :)

  3. So nice to see raindroops on the leaves, the bird shots are amazing...Chester, did you pose on purpose? I am headed your way the first of November....will you be around my friend?

    1. Oh YES I will be here and Chester too, I would LOVE to see you!!!!!

    2. Yes, I will gleefully see you!

    3. Isn't life marvelous when you have a reason to use a word like "gleefully"??? :-) I hope you two have a most gleeful reunion!!!