Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Art and Engeneering

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 I've been busy with a maiden voyage. I like a challenge, I've never built a locket before, I haven't even read a good how-to article. I wish I had taken a class (maybe). Sometimes when you take a class it doesn't broaden you horizons, it rather locks you into a mindset, so I set sail wondering where I was going with this? It took two solid head scratching days but it was also very stimulating.

I don't have a handmade locket to copy but I do have an antique pocket watch (should have shown it), I used for general inspiration. I wanted the piece to open sideways like a watch or a door. It would have been easier relying on gravity, positioning the hinge up top but I wasn't going for easy, I was going for challenging.

I love this stone and when I bought it I knew I would use it for a locket. I'm calling this piece "Make a Wish". Doesn't the stone look like it has a dandelion going to seed, pictured?

How to make a clasp, I'm sure I must have seen this type of clasp somewhere along the line, it operates smoothly, perfectly, in my industry we might say "it works like a charm".

Hinge seen only on "Project Ro way"

"open it, open it"

"open it, open it"

"open it, open it"

"open it, open it"

Inside is a sliver seed and plenty of room to add an intention, your favorite fortune, a prayer, a few lines from your favorite poem, a leaf that smells good, a lock of hair, fur, lavender... or???

Long bones are part of the chain....

 handmade of course..

26 inches of chain so you can look inside while you wear it.

A prefect piece for sweater weather.

This piece is headed off to etsy tomorrow.

Best wishes!, Ro

Monday, October 28, 2013


We are experiencing a tiny rain pattern, dark skies, the patter on leaves just outside the bedroom, could anything be more lovely? NO Jo needed no coaxing to hit the trail this a.m.,  I wish you cold have been here to smell, mmmmmmm, those sweet and savory oils produced by our chaparral are unparalleled. I like the smell of damp humus but our plants also smell sweet. I have sent some of you our Salvia Californica, or sage brush, it reminds me of the way mums smell only sweeter.

* I am not so fond of mums but I like the way they smell. I think the grocery store may have ruined mums, I'm not sure but I did tell my husband a long time ago if he ever had the idea of gifting me a pot of mums in foil paper to forget it. :)

ps. It's okay if you like mums, my mother loved them. In the midwest they are a bold pop of color and the last flowering plant to give before they all go to sleep in the winter. When my mother grew them they all got too long and floppy, faces in the mud.

I have found the best place to appreciate the rain is in a stand of sycamores, so I found a little grove and stood, I closed my eyes, felt the rain on my face and I listened. I listened to the drops slap the big leathery leaves, collect, slap the ones below til the rain made its way to the ground, shingled in leaf litter. What does it sound like I asked sounds like water dripping on manilla envelopes or folders. I stated to wonder why "manilla" so I looked it up for us.

*The manila component of the name comes from manila hemp or abacá, from which manila folders were originally made.

As I was walking through the lowlands I was visited by a gorgeous, curious, coyote, Banjo never saw him, his body obscured in the weeds, a moment.  I wished my camera was not dead but I was out of batteries so I'll have to remember our secret meeting in my head.

Rain prisms lifting the leaf veins.

Back home in the garden all lined up in the crack waiting for a drink.

The skies opened up and the birds came out, this mockingbird, the king of the garden these days.

Captain Chester at your service, he's talented!!

Why is he lording over the garden, fruit of course.

Life is beautiful, this is true, add a little rain and it's just that much beautiful-er.

Gleefully yours, Roe

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


If you're experiencing clear skies these past few days you are also enjoying  that big beautiful moon. It stays out so long defying the sun it's almost like a duel, I'm imagining the gloves coming off a slap to the cheek.

The sun is a formidable foe as the light bleaches and bleaches and the moon finally retreats but I have to say he puts up the good fight.

 But at night he shines on bright, washing my studio...I'm smitten!

I went to the city to see Cogeto my sons band, Moon came along too.....

:) :) :)

 They were stellar, they put on a wonderful show which I enjoyed very much.

I have an extra fluffer this makes twice this month, he's taken to criminal activity, getting on the human bed when nobody is looking, the clue, 3 million white eyelashes and the telltale warm spot, ha! Banjo would not be so brazen, so we train, yesterday he stayed in his own bed.

I have just a few more hyalte stones left and with the moon on the tip of my mind as of late, I just can't get enough of it. This pretty piece called simply "Moonlight" will be coming to etsy tomorrow.

                        *top fawnstone is sold      *turquoise is sold
I made some slouchy, groovy leather wrap leaf bracelets, one in turquoise two with Mezcal Limestone or Fawnstone from Arizona.

The bracelets are adjustable. My niece is coming over to model this evening so these will be featured on etsy tomorrow too. I'm making hay in the way of blogging because I have time this morning. It's a busy little life, I'm sure you can relate.

This piece is for me, I dreamed it, I really did, then I had to figure out how to make it. I was figuring while I walked and figuring while I waited in line, I did some figuring before I fell asleep but I always do my best figuring when I awaken in the morning during that peaceful time when your mind is awake before your body needs to move. I rarely sit and make something for myself but I needed to, I was obsessed so this is what yesterday looked like. Now I can be deerlady no cape, one antler.

Still the lady at Starbucks, though it does have "buck" in the title only sees me as Fish Eggs with a slice of lime.

I hope your day/week is all you want it to be, soaked and dripping with the light of the moon.

Much lug, Fish Eggs

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Still Twitching

 I'm still here, still doing what I do, which is to hike any morning I can with my best pal Jo.

To watch the sun sweep across the landscape.....

 or to see how many doves I can find collecting in the snags.

We even had a lovely rain storm blow in but I must have loved it too much and scared it off, it stayed but a day and made everything smell marvelous, leaving big, billowy white clouds the following day in it's wake......

still the sun has it's merits.

I've been busy tuning up the garden thinking about getting it ready for guests in December, I am the tortoise, there is so much to always do I try and stay with it and do it incrementally. One of my jobs was to move leaf mulch to the vegetable garden and when I did so I found the burial ground for all the June Beetles that flew around like zeppelins this summer. Those heavy, green, metallic bodies barely getting liftoff. They buzz quite loudly and are such clumsy fliers they bonk off your head which can give a scare to the non insect lovers. Think about a nearly ping pong ball sized beetle dive bombing you. As I moved the mulch and beetle parts I was hoping this winter the vegetables would somehow be larger and greener because of the secret ingredients.

Speaking about large and you have gigantic grapes in your market? These grapes are like no others, they should have their own category, a new fruit. Two grapes please, no thanks, I'm full. I must say they are delicious!

I've been hanging out with my deer friends, we gossip but....

we always follow the rules of the road, besides we are too busy to linger.

I have developed a sty in my eye which is quite painful, a job hazard from soldering and working in the dirt. It is causing the tissue beneath my left eye to twitch making me glad I'm working on the computer because it makes me self conscious like I look a little loony, a tweaker, a twitcher :) Luckily I still have antibiotic drops from the last time, I'll keep my glasses on.

I'm working in my studio, making stuff which I have been posting on Facebook, I hope you will follow me over there, I find it makes posting my work easier. Thank you to those of you that have already started following me.

Wishing you all good things, Twitchy Talia

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hare Ye Hare Ye...

The Queen of Quarrots has arrived here.... she carries a turquoise carrot scepter.

I was dreaming of building this ring all day yesterday when I didn't get a chance to work.....sometimes it's better like that, to long for something, it makes it more fun, the longing makes it more fully appreciated.

I hope you had a good day, I did......xoxo Ro

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Royals

 Meet King Ravenheart........


I can only say coming soon since I don't like to list my work unless I have a model, still it's fun to show you what's keeping me occupied these days.

I hope you are well, xoxo Roheart