Thursday, September 5, 2013

Walking Up the Sun

Each day I think I should write a little blog post, I still try and get out in the morning to clear my head, move my body and breathe, enjoy the quietude. It seems when I get back home there's always too much to do, the phone rings.

I still try to get my hour of peace with the towhees....

 or maybe a few deer.....

as another day dawns..

I zinged down to the beach and back yesterday with the dogs and after a long day I was DELIGHTED to see "Earthflight" on Nature , the fist of a six part series. Did you see it? I was absolutely astonishing, such a treat. I can't wait to find out more on how in the world they filmed it. If you've ever wanted to fly or see the world from a birds perspective, WOW WEE this is something to behold.

* Something a little funny..
 I was saving a deceased june bug to donate to my friend's science classroom. We have the most gorgeous, huge, june beetles, they are green metallic. A friend stopped by yesterday morning and while I was doing something she carefully got a tissue and removed the bug and threw it outside. While she was leaving I saw it lying there so I picked it up and said, "how did it get out here" she looked shocked that I had it in my bare hand and confessed. One mans garbage is another mans treasure :)

I hope your days are good!! Much love Robird


  1. Lovely pictures, glad you're still getting out with the towhees!
    That series sounds really good, I'll have to check it out.
    Ha ha! I think I would've chucked the june bug too. Something about bugs always gives me the creeps :)

  2. You have to see it DJ...the herons and egrets scooping up fish the dolphins scare out of the water. I've never seen anything like it!!

    My friend saving me from bugs, TOO funny!

  3. HAHha! one woman's trash is another woman's treasure. most absolutely!

  4. I collect beautiful dragonflies and cicadas once they've lived out their natural lives and my friends think that I'm strange.
    P.S. Junebugs are one of my favorites, too. Southerners tend to like junebugs and fireflies and I'm no exception.

    1. I'd love to see your collection and I would NEVER throw one away :)

    2. I bet you find some amazing dragonflies and cicadas in your corner of the world!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I just clicked the link and watched the first couple minutes of the episode and even on my computer, I got goosebumps, no pun or disrespect intended. Oh my GOSH, what a gift, Ro--thank you so much for mentioning this!!!! I'm on a lunch break now--will STOP and WATCH this tonight--oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and I have my own little collection--dragonflies and damselflies that have "lived out their natural lives," to quote Libellula of the South...I've learned I cannot keep them forever, but I do honor them for a while...and as the recipient of one of those special junebugs in the past, I know just what a special and beautiful gift it is!! :-) Saving you from the bugs--heeheeheheeeeee!!!!

  6. CAROLINE you have to see it, I'm not kidding it is absolutely astounding!!!

    I see on that link there is one on deer, I want to see it too when I have time.

    I keep my found insects in a glass case here so they don't get dusty, we should have an insect exchange!! I know I thought you would appreciate it ;)

  7. Hi Ro-bird!

    Thank you for the link for that AMAZING show! I was so glad to learn about it....really fascinating :).

    I loved hearing about the junebug, and I love how your friend used a tissue to pick it up and put it outside!!!! (I'm with you!)


  8. I hope you were able too see it Lis, FANTASTIC and 5 more episodes!

    Ha, I love a purdy bug, a tissue...geez!