Monday, September 16, 2013

Superfantastic Bird Girl Cuff


I received a request some time ago for a cuff bracelet from one of my favorite Bird Girls. She simply asked if I would do a cuff for her with a hummingbird and a heron, okay. Then I started to think and I had a hard time wrapping my designing brain around how I would pair these two very different birds, so this is what I came up with.....

First I knew I wanted them to be separated by a stone. I think this is a tahoma agate but I've had the stone for a long time, just waiting for the right project and I'm not positive. I've always loved the way this stone looks like a pretty with the yin yang color combination.

 A hummingbird needs flowers and prefers a dry land so I made it's own private landscape over here...

 A heron on the other hand, generally prefers an environment with water so I made it, it's own private marsh over here...

That's how I made the Superfantastic Bird Girl cuff, by marrying two different environments with one gorgeous stone.....

I hope your day was good.

Caw Caw.....CroW


  1. HoLyHeRoN, BirdGirl!!!!!!!!!!!

    Simply STUNNING.
    Simply ART.
    Simply RIGHT.

    Look what you DID.

    Best wishes to the Superfantastic Bird Girl who will wear this cuff...WOW!!!

  2. "HoLyHeRoN, BirdGirl!!!!!!!!!!!" I couldn't have stated it better, hoo boy, THIS was a project!!!

    The Superfantastic bird girl is just that, we are a tribe over here :)

    xo Thank you!

  3. Thank you Rae, it was a fun project.

  4. Wow! I agree, it is a fantastically stunning cuff!! Wonderful way to combine both heron & hummingbird landscapes.

    I've been under the weather for awhile, hence the lack of comments from me. But I have been following & admiring all your recent gorgeous rings, etc & that doggie cuff!!!

    Hope your father in law is doing well. xoxoxo

    1. Hi Priscilla, I was thinking about you the other day when I was pruning trees for some reason, I hope you're feeling better.

      My husband lives in Laguna mostly now taking care of his dad so life is s bit LARGE these days for me, thank you on the cuff, it was another adventure in birding :)


  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Ro. Love how it tells its own story!

  6. Amazing, Ro! I am speechless :)

    To borrow from Priscilla.....fantastically stunning!!


  7. I knew this one would touch your bird girl heart..

    xooxox to you and Henry Higgins :)