Thursday, September 12, 2013


 *sold    *free claimed  *sold

You probably thought I was sitting around eating bon bons all day since I was having a difficult time trying to adjust to living alone and trying to do everything myself. True, it's harder to find the time to work but I'm keeping at it, filling orders for my home girls.
We all know girls on blogs only eat vegan, vegetarian, home grown, homemade, sugar free, fat free, gluten free, harvested from the forest by fairies wearing white gloves kinda food anyway.

  Why free? You should check out the prices on etsy for Hyalite Opal, if I was paying for those stones the silver work would be free. This heavenly beauty is headed to etsy, it is size 9.5, if you're interested drop me a line, otherwise I'm listing her at the end of the day.

The backside, a purdy decorated saddle band.

Harvested by me from Trader Joes :P
xoxo, fessin up Ro

* I have actually lost weight with all of this, my favorite ring keeps slipping off my finger, life is challenging at times, nothing to do but get through the tough parts.


  1. Eh, who wants sugar free, fat free, gluten free, whatever free when you can have BON BONS?! I really need to get myself to Trader Joes! :)
    Love your "free" ring too :)

  2. I'm with you, brave commenter, high 5! Get over there :P

    Thank you on the ring..

  3. Okay, I ADORE that final picture--one of your finest, I think!!!


    Both for the rings AND the bon-bons!!!

    I for one am happy to hear you're treating yourself a little--obviously, the bon-bons are good for your work right now because these rings are stunning. Some lucky, lucky women here, indeed.

    "...harvested from the forest by fairies wearing white gloves kinda food anyway" -- THIS makes me HOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AND feel a whole lot better about my recent diet of fresh tomatoes, with which I am being over-runneth since I'm home alone, and the salted caramel chocolate chip cookie bars that I tried as a new recipe, made with real butta and fresh chicken eggs.

    Oh sure, I had a lovely arugula salad last night, too, but just because arugula was the freshest green available at the grocery store. AND it paired well with fresh tomatoes. :-)

    But those bon-bons--the silver and the chocolate styles--beat everything--WOW!!!


    1. Delicious, both :)

      I know what you mean about the tomatoes, It's been hard to keep up, still I give it my all. OHHH your cookies sound marvelous!

      I want to like arugula but I just don't, good for you, sour greens are supposed to be the best ones, naturally. I love tomatoes and basil, classic.

      Bon Bon Therapy, it the new craze, starting here :)


  4. (Grrrrrr. Flippin' Blogger. For some reason your past four or five posts haven't shown up on my blog roll *waah*)

    Gorgeous line up of rings, Ro. Those stones are spectacular!

    I'm not a big ice cream fan (dairy doesn't like me much *sniff*) bot those bon bons look delicious. Actually, I'd quite happily swim in a vat of ice cream right about now *roll on AUTUMN*

    Have a lovely weekend, Ro...and ladies along the trail!


    1. Hi Ash!!

      I know, blogger doesn't like me, I'm pretending this place is exclusive :) You can sign up by email if you like....

      Thank you on the rings.

      Aw well then, popsicles! I'll have winter please. It's been hotter than a pepper sprout :(

      You too, I hope you get some R&R


    2. Ash--I thought it was just ME--Blogger came between Ro and my dashboard, too--I bookmarked Ro's blog--maybe I'd better do the email signup, too. I was missing you on the trail here....nice to see you again!

    3. Aw, thanks Caroline. Missed you all, too =)

      Duh. Should have thought of signing up via email. (Done and done.) Blogger schmogger... =oP

      POPSICLES! I wrote this ridiculous letter to my nieces and nephew once regaling them with how I only eat grape popsicles during the summer, enough to turn purple. (I'm fairly certain they renounced any and all blood ties after that.)

      Have a terrific weekend ladies. Stay cool!!!!