Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Hero

It happened at the end of today, I heard sirens and helicopters but I just kept working. Sometimes when there is an emergency they land helicopters across from my house and frankly I didn't want to see it, someone in a car wreck, once a tiny baby, it's too heartbreaking, I'm not the one to stand and stare at someone else's tragedy so I just kept working but the ruckus got louder and LOUDER til the ROAR was right on top of my head and I looked out my studio door and saw this GEEZ, what the?? The hair was standing up on my arms...

There was a fire and it was very close....note the bird to the right :)

Really now, a water dropping dragon?? I had my camera and I was already looking up, can anyone explain what's going on here.

  The fire was about half a mile away and they were bombarding it. I didn't go and see, I turned on the news. It was the field station where the students at the colleges do their field studies.

But this plane holy cow!

The pilot was flying at the treetops, I would sure like to meet the talented fly boy wouldn't you?

 A stroke of luck!

 wait for it

My hero ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  1. HahahahahahahahahahaguffawSNORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think he could be my hero, too.

    Seriously, are you safe from fire now? That's too close....

  2. And OHMYGOSH, that dragonfly!!!!!!! I think that's a saddlebags or with some kind of name like that--I need to look it up--awesome!!!!!!!

    You tell the best stories....

  3. I ADORE that boy wonder Caroline!

    I am fine, they did a fantastic job stomping out the fire.

    I hope you can fill me in on the dragonfly, I've never seen anything like it ??????


      Check that link for more saddlebags d-flies photos--they're amazing!


      And I loved this description about them....

      SO marvelous that you captured that photo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OHHHH Thank you dragonfly whisperer, I'm sure I wouldn't know where to start. It was a complete accident, I was looking at helicopters in all the turmoil. It was so crazy because it was also a birding hour, I noticed hummingbirds feeding and birds everywhere and I wondered if they were affected by the chaos. They didn't seem to notice and the dragonfly just flew into view. Mystery solved :-)))) !

  5. HAHha!
    don't'cha' wish....??

    [amazing photos. simply amazing....]

    1. It was quite a thunderous event!

      dont'cha love that kid :)

  6. Ha haaaa! Okay, I totally bought that concept -- of imagining the talented fly boy!! The really funny part here is that I got interrupted right after you asked your question! So there really was a big wait for it!!!! Hee heee! It made it all the BETTER! {Love LOVE the huge goggles, and body language.}

    Ro, we just never know what will appear in your blog from the Darrow compound :)) ! Marie , you're right, great photos. And Caroline, good to know you are a dragonfly whisperer. (I'm happy to learn more from your cool links too....thank you!)

    P.S. Glad to get the update that you are safe.

    1. That is funny!!

      I very sweet lady sent me that card with the Evil Kanieval superhero kid, I fell in love too. The look on his face! I'm not sure if it's distain for whomever made him pose or if he's ready to kick some arse, it's the best!

      If you have ANY dragonfly questions Caroline will be the one to ask, she IS the whisperer.

      Thank you, they did a great job of knocking the fire out.