Thursday, September 19, 2013

Morning Exfoliation

I need to walk, I need to see the deer, I need to welcome the day in the quiet, in the first breath of light.
I'm going to be stingy about this as long as these legs will carry me.

Our landscape is dry, rundown, ramshackle, defunct and done and I for one will be glad when summer sets sail and moves to another spot on the globe...."here take it, it's all yours for a while".

There is always beauty in the first rays of light, the air still cool from the night.
*red shouldered hawk

I don't know how she does it with no water for months..I thank her for her good service.

Jo and I greet the morning on the upslopes. I'm a sucker for corners, I want to see around every one of them.......corners are the m&m's of the trail.....just one more....... never know who might be there kicking up dust..

 straight up the side, impressive!

Walking keeps me balanced, it helps me shed what I need to get rid of, clears my mind, steadies me, readies me for the new day, the new gift, the present.

I hope your days are good, I'm doing fine, just trying to find more time to blog and computer, my days have been too big for their britches lately. Still working, still loving my life.
xo Ro & Jo


  1. i love that you know how to exfoliate and subsequently feed your soul.

    [that deer, kicking up dirt. those yellow flowers. you fed ME.]

  2. Good to see you out and about in the sunshine. :-) Even if there is a bit of trail that last bit of art you show us, photo and words and shadow play....thinking of you!!!!

  3. I like your corner/m&m analogy :)
    And that deer! Wow, that's quite the hill!

  4. Really special words... thanks for sharing :)