Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Howdy Friends

Hello friends, I bet you thought I was sitting in the dark clutching a box of bon bons, nope, I ran out and since I despise grocery shopping I can live on pretty thin rations before I pack my reusable bags and head to the market. When I run out of yogurt, that's when things get desperate ( two left :)
I've been an industrious little tinker these days but I don't have a model so I've tried to stay busy with requests. My requests have all been filled so these are the pieces I made for the etsea. Since I love the shy deer and I had this picture japer that looks an awful lot like a wood round, I thought, why not, oh yes an a turquoise sky. I made a turning leaf that does not look as impressive in this picture as it does in real life, ahhhhh fall, it's cooled a bit, everything is golden in the hills.

* sold

A bold and beautiful blue lapis from Cascade Canyon, right here in our local mountains, this stone is extremely scarce and rare and I know you can't tell the size or scale from this picture but the stone itself is an inch and a half long, a substantial piece for the bluebird.....I made the feather from scratch.

The back of the stone is polished and pretty so I made this piece reversible with a canyon sunflower, a perch for the pretty bluebird.

*Have you noticed how long a bluebirds wings are in proportion to it's body? Their flight is so different from other birds, it's kind of fluttery, even if I can't see their plumage I can pick them out of the crowd by their flight.

I made a few of these on request and one for you, the stone is the interesting glittery, Hyalite Opal..

 size 8 with a fancy scmancy band.

but wait, there's more :)

...........................size 6..................................size 7.......................*sold size 5 1/2...............*sold size 8 ♡.................
I made more ammonite twiglets, these fossils are so interesting, like labradorite they go from zero to ker bang, depending on the light. They look like tiffany glass. It's easy to see why LC Tiffany would use dragonflies for his themes, don't they remind you of those gorgeous foiled insects?


I had such a nice hike at sunup, I thought you might like to see my snaps..... this Palo Verde was swarming with mean little fighting, squeaking dive bombers..

She was framed!

These gorgeous valley oaks....out of all the oaks this one is my favorite, I even climbed up that steep hill once rattlesnake season was over last winter so I could sit beneath its generosity for a bit, take in its presence at close range.

I'm waiting on a busy friend to model so these pieces could go to the shop as early as tomorrow or as late as's that for a window........silly, I know but I'm not stressing, just going with the flow these days.

I hope you are good, with love, Ro


  1. Whoa, Nellie!! Those are some fantastic slices of silver with wondrous gems!! Models, schmodels. Your work shows itself beautifully :). It's very relaxing to ponder over the photos and admire them.

    I love your photos from your walk too....little dive bomber...rustic frame around the deer, and your phrase "sit beneath its generosity" for the magnificent oak.

    Such loveliness, Ro!

    1. Songbird is RIGHT, on all accounts....

    2. Thank you both, SO much, nice to have you along this trail as always my friends :)

  2. Beautiful new work! Love that deer with the turquiose sky. Glad you're not just sitting in the dark clutching bon bons, sounds tempting sometimes though :)
    That oak tree is incredible. And I love those little squeaking dive bombers.
    Love your twiglets too! Those stones!!! Wow!

    1. Thank you m'deer, HA don't you love the visual :) shiny possum eyes, fingering the melting chocolate..... I know but best keep going!

      I love that tree, it's been though its share of fires too, it's been defoliated by firestorms but it, gets right back up.

      Thank you on the twigs and bombers :)

  3. So beautiful work, Ro!! Lovely deer, very nice photos:-)) Thank you Adela

    1. Thank you Adela I appreciate it, nice to have you here!