Monday, September 30, 2013

What Do You Think ?

What do you think, "Queenie Weenie" or.......

"Weenie Queenie" ?

I'm having fun over here can you tell? :P

xo Ro

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Howdy Friends

Hello friends, I bet you thought I was sitting in the dark clutching a box of bon bons, nope, I ran out and since I despise grocery shopping I can live on pretty thin rations before I pack my reusable bags and head to the market. When I run out of yogurt, that's when things get desperate ( two left :)
I've been an industrious little tinker these days but I don't have a model so I've tried to stay busy with requests. My requests have all been filled so these are the pieces I made for the etsea. Since I love the shy deer and I had this picture japer that looks an awful lot like a wood round, I thought, why not, oh yes an a turquoise sky. I made a turning leaf that does not look as impressive in this picture as it does in real life, ahhhhh fall, it's cooled a bit, everything is golden in the hills.

* sold

A bold and beautiful blue lapis from Cascade Canyon, right here in our local mountains, this stone is extremely scarce and rare and I know you can't tell the size or scale from this picture but the stone itself is an inch and a half long, a substantial piece for the bluebird.....I made the feather from scratch.

The back of the stone is polished and pretty so I made this piece reversible with a canyon sunflower, a perch for the pretty bluebird.

*Have you noticed how long a bluebirds wings are in proportion to it's body? Their flight is so different from other birds, it's kind of fluttery, even if I can't see their plumage I can pick them out of the crowd by their flight.

I made a few of these on request and one for you, the stone is the interesting glittery, Hyalite Opal..

 size 8 with a fancy scmancy band.

but wait, there's more :)

...........................size 6..................................size 7.......................*sold size 5 1/2...............*sold size 8 ♡.................
I made more ammonite twiglets, these fossils are so interesting, like labradorite they go from zero to ker bang, depending on the light. They look like tiffany glass. It's easy to see why LC Tiffany would use dragonflies for his themes, don't they remind you of those gorgeous foiled insects?


I had such a nice hike at sunup, I thought you might like to see my snaps..... this Palo Verde was swarming with mean little fighting, squeaking dive bombers..

She was framed!

These gorgeous valley oaks....out of all the oaks this one is my favorite, I even climbed up that steep hill once rattlesnake season was over last winter so I could sit beneath its generosity for a bit, take in its presence at close range.

I'm waiting on a busy friend to model so these pieces could go to the shop as early as tomorrow or as late as's that for a window........silly, I know but I'm not stressing, just going with the flow these days.

I hope you are good, with love, Ro

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Morning Exfoliation

I need to walk, I need to see the deer, I need to welcome the day in the quiet, in the first breath of light.
I'm going to be stingy about this as long as these legs will carry me.

Our landscape is dry, rundown, ramshackle, defunct and done and I for one will be glad when summer sets sail and moves to another spot on the globe...."here take it, it's all yours for a while".

There is always beauty in the first rays of light, the air still cool from the night.
*red shouldered hawk

I don't know how she does it with no water for months..I thank her for her good service.

Jo and I greet the morning on the upslopes. I'm a sucker for corners, I want to see around every one of them.......corners are the m&m's of the trail.....just one more....... never know who might be there kicking up dust..

 straight up the side, impressive!

Walking keeps me balanced, it helps me shed what I need to get rid of, clears my mind, steadies me, readies me for the new day, the new gift, the present.

I hope your days are good, I'm doing fine, just trying to find more time to blog and computer, my days have been too big for their britches lately. Still working, still loving my life.
xo Ro & Jo

Monday, September 16, 2013

Superfantastic Bird Girl Cuff


I received a request some time ago for a cuff bracelet from one of my favorite Bird Girls. She simply asked if I would do a cuff for her with a hummingbird and a heron, okay. Then I started to think and I had a hard time wrapping my designing brain around how I would pair these two very different birds, so this is what I came up with.....

First I knew I wanted them to be separated by a stone. I think this is a tahoma agate but I've had the stone for a long time, just waiting for the right project and I'm not positive. I've always loved the way this stone looks like a pretty with the yin yang color combination.

 A hummingbird needs flowers and prefers a dry land so I made it's own private landscape over here...

 A heron on the other hand, generally prefers an environment with water so I made it, it's own private marsh over here...

That's how I made the Superfantastic Bird Girl cuff, by marrying two different environments with one gorgeous stone.....

I hope your day was good.

Caw Caw.....CroW

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cuz Sharing is Caring

This is a commissioned piece I made for a friend, it came out so cute I wanted to show it to you.

We do love our dogs now don't we......

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!
 Much love, Ro

Thursday, September 12, 2013


 *sold    *free claimed  *sold

You probably thought I was sitting around eating bon bons all day since I was having a difficult time trying to adjust to living alone and trying to do everything myself. True, it's harder to find the time to work but I'm keeping at it, filling orders for my home girls.
We all know girls on blogs only eat vegan, vegetarian, home grown, homemade, sugar free, fat free, gluten free, harvested from the forest by fairies wearing white gloves kinda food anyway.

  Why free? You should check out the prices on etsy for Hyalite Opal, if I was paying for those stones the silver work would be free. This heavenly beauty is headed to etsy, it is size 9.5, if you're interested drop me a line, otherwise I'm listing her at the end of the day.

The backside, a purdy decorated saddle band.

Harvested by me from Trader Joes :P
xoxo, fessin up Ro

* I have actually lost weight with all of this, my favorite ring keeps slipping off my finger, life is challenging at times, nothing to do but get through the tough parts.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Hero

It happened at the end of today, I heard sirens and helicopters but I just kept working. Sometimes when there is an emergency they land helicopters across from my house and frankly I didn't want to see it, someone in a car wreck, once a tiny baby, it's too heartbreaking, I'm not the one to stand and stare at someone else's tragedy so I just kept working but the ruckus got louder and LOUDER til the ROAR was right on top of my head and I looked out my studio door and saw this GEEZ, what the?? The hair was standing up on my arms...

There was a fire and it was very close....note the bird to the right :)

Really now, a water dropping dragon?? I had my camera and I was already looking up, can anyone explain what's going on here.

  The fire was about half a mile away and they were bombarding it. I didn't go and see, I turned on the news. It was the field station where the students at the colleges do their field studies.

But this plane holy cow!

The pilot was flying at the treetops, I would sure like to meet the talented fly boy wouldn't you?

 A stroke of luck!

 wait for it

My hero ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dog Dreams


xo Ro & Jo

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Walking Up the Sun

Each day I think I should write a little blog post, I still try and get out in the morning to clear my head, move my body and breathe, enjoy the quietude. It seems when I get back home there's always too much to do, the phone rings.

I still try to get my hour of peace with the towhees....

 or maybe a few deer.....

as another day dawns..

I zinged down to the beach and back yesterday with the dogs and after a long day I was DELIGHTED to see "Earthflight" on Nature , the fist of a six part series. Did you see it? I was absolutely astonishing, such a treat. I can't wait to find out more on how in the world they filmed it. If you've ever wanted to fly or see the world from a birds perspective, WOW WEE this is something to behold.

* Something a little funny..
 I was saving a deceased june bug to donate to my friend's science classroom. We have the most gorgeous, huge, june beetles, they are green metallic. A friend stopped by yesterday morning and while I was doing something she carefully got a tissue and removed the bug and threw it outside. While she was leaving I saw it lying there so I picked it up and said, "how did it get out here" she looked shocked that I had it in my bare hand and confessed. One mans garbage is another mans treasure :)

I hope your days are good!! Much love Robird

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gallery News

I dusted the shelves and added new work, over here.

I hope you're having a nice weekend sweet friends,
 xoxo Ro