Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Rarest of Birds

  I wanted to make them my way, Thunderbirds, I wish there was such a creature. If the bird of lore and legend did exist I would coax it here and treat it like a king and it would never want to leave. I would marvel at it's powers as it beat it's powerful wings and listen to the thunder but a bird like that would need fire in the belly especially since it posses the ability shoot lightning from it's eyes. Superhero's always did exist from the beginning of time, mostly taking on animal forms, animals that could harness the powers of nature.

 Thunderbird with labradorite and carved lapis.

 Thunderbird with dryhead agate and royston turquoise.

Both painted birds have a 2.75 in wingspan.......

not for the timid, these are powerful pieces.

 What next....
 I wanted to see if I could replicate bark, the tree kind.....

so I made some silver bark earrings, this pair has a prehnite leaf.

This pair, freshwater pearls, I like the juxtaposition of the rough and the refined.

 Banjo and I went out looking for the Thunderbird in bright morning sun, we never found it......

We only found raven who had a good laugh as he disappeared, off to his own trickery no doubt.

These are available for reserve otherwise they will be flown to etsy tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting lovely ladies,  love cROw


  1. Wow!!! Beautiful:-) Adela

  2. Adela beat me to it--WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Indeed.

    I like the statement these pieces make.

  3. Woweeeeee...that is some mighty strong totem coming from just a petite gal!
    Exactly what a thunderbird should be.
    And I love the bark earrings....lovely

    1. Haaaa this comment makes me laugh............ Mighty Mouse!!!!!

      Thank you the bark was a fun experiment!!

      xoooxo to you, Dove

  4. I love those thunderbirds! Especially that dryhead agate and turquoise one. Beautiful and very powerful.

  5. Gracias mi amiga, I like that combination too, those chocolate and carmel colors, yummy!

  6. Dear cROw!

    I wish I could use an even bigger font and say "WOWWWW" even bigger than Adela, Caroline and Debbie! Heehee :)

    Powerful pieces - absolutely! And I think "fabulous" says it all. They look lovely on too. It's always a treat to see them modeled....beautiful. <3

    What a successful experiment with your earrings. They are lovely and my faves are the ones with the pearls! >swoon<


  7. Wow, I LOVE those big thunderbirds!! You've done it again :)