Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Morning, Day 1, Day 2

Morning 1
 before the sun

 Getting ready for a sunwash,

serpent tree

sun reflected

  bear foot

In the shade 

  with friends

  It's getting late and hot

 Morning 2

Blackberry smoothie, breakfast of champions and bears with black tongues.

Making the best of August, I hope you are too!

xoox Robear


  1. Oh yummy!
    So jealous of your blackberries :)

    1. Yes it is VERY delish but the berries are getting harder to pick so we're trying to make hay with way TOO much sun :)

  2. You are my champion - getting up before the sun !

    Verrrry cool serpent tree. I love the "sun reflected" pic under it too -- and the first pic. Okay, I love all the pics!

    I can tell you ARE making the best of August with that blackberry smoothie!! :))

    1. You have to train yourself to get out early when you live in a hot town in the old town :)

      The best part is being with friends who enjoy looking at a mountain mahogany in all angles and discussing it's beauty while in it's presence with the light filtering though those amazing furry pods, them loving as much as I do, not everyone is wired that way. We are lucky to know one another.

      No kidding, I AM making the best of it, Eric is really, he's the smoothie king. He makes sure I drink my greens :)


  3. Oh, the sunwash--marvelous!!!! And that bear foot--wow!! I'll bet those remaining blackberries are a highly desired commodity!!!! ENJOY--mmmmmmmmmmm, a smoothie............

  4. Thank you for visiting you mahvelous BUSY lady.

    They are a highly desired commodity and we are thanking the bears for making paths into the brambles with their crushing weight and dense fur because the berries around the edges are diminishing so we have to dig deep! OwwwwwW delicious and lethal!