Thursday, August 1, 2013

No Complaints Here

Face it, the hot weather just makes you feel crabby, I have different ways of coping, I escape into a book or my work. Eric and I were shopping for groceries, looking for our favorite Trader Joes tidbits when the checker said to an elderly lady on on one of those 100 plus days, "hot enough for ya" and she started trilling like a canary, "it's not that bad, I don't mind it, it's been hotter". Eric turned to me with a smile and remarked "that lady is going to live forever" lesson learned. The weather however is remarkably cool, perfect for everything except complaining :) I've been working on earrings and I have a few more to finish. I'm going to try and get these listed tomorrow since my niece has offered to stop over after work today.

I mentioned the cool, which is due to the coastal influence that brings the fog over here for perfect hiking weather, so I got out early and gossiped with the deer. Look at little Dottie to the left.....awww, don't you want to kiss her on the forehead, I do.

Yes, it looks like fall here, the colors golden and brown, our fall and winter are the  green seasons. I love the quail more than they love me, watch em skitter. My girlfriend met a woman who is a bird linguist, her job is to translate bird calls into the English language. You know in those field guides, so I opened my Audubon Guide to read.... The plain Titmouse has a harsh fussy see-dee-dee or chick-a-dee-dee. This is a fun game, next time you're out listen and translate. I read somewhere that the quail call chicago-chicago.....I never like that description so I listened closely this morning and I heard them calling "where are you, where are you" and one further off called back "where are you" and either one was in Chicago.

I found some good stuff this morning, the lapis bluebird feathers are my favorite.

best-wish-ez-best-wish-ez, Robird


  1. Totally focused on those quail and the deer, through the fog--oh my!!!!! Yes, I could scoop up that spotted beauty and hug her tight--instead, I'll hope she grows to a ripe old age and poses for more photos along this trail as the years go by....

    Enjoy your perfect weather and those marvelous feathers--that collection is art all by itself! WOW!!

    (And thank you for sharing the secret of bird linguists--I did not know such a position existed--how cool is THAT???)

    Have your own marvel-filled day, chick-a-Ro-Ro-Ro....

    1. Isn't she the cutest, I would hug her too if she wasn't askared :)

      Who ever heard of that position, I would like to meet her.

      I worked with Murphy yesterday, everthing went wrong then my niece didn't get my message, oh well at least the morning was good. I hope your day went better.


  2. And...these are a few of my favorite things...
    Deer in gold and green
    Wait for it.......

    Ro,s aMaZINg EaRRings!!

    1. HAAA thanks Deb , mine too and I like making the earrings, FUN!

  3. I'm loving the sparrows, oh be still MY heart!

    1. I knew you would love the hearts and birds, they're so YOU!

  4. Oh gosh, Ro....I want to count Dottie's spots! She is SWEET. Those photos remind me of sepia toned photos, or ones taken during the "golden hour." And I laughed when you wrote that you love the quails more than they love you!! Awwwww..... :))

    Bluebird feathers are special know me and the color blue! Good eye <3. Caroline's right -- you made art!!!!

    The feathers are special, but not as special as your lovely earrings. I am so excited to have purchased the first pair you had on your shelf. As you know, they'll make a fantastic gift.....I don't know if I can wait to give them (I'm SO bad about that lol).

    Much love Rovin' Ro!

  5. I know Lisa, isn't the color warm and beautiful, just nature, no touch up job, the dry plants and the adobe soil, add some brown deer and LOVELY.

    It's true about he quail wahhhh, be my fwend :)

    I'm rich, those bluebird feathers are priceless, count me in on the lapis!

    It would take SOME restraint to give those earrings away, maybe you could find something nice at the Maxx for your friend and keep them. It is a generous giver to gift something you REALLY want to keep.

    Much love to you Owls Clover!

  6. HAH! i'm always out there in the woods, translating bird calls....and i can just imagine what the birds are thinking: "really?? that the best she can do???"

    loving your new earrings....


  7. Some are difficult to translate, take the raven for instance, it's easier to describe than to translate, still it's fun to try.

    Thank you for the earring lug :)