Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Divine Intervention

 This is a feel good story and it all happened so round about I thought I would like to share....

One morning after a bird watching event with friends we went to the Claremont village to have breakfast. When I exited the car and was waiting for them to get out I saw a small purse behind a pillar at the bank. I must say I felt a little creepy about touching it, wondering if the owner was around somewhere and maybe I would feel like I was caught red handed :) I looked around and saw no one so I took it into the bank and told the tellers to keep it in case someone came in to look for it then I put it out of my mind. Later that day a friend came over while I was working and for some unknown reason I mentioned it to him, I don't know why since I wan't thinking about it. I think he was talking about loosing something. The next morning he went to the village for coffee across the street from the bank, he ran into one of his friends and started chatting. A friend of that friends, came up looking a little wild eyed and stressed ( follow the party line) and mentioned he was there looking for his wife's purse that she had lost the previous day. She was at home canceling credit cards and the like when MY friend told him I had found a bag and taken it into the bank! How strange to be there at the exact, right moment!

This card was party lined to me over the weekend..

 Maybe she is an owl lover too?

I've lost my purse before and never received it back and it was miserable. Do onto others, I'm a firm believer in that!

You're welcome Pam, maybe we'lll meet some day.

P.S.  Did you see the meteors? I did and I was useless yesterday, I had a stargazer hangover. I looked again last night but after I fell asleep out there repeatedly I gave up.

Here's to a good week, I have so many extraneous commitments, I'm not sure how much studio time I'm going to have, life can get in the way sometimes.

Much love, friends, xoxo Ro


  1. You certainly made someone's week very very good...even I felt good that she found her purse thanks to you. xx

    1. Oh I just hate loosing stuff like that, it made everyone feel good! xoxo

  2. ooh, my favorite real story! How cosmic is this? Thank you for telling us all about it, I had a warm cozy minute reading about it.

  3. My friend came right over after he talked to the husband, we all had goosebumps! What are the odds?


  4. you are good people, ro! good people!

  5. Oh, I am so not surprised by this...you keep yourself open to opportunities. But I am very, very happy to hear how this story and all you people came together for that purse to be returned!!!!! And I'm sure her heart is HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Stargazer hangover" -- haaahaahahaaaa!!!! I sat outside for a while Saturday night, around midnight, and saw some LOVELY meteors! Stayed so long one dog finally gave up and snoozed at my feet. Tried again last night, driving home at midnight--often I do see meteors that way, but none for that half hour--could have been a few scattered clouds in the way, too dark to tell. I love the Perseids, though!!!

    1. It's a terrible feeling to lose a purse, yikes you have to go to the DMV again!!

      I saw a lot of purdy, streaky, star dust, I love the ones with tails but having difficulty recovering after 3 hrs of sleep.
      MIDNIGHT what the?

      I love the Periseids too and vow never to miss them!

  6. I love that you found her purse and it got back to her. Wonderful. Loosing things is always an awful in the pit of your stomach feeling. Must have been the week for the menfolk to cut their fingers. Ours could have been worse.

  7. I agree you never know who's hands might have found all of your information.

    I know, I'm glad they can still count to ten!!

  8. SUCH a remarkable story, Ro! The timing is incredible.....sounds like a scene in a movie :).

    I love the concept of paying things forward.

    And I liked your description of your uneasiness in picking up that purse. I know that feeling too when you find a belonging of someone else's!

    Awesome happy ending !!!

  9. It's so round-about it's really incredible!

    I know, it wasn't mine so I felt very uneasy about picking it up..

    Happy puppy going mama!!