Friday, August 30, 2013

Almost Funny

Where have I been?

You may have wondered what happened to me. I had to laugh this morning when I realized my google searches with coffee around 5:30 a.m. were "how to fix a leaky irrigation valve" and "how to cut the toenails of the elderly" HA! Life takes it sudden turns now doesn't it. My Father-in-law is out of the hospital and doing pretty well but I have lost my husband to caregiving. I was without a car until my friends bestowed upon me a champagne pink Toyota Camray, an official granny car that spells f r e e d o m for me. The dogs and I both love it on our long drives to the shining sea in nose to rear traffic in order to visit Eric and his Padre and to lend my own helping hands. I have to say when life gets tough there are always so many people who continue to inspire, friends and family. I hope things are going well for you. Someone once sent me this quote by Robert Frost "The only way out is trough" so we're going though some "stuff". I started this blog yesterday, then the phone rang and the universe tilted and I ditched it but I was able to make some headway on several new rings which I HOPE to finish by the end of today. YAY!

I'm wishing you a weekend of rest, peace and hopefully at least a few delights.
xoox in friendship, Ro

p.s. If you have a place to let something climb and scramble the hyacinth bean, vine shown in the picture is right outside my studio. It's a beauty grown mainly for the flowers though the pods are pretty too in a deep merlot color. It's not fussy, an annual grown just like any other ol bean.


  1. How I understand the sudden need to care for a parent, thankful that Eric's dad is home again.
    Sure turns your life upside down.
    Hope you get some well earned time in your studio.
    Much love

    1. I know you do Deb, you and sis are doing a very fine job but it sure throws you off track!

      One foot in front of the other..........

      Thank you for your well wishes.

      Sending love up north, Ro

  2. Ro,
    I've been thinking about you all week. It's good to hear that Eric's dad is home again.

    I never thought to google "how to cut the toenails of the elderly". Being the caregiver to my mom, that would be useful information...I hope I've been doing it right so far!

    The Hyacinth bean is new to me......pretty pretty.

    Enjoy the weekend!

    1. I've been thinking about you as well Cinda, I know you are caring for your mom and it's not easy. BIG kudos to you!!

      Gosh you can google anything, it's quite useful. I got the fingers and hair cut but the feet will be for the podiatrist :) The irrigation is FIXED!!

      I love that vine, it makes me smile, especially the hummingbirds.

      Bear hug, Ro

  3. Yes! The best way out is always through! (I can attest to that!!). I am so glad to get an update from you.....have been checking regularly. Glad to hear Paul is doing well, and VERY glad to hear that he has been "sprung" from the hospital! Wonderful. And yes, isn't it amazing how loved ones step up and help when it is needed most. Keep your head up, wonder woman! Hope Eric is holding up too.

    Thinking of you all every hour on the hour. :))

    Sending love and healing vibes from the east,

  4. You are an inspiration Owls Clover and you do it with such grace. Oh boy the frying pan again!

    We're doing our best to keep the boat afloat.

    Love to you and pats for dear Henry :)

  5. I have that bean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And here's the best the beans for seed...I planted a pot full of two-year-old beanpods this spring, and WOW, she's glorious!!!!! and easy to care for...just what you need right now...some blue blossoms that keep giving and demand very little. :-)

    Thinking of you and your family,, you're becoming Handy-Ro with that whole irrigation valve thing. Add that to your muleskinner resume....


  6. Glad to see you back & your family is through the hospitalization. Good luck with the time sharing & juggling. I've had a couple stints of parental caretaking... long bumpy road... heading close to some tough turns I think too. Just holding on with little bits of miraculous beauty that obviously you see too. And then, approaching logically with the help of internet!!
    Wow, that opal & cloud comparison - so cool - so many worlds in stone. I want that green leaf "serenity" ring! :)

  7. Good to have you back! And glad your FIL is out of hospital and doing better :) (love your new work)