Saturday, August 31, 2013


* sold
I was able to get in a nice long day of work yesterday and I must say it felt like gulping fresh air. One of the stones I set is called a Hyalite Opal from Utah. I had never seen this material before I visited my lapidary friends. I think it's rather heavenly like high clouds or sea foam. The stone often displays little rainbows refracting light in the inclusions below the surface.

The stone looks like todays rumbly skies.

I hope to get these up on etsy tomorrow....H O P E :)

A can-can line of rings always makes me happy, each as individual and unique as you.

xooxox Gallery Ro

Friday, August 30, 2013

Almost Funny

Where have I been?

You may have wondered what happened to me. I had to laugh this morning when I realized my google searches with coffee around 5:30 a.m. were "how to fix a leaky irrigation valve" and "how to cut the toenails of the elderly" HA! Life takes it sudden turns now doesn't it. My Father-in-law is out of the hospital and doing pretty well but I have lost my husband to caregiving. I was without a car until my friends bestowed upon me a champagne pink Toyota Camray, an official granny car that spells f r e e d o m for me. The dogs and I both love it on our long drives to the shining sea in nose to rear traffic in order to visit Eric and his Padre and to lend my own helping hands. I have to say when life gets tough there are always so many people who continue to inspire, friends and family. I hope things are going well for you. Someone once sent me this quote by Robert Frost "The only way out is trough" so we're going though some "stuff". I started this blog yesterday, then the phone rang and the universe tilted and I ditched it but I was able to make some headway on several new rings which I HOPE to finish by the end of today. YAY!

I'm wishing you a weekend of rest, peace and hopefully at least a few delights.
xoox in friendship, Ro

p.s. If you have a place to let something climb and scramble the hyacinth bean, vine shown in the picture is right outside my studio. It's a beauty grown mainly for the flowers though the pods are pretty too in a deep merlot color. It's not fussy, an annual grown just like any other ol bean.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


New rings on etsy

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our family as we travel through this bumpy path. My father-in law has been hospitalized and we are hoping for the best possible result.

xoooxo, Ro

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Coming Attractions

 The circus is coming to town! I bought a flea circus, small insects incased in ancient amber, from Russia with love.

Curious and strange and a bit fantastical.

I love these even more after watching Happy People a Year in the Taiga, have you seen it? It's one of those unforgettable Werner Herzog documentaries chronicling a year in the Siberian wilderness following the life of a trapper though all four seasons. I think what I love best about Hezog films is the sort of whispering narration and sequences of no narration that make you feel like you're there yourself, you forget there is a cameraman.

I'm making rings!

xo Happy People, love Robug

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Rarest of Birds

  I wanted to make them my way, Thunderbirds, I wish there was such a creature. If the bird of lore and legend did exist I would coax it here and treat it like a king and it would never want to leave. I would marvel at it's powers as it beat it's powerful wings and listen to the thunder but a bird like that would need fire in the belly especially since it posses the ability shoot lightning from it's eyes. Superhero's always did exist from the beginning of time, mostly taking on animal forms, animals that could harness the powers of nature.

 Thunderbird with labradorite and carved lapis.

 Thunderbird with dryhead agate and royston turquoise.

Both painted birds have a 2.75 in wingspan.......

not for the timid, these are powerful pieces.

 What next....
 I wanted to see if I could replicate bark, the tree kind.....

so I made some silver bark earrings, this pair has a prehnite leaf.

This pair, freshwater pearls, I like the juxtaposition of the rough and the refined.

 Banjo and I went out looking for the Thunderbird in bright morning sun, we never found it......

We only found raven who had a good laugh as he disappeared, off to his own trickery no doubt.

These are available for reserve otherwise they will be flown to etsy tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting lovely ladies,  love cROw

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Divine Intervention

 This is a feel good story and it all happened so round about I thought I would like to share....

One morning after a bird watching event with friends we went to the Claremont village to have breakfast. When I exited the car and was waiting for them to get out I saw a small purse behind a pillar at the bank. I must say I felt a little creepy about touching it, wondering if the owner was around somewhere and maybe I would feel like I was caught red handed :) I looked around and saw no one so I took it into the bank and told the tellers to keep it in case someone came in to look for it then I put it out of my mind. Later that day a friend came over while I was working and for some unknown reason I mentioned it to him, I don't know why since I wan't thinking about it. I think he was talking about loosing something. The next morning he went to the village for coffee across the street from the bank, he ran into one of his friends and started chatting. A friend of that friends, came up looking a little wild eyed and stressed ( follow the party line) and mentioned he was there looking for his wife's purse that she had lost the previous day. She was at home canceling credit cards and the like when MY friend told him I had found a bag and taken it into the bank! How strange to be there at the exact, right moment!

This card was party lined to me over the weekend..

 Maybe she is an owl lover too?

I've lost my purse before and never received it back and it was miserable. Do onto others, I'm a firm believer in that!

You're welcome Pam, maybe we'lll meet some day.

P.S.  Did you see the meteors? I did and I was useless yesterday, I had a stargazer hangover. I looked again last night but after I fell asleep out there repeatedly I gave up.

Here's to a good week, I have so many extraneous commitments, I'm not sure how much studio time I'm going to have, life can get in the way sometimes.

Much love, friends, xoxo Ro

Friday, August 9, 2013

Best Wishes

Do you remember still the falling stars
that like swift horses through the heavens raced
and suddenly leaped across the hurdles
of our wishes--do you recall? And we
did make so many! For there were countless numbers
of stars: each time we looked above we were
astounded by the swiftness of their daring play'
while in our hearts we felt safe and secure
watching these brilliant bodies disintegrate,
knowing somehow we had survived their fall.

Falling Stars by Rainer Maria Rilke

The Perseid meteor  shower is this weekend, I hope you have clear skies for viewing and at least a few of your wishes do come true.

xoxo Ro

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Couple of Things


 These were the pretty things I was trying to show you when the sun got in my eyes, for closer inspection they are now listed here.

Thank you so much hummingbirds, xoxo Ro

Too Sunny Honey

I've been a busy little bee per usual but, BUT try as I might it's just too dang sunny for good pictures so I'll wait til it swings up high and then back down before I waste any more time trying. Churro might be harnessed but so am I, to the rhythm of a day.

  I added these to my shop yesterday, the swallows were inspired by an etsy friend who told me the barn swallows had retuned and they were teaching her how to diligently cover her horse tack as to not get splattered :) so they are not only pretty and flittly but they are also teachers!

I love the simplicity of this design, I've snuck a couple of them in etsy shop without fanfare, I sold one of them to my moon loving girlfriend here. This one is listed for your consideration now that I finally have it modeled.

I hope you have a good day today!
 much love, Ro

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer Morning, Day 1, Day 2

Morning 1
 before the sun

 Getting ready for a sunwash,

serpent tree

sun reflected

  bear foot

In the shade 

  with friends

  It's getting late and hot

 Morning 2

Blackberry smoothie, breakfast of champions and bears with black tongues.

Making the best of August, I hope you are too!

xoox Robear

Thursday, August 1, 2013

No Complaints Here

Face it, the hot weather just makes you feel crabby, I have different ways of coping, I escape into a book or my work. Eric and I were shopping for groceries, looking for our favorite Trader Joes tidbits when the checker said to an elderly lady on on one of those 100 plus days, "hot enough for ya" and she started trilling like a canary, "it's not that bad, I don't mind it, it's been hotter". Eric turned to me with a smile and remarked "that lady is going to live forever" lesson learned. The weather however is remarkably cool, perfect for everything except complaining :) I've been working on earrings and I have a few more to finish. I'm going to try and get these listed tomorrow since my niece has offered to stop over after work today.

I mentioned the cool, which is due to the coastal influence that brings the fog over here for perfect hiking weather, so I got out early and gossiped with the deer. Look at little Dottie to the left.....awww, don't you want to kiss her on the forehead, I do.

Yes, it looks like fall here, the colors golden and brown, our fall and winter are the  green seasons. I love the quail more than they love me, watch em skitter. My girlfriend met a woman who is a bird linguist, her job is to translate bird calls into the English language. You know in those field guides, so I opened my Audubon Guide to read.... The plain Titmouse has a harsh fussy see-dee-dee or chick-a-dee-dee. This is a fun game, next time you're out listen and translate. I read somewhere that the quail call chicago-chicago.....I never like that description so I listened closely this morning and I heard them calling "where are you, where are you" and one further off called back "where are you" and either one was in Chicago.

I found some good stuff this morning, the lapis bluebird feathers are my favorite.

best-wish-ez-best-wish-ez, Robird