Friday, July 26, 2013

The Butterfly Whisperer

 I went to a public, California native plant garden yesterday to do some research.

I was researching trees with a friend who was looking for something big to plant in her garden, we looked at maples and oaks...

and admired the beautiful wood on the manzanita.

 awwww don't you just love it!

We forgot that the butterfly pavilion was there and open until we saw the sign.

That's where we met her.....

 The butterfly whisperer......

she had them eating right out of her hand........

perching on her fingers.

She just had that certain something.......... a sweetness the seemed to recognize.

This is the most flitty of them all, the California Dog Face butterfly, our State will never rest with it's wings open in order to see the matched dog silhouettes on the inside of each wing.

 so I did my least one is visible, see the silhouette, the black eye? I agree it's an ugly dog.

I can never get over how the monarch chrysalis looks like enameled jewelry, so pretty with it's band of gold not to mention the contents inside the locket.

The fairest of them all, the beautiful buckeye.......there was only one and it wanted to cling to the netting, not the most artistic shot but nice to know these guys and gals only have another week before they are released out into the garden where they'll face fates much more treacherous than a cute girl with a soft voice and flower in her hand.

 Back at the gift shop, we shopped for books and I admired the jewelry display........ see, squirrels are useful for something. I offered to buy the squirrel but settled on a picture. The man selling books tried to remove the jewelry so I could get more of a natur-ie shot. "Heck no I said, leave it on that's the best part. Too bad she isn't wearing earrings."

My girlfriend already knew she wanted more sycamores, we both knew that. Still a good excuse for research, who could pass that up, not me.

Happy weekend all, I hope you have some fun too, love Ro


  1. What a splendid place with the trees, butterflies and useful squirrels...enjoy your weekend Ro! : )

  2. Ohhhhh, that garden looks like magic happens there...and you met some of that magic, in the Butterfly Whisperer....ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

    Awesome photography here, Ro--love the shots of the butterfly feeding from the pink flower...and the first shot of the California Dog Face butterfly shows its resemblance to a rearing stallion. :-)

    and the squirrel!!!!!!!!!!! I laughed and laughed--so glad you noticed that!!!! With the jewelry!!!!!!!

    I'm glad you made this excuse for "research"--I know I learned all kinds of things today from your little jaunt....

    1. HA haa a rearing stallion......too funny, but the temperament may be accurate, it's a buckeroo.

      EEEEE that squirrel was priceless wearing it's little native craft, in it's former life it would have chewed it right up, TOO funny!

      I did "research" again yesterday it involved a lake an an arctic loon, why not it's summer!

      Have a superduper weekend, "studying", naturally :)

  3. Such beautiful photos! I've never seen a monarch chrysalis and didn't realize it looked like that, so pretty. Do you know what plant that is in your first photo? The flowers remind me of fancy party dresses :)

  4. Hi CeCe thank you, oh, then I'm glad you stopped in to take a look, the monarch chrysalis is nothing short of amazing, doesn't it look enameled? I heard it was named the "monarch" because of the gold banded chrysalis. It arrives in a royal coach!

    I wish I could tell you the name of that plant, I really have no idea, it's strange and wonderful and the only one I've ever seen. The Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden has exactly one of them and I always try to remember to visit it when I go. The tag simply says "Baja California".
    The flowers are about 3 inches long with the diameter of a half dollar.

  5. OHHH what a wonderful journey today, thank you Ro! The enameled cocoon so beautiful!

    1. Hi Deb, I hope you're having a good summer!!

      Isn't it something!


  6. oh-my-gosh....that monarch chrysalis! i see it now as inspiration for some gallery darrow jewelry!

  7. I'm looking all over for for native milkweed to plant, I want to lure them over here!