Sunday, July 21, 2013

SummeRing Posse

The weather couldn't be nicer, cool and cloudy with actual rain yesterday. My girlfriend called while it was coming down and we screamed and yahooed the joys of rain while we both stood out in it using our cordless phones. It's been a good weekend visiting friends and working with my studio swung open.

I probably will get these rings to etsy on Tuesday, I'm still waiting to see if my niece can come by tomorrow for modeling then I will need to take all the pictures for the listings but it's summer and I'm taking it slow.

I'm taking time to watch the fish....

 and revel in natures lacework.

 I have no idea what the name of this plant is, I just looked at it's amazing form and thought "what will they think of next :)"

 I like the collections that present themselves in the crevices of boulders.

The thistle getting ready to pop.

The sound of water..

Last night I hand washed a blouse and hung it to dry over the shower head. As it dripped to the tub below it sounded exactly like rain, I need a shower and tub next to my bed....rain starved, always.
There is no better way to sleep then to the tune of rain. 

 California Bay Laurel

 This one let me get close enough to examine it's glitter.


Each saddle is patterned with rhy............rhy smiles!

Happy summer !, love Ro


  1. Just look at that posse of rings, a'comin' through the rye!!!!! One for every day of the week--I bet your studio was a joyous place, with that rain as accompaniment!!

    Love seeing the summer photos--the "lacework," the "collection," your blackberry-stained hands...but most of all, that damselfly, posing so perfectly for you...oh, thank her for me, will you?

    Happy Monday!! Seven lovely ladies will be claiming this posse, I do believe....

    1. a'comin through the rye.....our new Irish summer song Ha haaa!!

      I'm getting there, it takes a lot of doing but I think I have the 40 good pictures it's going to take.

  2. Saddle up, ladies! Now this is a posse to notice ---- whoa! They each have their own personality and I love the romantic delicate bands that they have in common. :))

    I just spent FAR longer than I should have trying to rate them in their desirability.....if someone were to say to me "Pick one, just one, and it may be yours.....!" {sigh} I kept changing my mind!!!

    Very cool combination of photos too....a little bit of everything with the varied colors and textures. As always, jewelry is drop-dead gorgeous and photos are wonderful!

    Rye smiles back! <3

    1. "rate them in their desirability" I know they're all my babies, size will play a role :)

      Don't you know it, all the colors and textures, it makes summer more BEARable !

      Smiling, a rye one :)


  3. Oooh! Love your posse!
    I have spent far longer than I should trying to pick a favorite too :)
    Glad your hot weather broke, ours did too. YAY!

    1. Thank you DJ, after al the time they take I know them all so well :)

      We were lucky to get a bit of rain and clouds, yesterday was a scorcher but it cooled last night, it was tolerable. I'm glad it's cooler where you live.

  4. Oops....I meant rhy smiles (back!)

    1. Hey, aren't there 2 plants: rye and rhy? Just curious..... xoxoxo

  5. Berry stained hands are the best the rings and the pictures. Have a great week Ro! xx

  6. Berry stained tongue is even better! :) I hope you have a good week to Mona.


  7. Your rings look so fantastic lined up together, every stone a view into another world!!! Displayed in your imaginative silverwork!!! And I always enjoy seeing the real world pics too :))) xoxoxo

  8. that posse of rings: such lovelinesses....

    so glad you bring mother nature to us via hike photos.