Monday, July 8, 2013

Sumer Things, Insect Wings

 I took a break it's true, a cyber break, I wasn't felling tip top physically and being omni present on the computer is sometimes not my favorite thing so I shut it down briefly and it felt good. I was able to finally finish the books I had been reading and also to dedicate many uninterrupted hours to simply work which included cleaning my studio from top to bottom, I even scrubbed the floor......when I threw  the water out in the bucket it looked like I had panned for silver. Shiny flakes clung to the bucket walls and sunk to the bottom of the last little water. I rinsed it and threw it out for the lizards to enrich their kingdom :)

I made some glorious hillside hoops celebrating the season, being mostly dry right now.

Dry is beautiful, being all about shape, form and texture I brought these sexy bits into my studio. I don't really know what it is but it caused a horrendous allergy attack and because of it, my eyes started falling out, just then the dogs erupted in the house and I found the mailman on the porch. EEEk I didn't want to look at him, I told him I was not on drugs and explained a little about my work. He became quite intrigued and told me he once taught jewelry making at a mental hospital. Well after what he's seen I invited him in and showed him my work..I must add we have the coolest mailmen ever.

So I continued on my journey  to immortalize the summer in silver....

 Summer is the hardest season for product photography, the sun is too bright, too early, too long. Eric uses a photo booth so we always have one set up. I don't like it, I think it makes my jewelry look sterile and creepy so I always go for natural light. This picture is a fun play on light and shadow, sometimes I can get sidetrack even if it isn't a good representation of the earrings you have to admit it's still a fun foto.

There's always a shot like this, the casual lean-in shot that causes the earrings to almost take on human qualities, hand on hip :)

It's a challenge, albeit a fun one to find the right pose....

 So many choices...summer grasses...

 What's a Greek Fusherwoman to do ?
(Bryces hat)

My girlfriend challenged me to take a picture of a swallow, "nearly impossible" she said to get a shot of those flitty birds, so I aimed the camera at the blue sky and snapped away, this is the best one, the dragons are an added bonus.

I  decided to immortalize those little scissor tailed darters in a ring..

so I did......with an aquamarine sky.

This stone simply got in the mix because it was left over from a piece I created, I already had the setting started so in the sprit of completion, I turned it into a beauty of a ring.

*Hornitos poppy jasper from Kaliforn-I-A (California)
Mmmm I had some bing cherries the other day, same color so delish!

The band includes but is not limited to a wonderful surprise.

So I made a lot of things, but wait you say, what is that little shiner over there on the left? Onmygosh ladies, I SCORED for you! I bribed Eric to go to a bead show with me by telling him I would buy him lunch...poor guy, he's a trooper, I know what a bore and a snore this is for him, good thing Pasadena has the best wood fired pizza on the entire planet with thin sliced apples on top with roasted garlic, HEAVEN...... I digress. So the beads were pretty boring, Hong Kong and India were there. China beads are cheap and so is the quality, beads from India are beautiful and very pricy.....but wait! I found a whole case of ammonites in the back of a Hong Kong bead store just waiting for me. I acted casual I joked with a Pasadena man in blue, told him I would have never pegged him for a jewelry designer, firearm and all. Turns out he IS....well I'll be. Eric had fun talking to him while I quietly haggled over prices. Ammonites are usually way out of my price range but I got a smokin' deal on these which I plan to pass on to you.

I was feeling pretty hagglie so I took my skills over to India before we left..

 I LOVE these fossils, they look like insect wings so I gave it an organic resting place much like the way you'd find an insect wing while you were out hiking or tending your garden.

 same stone shifting weeeee!!!
( I always get excited over my finished work, Greek fiserwomen are known for that btw :)

Why make one when you can just keep going so I worked on these yesterday when I heard a little knock on my studio door around 8 p.m. .....Hey it's Sunday a friend said, you're supposed to be resting and I told him I was.....

Oh la la......purty as a firework don't you think?

 Better I say!

I'm going to meet with my model today and add these to etsy tomorrow.... hope you all had a good weekend, a good 4th.

Thanks for stopping by, lots a love, Ro (Athena)


  1. Oh, Athena, it's like you took a collection from one of my own nature walks and turned it all into jewelry!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL of it--and I would FEEL like Athena with these beauties adorning my ears and fingers!!!

    Best of all, it looks like you had pure FUN making these---resonating with joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy July!

    1. Happy July to you!!

      I was having fun with these, if you can't beat the hot dry summer you might as well join in :)


  2. Hi Ro--

    Ammonites are amazing and I just love them. All of your rings are fantastic -- the big girls and the smaller fiery ones!

    Your earrings would be a treat to wear -- and a beautiful homage to summer. Light and just the right amount of silver. Comfortable and eye-catching :)).

    {BTW, I'll show my age here, but your "Athena" made me think back to "The Who" in the early 80s with their song "Athena." I can just picture my brother playing that album over and over and over.........} (!!)


    1. Don't you just love those tiny, little sparklers!

      Those earrings we a blast to create!

      Ha! thank for the visual, I remember those days boring a deep track in a new LP!!! The Who!!


  3. "...for the lizards to enrich their kingdom." I just LOVE this =)

    ....and your eyes falling out! Aw! Hahaha. (I feel your pain. Whenever I get off the plane in Auckland my eyes start watering and I start sneezing and don't stop until I'm back in the States! The flight home is a bee-otch!)

    Really beautiful danglers, Ro, and such pretty rings. I especially love the bands and settings for your ammonites!

    So glad you took some time off and managed to play catch up. Hope you're feeling a lot better now.

    Have a great week!


    1. It's true, those little reptilian 49ers!

      "Allergic to Auckland', this could be the title of your memoir. It does feel like your eyes are falling out, no fun..

      Thank you, I did catch up now I need to catch up more, such is this life.

      I'm feelin good thank you Ash..xoxo

  4. and here i thought you were lazing about, laying a'bed, reading good books, eating bon-bons, having mister edclay carry hot drinks to your bedside.
    rothena, you are one sneaky silversmith....indeed....

  5. Ha! I'm not such a good languisher now am I even though the bedside service does sound tempting, there's always too much vacuuming to do with all these dogs around here..

    sneaky and hagglie, the sneaky hag :)

  6. Okay, I WISH I could have been a fly or lizard on the wall, while you bargaining for those ammonites--WOW, lady, they're gorgeous, and I need to learn some of those haggling skills!!

    By the way, I appreciate the errant dragonflies and sparkling fireworks photos IMMENSELY.

    1. I could teach you, it's a fine art to not be insulting or pushy while swinging deals :)

      Hee.... I knew you would!!

  7. OOHHHH, AND she'll have fun, fun, fun while awaaaayyyyeeeee!!
    Seriously, when you take a hiatus, you come back with you solder gun ablaz!
    Wonderful selection of busyness on display.
    Those earrings look so comfortable and wow the colors on those ammonites..amazing

  8. You knew I would!.... It's called hang up and drive :)

    ZZZZZZZZiPPPP $#@@!!!

    Thank you Deb, much appreciation!


  9. Amazing work, as always I find myself almost drooling on the keyboard...I SO wish I could sit in the corner of your studio and watch you work. I've got so much to learn, so many questions, and my mind races with all of them when I see your new creations! Those hoops in the first few pics are so GOOD! The natural shape and texture of the silver is amazing...I love the look of it, like you cast some twigs and bent them into hoops! I cant wait til I can claim something for myself...Aloha Ro and happy Summer!