Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Searching for That Groove Thing

I was looking for a groove and I was just not finding one, sometimes work flows as though, through an open spigot, sometimes it just doesn't. I tried this and that but it just wasn't happening so I went out and tore around in the garden and I must add that it was so hot I thought I might pass out, I didn't, I just drank a gallon or two of water instead, the garden looks better. The studio was feeling a little torturous so I stayed out of it and went hiking instead. The bears are out, I stepped over a big pile of fresh scat two days ago and looked for tracks on the trail I was taking but the bear had gone into the brush and I was hoping I wouldn't see it, I didn't.

I love this line "cowgirl up cupcake" a perfect one for me during the dreaded summer months. It's taken from this book one of my dear friends recommended, when your down always read a book about someone that really has it tough so you can recognize what a big whiny wimp you really are! I'm currenty reading this! Oh my gosh what a big baby I am, I should just pull weeds and work in the sun as gratitude for not being born in war torn Chechnya...... 

..but I didn't pull those weeds in the heat, I just moved to a higher elevation because I could. Let freedom ring!!

Nice and cool in the early morning

the stars are ablaze

Blackberry brambles verdant and beautiful...

 the fruit a delight. I ate a million or two then I heard a bear clamber from the acre or so of bushes. I was with my girlfriend and as is our demeanor for walking in the early morning, we were speaking in hushed tones when we suddenly heard the sound of big crunching, so we began speaking loudly, addressing the bear, "hey bear, you've had enough move, along"  We sang silly songs to it. Have you ever been alone in a bears presence and sung really loudly as to not startle it? I have..... The Fool on the Hill is always a good choice :)

* The bear left in a big hurry scattering ripe berries all over the ground, Banjo feasted too.

making more

So much beauty to explore and a good dog to explore it with, this is good.

yucca taking on the first light

Headed down to the stream..

  fallen alders and metamorphic rock

Mint and watercress on a small pond where we sat and watched the trout surface for mosquitos, a flip followed by concentric rings. We decided we should build a small bear proof cabin right here, and catch some trout. I would stuff them with a bay leaf borrowed from a nearby tree, my friend thought that minted trout would be delicious. We could sustain on cattail roots during the winter months and make flat bread from the buckwheat we gathered and stored in the fall.

Girls can dream aloud while watching trout and blue dragons...

but we didn't build a cabin, we just lingered a bit longer and watched the breeze toss the rhygrasses  before we headed back home to our lives....

* sold & sold
where we both cowgirled up to face another summer day...

....with gratitude for friendship and also for the beauty just waiting to be found, even with bears.

Much lug, Ro


  1. beautiful photos...beautiful bracelets...I would not want to have close encounters with bears...I still cannot get over how much nature you have around you...xx

  2. Thank you Mona, I must admit, my heart gets a bit thumpy with bears so close but I still NEED to walk, and sometimes talk too loud to myself :)

    I hope all id good with you!


  3. that fallen alders pic is out of this world!! fantastic beauty!

    1. Thanks V, it really exudes that peaceful feeling..

  4. Whew...thanks for the walk this morning, I needed it. :-) "Cowgirl up, cupcake" INDEED--love the cuffs, Ro!!! LOVE them!!!

    And your current book is one that's on my list, too--glad to hear a review.

    Favorite photos here...
    1. Dragon, of course
    2. Turquoise, of course
    3. (but really #1, because the other two are a given)--Yucca at first light--wow!!!!!!! I want to reach out and touch those blades, those points--WOW!!!!!!

    Hugs to you and Jo and Mary and even the big ol' bear just because he appeared as a such a great character in this story....

    1. Thanks for joining the hike, it was nice, delicious, inspirational, cool and just perfect for a lilly lover!

  5. Does "Cupcake Up Cowboy" work too? (!!)

    Superb photos! We all have our favorites :). I just love the mint and watercress one...I feel cooler just typing those words!! And HOW did you catch that dragon?

    Love the "stars," bramble, the word "verdant," and who else gets close enough to a bear for the bear to scatter berries for their dog????!!!! <3

    Most of all I love the bracelets -- but it's a close tie with the escape of walking along the trail with you.....thank you. Talk about a groove :)......whoa!! Such beauty on every level.


    1. Cupcake up....who's doing the baking? :) :)

      awww yes I know, two cool herbs to be sure, I'm going back, dog free so I can hike up the creek, I need a berry bucket so I can cobbler up!

      Thank you for reading and joining, I'm so hoping you are back on the real trail Very soon!!

      Thank you on the cuffs, those slender grasses are so peaceful and beautiful, I have pressed them in clay before too.

      xooxox * Eric told me I spelled Love or Luv wrong but I told him, Lug was a private joke for blog readers :P

    2. Well, yeah, he needs to hike along this trail more often so he gets the jokes!!

      Songbird, I LIKE that "Cupcake up, Cowboy" sentiment. PERFECT!!!!!


    3. Ha! Thanks, Caroline -- it works for "Cupcake up CowGIRL" too! xoxoxo

    4. HEE hee, I like it when you tawk amongst yourselves, it's like butta!

  6. Gorgeous pictures! The closest I've been to a bear was when one knocked over our "bear proof" garbage cans :)
    LOVE your cuffs and the sentiment!

    1. Thank you DJ .....that's why they call them bearries though garbage would be their fist choice I know.

    2. "Bearries" -- SNORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. oh, what a peacfeul way to start the day, loved the pictures so much. Wonderful cuffs too Ro! If anyone has learned how to. Cowgirl up cupcake it's you.. Hee hee. Xoxo my friend

  8. Hi Deb, Don't you know it, so pretty and cool for a few hours anyway. The perfect way to start a day.

    Every girl does their share of cowgirling up, Cupcake :)I hope you're having funnnn!!!


  9. What awesome territory you have to wander through! Me? Jealous? Never :P

    1. And you experiencing winter, I'm not jealous either..... (YES I am :)

  10. wow....those alders. the rocks. the pond. peaceful restful scenes.

    and those cuffs!! i'm going to have to start the collection for my OTHER wrist!

    SNORTchuckle....i can't wait to say to someoneANYONE...."cowgirl up, cupcake!"

  11. Very nice up there, for sure.

    That's why you have two arms :)

    Those could be fighting words, I just say them to me.....the inner battle!

  12. Oh what a collection of beauties!
    Those bangles are so serene on the outside & spunky inspiration on the inside.
    I could feel the cool elevation just thru the pics...
    Beautifully scary yucca spikes...
    And nice to see 1 similarity in bloom (that I finally don't have to be jealous of) between west coast & northeast… berry brambles... I'm eating them on my way out my front door these days... sans bears in my hood!
    I too believe in gaining perspective on what hard work/bad days *could* be… & hallelujah for choices! :)

  13. Hi Jeanne,

    I'll be thinking of you while I'm doing my best to turn my fingers and tongue black with berry juice, I'm glad you don't have to fret about bears!!!

    You can't force creativity, it just has to flow naturally, luckily it generally does, when it doesn't happen it can be frustrating .....step away..

    1. I just realized that in one of the pics, the yucca turned banjo into a peacock, hee-hee!

  14. That image you captured of the Yucca is BEAUTIFUL! I love getting peeks at your California flora...So beautiful!