Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Linger a Bit

I have always been fond of the morning, it's my favorite time of day, I couldn't sleep in to save my soul, it doesn't matter how little sleep I might get I would feel gypped if I wasn't present for the morning even if it means  just coffee in the garden. The mornings have been wonderfully cool, some with clouds and raindrops. I went with some friends to cloud lake to see a rare, I mean, very rare, Ascitic Loon who some how lost its way and ended up here.

Oh gosh a rainbow cloud, really. One of the woman that I went with is an avid birder who had the skinny on the loon sighting and is also a haiku-ist she recited a poem she wrote about the loon and now thought she needed to write another  to include the rainbow cloud. I suggested she include a unicorn and my little pony. I'm not sure why I always think of rainbows as cornball. I think they have been overused in the wrong way, admittedly it is beautiful and raining way up there.

I know you wanted to see the loon but I always get stuck on the herons and egrets. I admitted to my new birder friend that I was not a real birder, I just love them all (well not that mockingbird making all the noise outside my house) so most of them.

Here it is, a long, LONG way from home, tucked in and sleeping with a light rain coming down. I'm sure I would have overlooked it as another loon or grebe if it was not pointed out, still it was interesting and being with friends who know how to linger was the best part.

Here we are finishing up July 2013, I'm making the best of it since there wont be another in the history of forever and I hope you are too.

Much love, Ro

On jewelry news.. I'm making earrings and quietly adding them to etsy, thank you so much to those of you who have snatched them up, hearted them, making me feel like I count in the ever expanding et sea.


  1. I too love mornings especially since I live in a city...the only private and quiet time that I get...love the scenery you are enjoying...xx

    1. Oh I know you love it, I'm walking the hills while you walk your pride......meeeeow.......xo

  2. How interesting! And nice to have a new birder friend....especially one who appreciates a leisurely outing :). When you say it is far from home, where is this loon usually?

    Really love your first photo too <3!!

    I <3 your new earrings....as you know :)). Marvelous!


    1. Gosh no kidding, she's lovely and a most talented painter along withe her other gifts and interests. I have met her along the trail but not formally, I hope to see her again.

      Isn't that reflection on the water gorgeous! We were at the right spot at the right moment, a bit of luck with that!!

      Oh ha!!! "mahvelous" thank you, I'm glad you had a linger this weekend!!


  3. Loon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How cool is THAT??????

    And your mockingbird statement cracks me UP.

    Found a place to linger myself last weekend...just RIGHT.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos here...that's why we like to linger along THIS trail. :-)

    P.S. I'm with Songbird on the new earrings--enchanting!!

    1. Yes, Caroline! Good call. We do like to linger along ths trail :)!

    2. Quite a sweet and lonely loon so very far away, keeping to itself out on the water.

      Oh man that mocker, I'd throw my shoe at it if I could klunk it, GEEEEEESHHHHH!

      Awww you are so nice, always my pleasure to have you here!, you too Song :)

    3. Okay, NOW I have an image of you poised with shoe in hand, the mocker grinning from his perch as he gets your goat. He probably plans his assault on your ears every day, looks over his playlist and chooses a vocalization just for you.


      What do you think, Songbird??

    4. I REALLY hate that bird, he's been going for the entire month with a frantic 4 songs, one sounds like a car alarm and he does it all night long!

      I get the image of Donald Duck on his last nerve with a musket in his hand/wings shooting the house down in the end. :) HA haaa!

    5. I forgot to tell you C-Line, how glad I was to hear you finally enjoyed a linger!!!!!!

    6. Hahaaaaaa! I think the mocker is making his playlist as I type! Hmmm....a little of this, and then this two times in a row, then #1 again.......

      Ro, can you teach him some Kelly Jo Phelps?


    7. You're right, Songbird...will the mocker rap? Croon? wail? yodel?? I would get tired of the same four songs, too....maybe he needs his own iPod....

      And, Ro, it was a GREAT linger...although not many dragonflies and NO frogs right now...hmmmmmmmm.

    8. A rapper mocker!!! HA!! :))

  4. That first picture is amazing! I was looking at it for the longest time, it looks like a painting.
    I think of rainbows as kind of cheesy too.
    Very cool loon, but I don't blame you for getting stuck with the egrets and herons.

    And your work is special, always stands out in the et sea :)

  5. Okay, Ro and DJ, you two need to see rainbows arching across the prairie after a thunderstorm--no unicorns and pretty little ponies there. :-) Sometimes a double band, intense colors, lightning flashing on the far side, thunder still rumbling, wind blowing icy after the hail, gratitude for no tornado this time.

    Definitely art, no cheese.

    1. Got it defender of the rainbow, I really want to like them, I do :)
      I love the bluster that accompanies them, then I get a little sad because I know the skies are clearing when I see one. The best one ever was in the desert when the sky turned red, I'll never forget that day.

    2. THAT sounds fantastic!

      I know what you mean, though...sometimes I want the wildness of the storm to go on a bit longer....

  6. Hi DJ,
    I know I couldn't stop taking pictures of the clouds reflected, paint that I say!

    As far as rainbows go, I'm always amazed to see one but I can't ever get the leprechaun out of my head. How could they make a wonder of nature turn into that ..... SKITTLES!

    I forgot to say that the loon is from The northernmost coast of Alaska, so it's a long, LONG way from home. The bird experts think that it's molting and therefore it won't try and make it back home until it's finished. I hope it finds it's flock safely.

    Thank you, glub, glub :)

  7. it's so dang hot up here. no wonder the loon left home.

    so glad that there is SOMEone in the world who loves to wake at dawn, feeling gypped if they did not, to bring the wonders of nature to the rest of us.


  8. There is nothing fun about the heat Marie the only good thing I can say about it is basil and tomatoes.

    LOVE, love, lug, the morning especially when cool, cold, chilly.


  9. Ooh great water rainbow cloud shot!
    Yes July is done, a big month in this family!
    Hoping our August is wonderful too.