Monday, July 1, 2013

Breeze Making

 Summer is not shy around here it's more like a bull out of the chute and here it is, toro, toro, el toro! I've been spending more time in the studio lately mainly just to keep cool, to keep my hands busy, my head engaged and try to ignore the weather out there.......BUT......I awoke this morning to a nice cloud cover and was able to take my K9 charges on an extra long galavant..... 

We've been stuck inside so all ears were up, tails wagging, a little prancing took place too.

Some are just a bit more excited than others.

 I listened to a TED talk on true beauty, our perception anyway, the consensus was that the landscape must be green and pastoral, I'm not debating that, I doubt many would describe brown hillsides as truly beautiful but what can you do.

Thank you for the gifts we have received.

One brave chicory :)

Hot face....this made me think of those guitar players and musicians who contort their face while they play like somehow the sound is escaping from their body.......there is a term for this, it's called "hot face"you never see people in orchestras doing hot face btw, even though I have no doubt they have as much passion as say....hmmm...just choose one, there's a million.

It was cloudy but it was not cool, I figured out if you walk fast enough you can create your own breeze, good to know!

have a good week all, stay cool out there.......much love, Ro


  1. Hot or cold, you are surrounded by lovely scenery...Happy July 1st Ro! xx

  2. I love how you caught that bird in mid flight or jump or whatever it's doing :)
    Ahhh, I never knew there was a term for that weird face that musicians make. Ha, it always cracks me up a little.
    Hope it cools down for you. Still raining here, I'm trying to send it over your direction :)

  3. You had me at the single brave chicory! ;)

    (I love brown or green or grey landscapes - there is beauty in everything)

  4. i'll remember that: walking fast to create my own breeze.

    that HOT FACE. makes me think of watching neil young when he sings. sometimes i have to close my eyes and listen because i would laugh at the contorted faces he makes....

    happy hot july....!

  5. Ditto to everything DJ said....! Happy July and much love to you too :))