Sunday, June 16, 2013

Still Making Art

My father-in-law recently had a mini retrospective of his work, how do you choose from an artist that has been creating for so many years and still, to this day at age 91 is still going strong. Paul still journals, works in collage and submits a new cartoon every week to the Claremont paper, something he's been doing since the 50's.

Paul is a former college professor, teaching a long list of subjects including but not limited to, print making, painting, drawing, mixed media and humanities.

Renound ceramic artist Harrison McIntosh and his wife Marguerite

Studying studies

My brother Damien, artist, teacher, fly fishing guide, surfer, all around good guy :)

Friends and family, former colleagues and students were there.

The wall of cartoons was fun to explore...

As artists we all have the same joys and woes!

I could not help thinking about Archie Bunker, the Meathead days....

the Calder days too.

The man of the hour, with former, adoring students.

A toast to you Paul Darrow, Happy Fathers Day, Love, Us


  1. How lovely, Ro :)). A special toast to remarkable Mr. Darrow on this Father's Day! And congratulations to all on what had to have been a very special event.

    Happy Father's Day to his talented son too!

    <3 <3 <3

  2. I agree with Songbird.
    You have a very special Father in Law. He's so talented and it's wonderful that he is still working at his art.

    Cheers to the Darrow Dads for a belated Happy Father's Day!

  3. Thank you for reading my tribute, I hope you had a splendid day the the important me in your lives.


  4. as much as i wish i was young and tight, i'd never trade away all the wisdom i have gained with the years having passed me by.
    when i look at mister darrow and his work, i think "truly, truly....with age comes grace and wisdom...."


  5. ah super tribute to your FIL.
    I really love the studys, following the studys, lookin at the studys, while you take pictures of the studiers.
    hee hee...this is a memory I remember well.
    I think I say the cartoon of the one of the bigeted father...hahahhah...good one.
    Humor keeps us young.