Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Something Borrowed, Something Turquoise

Good day dear doves, I've had a good time this week keeping my hands busy while my mind wanders around, let me show you what I've made...
I bought a boat load of fine amethyst, I've always loved the stone especially since it is my birthstone, I have a prong set, amethyst heart ring my husband gave me many years ago that I wore out, literally, I wore the prongs nearly off, I need to get it back out and bezel set the stone so I can wear it again. I remember the day he bought it for me, we were doing a craft show in Tempe Arizona, it was a hot and miserable show, two days, standing in the street but there was a jeweler there named Merlin :) and I really wanted that ring and I wanted to be a jeweler too, especially while packing and unpacking a volkswagen bus full of heavy pottery. The potters always despised the jewelers trotting away with a small suitcase cotaining their entire inventory.

I created the morning dove, perched on a juicy amethyst with a few aquamarine dew drops, to keep things nice and cool.

A capped, faceted, amethyst peaks out near the clasp an amethyst brio on the extender...the chain as it is now is adjustable from 18 to 20 inches, it can be shortened per your request if it's too long.



*sold  " Lupine" Lots of lovely texturing and details went into the construction in this piece, I adore the shape of the stone.

I thought I'd marry the amethyst with a few gorgeous turquoise blossoms. The chain can be adjusted from18 to 21 inches, it can be shortened also, it's easier to to shorten then lengthen so I gave them generous chains. 

Muy bonita senorita!


*sold "Lupina"
If the bigger ones are lupine, well then the smaller ones should be lupina, I'm taking poetic license on this one, I like to construct my own words, why not.

I sewed the blossoms on, using silver thread....something turquoise, something new.

 Tiny I say.........they will always be Lupina to me....also on loan.

*sold "Along the Trail"

 Last but not least.... I just had to do it, oh sisters. sawing those delicate legs takes a lot of careful concentration, but it was oh so worth it. Look at the two doe's peaking around the snag, it looks like a lightning struck ponderosa. I have come across these scenes thousands of times.

size 9.25

 The band is one inch in the front.


LOVE..... borrowed

I showed the bands on these two rings on the post before, all the jewelry on that post has been claimed but I thought you may have been curious to see how the stones looked, I didn't want to keep you in suspense,  suspended. I've had studio shoppers this week.

Let me know if I can answer any of your questions, I'll be computerside this morning then off to cut my girlfriends parents hair, I feel like McGiver...Ro of all trades..

Happy day all, thanks for stopping by, Love, Ro


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Ro, each and every one. Oh, those turquoise blossoms and luscious amethyst *wow*...and those rings *bellissimo*


    1. Thank you Ash, I've been having fun with amethyst as of late, I was lucky to score such gorgeous stones.


  2. Wow, look at you!!!!! Look at these!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'll get married all over again, and ask to be on your list for custom work! :-))))))

    Seriously, thanks for sharing your art and the inspiration behind it--lupine and amethyst, OF COURSE!!! And the "marriage" to turquoise--YES!!!!!!!!!!!! This work today just dances, Ro--wow!!

    (And just how DO you achieve those perfect silver poses from the deer?)

    Now, with the dove and meadowlarks and hawks all immortalized in silver, what does poor Chester think?? Or he just happy with peanuts? :-)

    1. Ame and turquoise are two happy colors together..

      Sure just let me know when you feel like renewing your vows, I'll be glad to help you out! ;)

      Very careful sawing and filing, the deer are responsible for the poses.

      Chester has a big enough ego, yesterday I removed a furry carpenter bee who had become trapped in my studio, banging against the window. I coaxed it to climb on a Cogito cd and took it outside where I was watching it clean a spiderweb it had incurred from it's feet and fur, carefully rolling it into a small ball of web yarn when suddenly, in a half a blink of an eye Chester swooped by grabbed and ate it, wow weeeee!

  3. Gorgeous work! and such lovely pictures. Your blog is such a joy to read.
    I like the words you construct yourself. Justin is very find of doing that too :)

    1. Gracias DJ, thank you for reading and commenting. A toast to Justin, why not, they're fun to make :P

  4. amazing.
    the nature shots.
    the intricate silversmithing.
    all very wonderful....

    1. Thank you Marie for your words of support, it means a lot

  5. Lovely!!!! Everything is so beautiful... Adela

  6. Thanks a million Adela, it's always good to see you here!

  7. Oooooooh la la! You are a talented "justice of the peace" .....marrying those colors!

    Each piece is just so lovely, Ro. What I think I like best about them, is that you have your own style. I think who ever bought the lovely Lupina earrings should treat themself to the necklace -- just like in the photo. They look amazing together :)). Very cool look.

    And your talent in sawing those legs!!!! Wow. Concentration indeed. And exquisite stones indeed. (Another trademark of yours!)

    Am predicting the remaining work of art will be scooped up soon by a "bird girl" along the trail!!!

  8. I love your work, Ro...Everything is always gone by the time I see it...(almost everything)Have to keep a look every day then...

  9. I LOVE the deer on the bands, and oh how you are making treasures of these latest batch of stones.
    always in awe and in love with you work of passion!