Monday, June 24, 2013

Let's Talk Design

The mornings here are still remaining cool, last night we experienced a tad bit of rain. I thought I heard it while I slept but maybe I just felt it since I've given to sleeping with ear plugs now that we have a mockingbird planted, whistling and chirping the night away just outside our bedroom window.
I went up to see the deer and I was wondering if size was an issue in the deer community. (smirk)

We have a visiting dog and I shouldn't admit this to you but I just felt like escaping this morning so I went on a dog free hike. I was reminded of the Anne Tyler  book where the mother is sitting on the beach with her arguing children and she heads back to their rented, vacation home to make snacks but boards a bus instead and starts a new life. I forget the title but the concept was probably every mothers fantasy at times.

 I shouldn't admit to how good it felt tromping though all the dry stickers and not worrying about Banjo's feet or having to brush weeds out of her/their fur once back home.

I liked the way spiders zizzed on zip lines during the night hours from one cactus heart to the next.

  One of my favorite hikes has new warning signs all over but I pretended not to see any of them and wondered what kind of lame excuse I could make up if I were caught. I tried to dream up a strange new dialect, so I could speak gibberish then make hand gestures and shrug my shoulders like I just didn't understand. I saw no one.

 I could tell you how happy I am to still have pansies this time of year, not even burnt up yet..CARPE DIEM!

I carted a few relics home this morning but what I really wanted to talk about is design....product design.

I'm sure we are all on the same page with this one, as vacuum cleaners go, this is a pretty good one, it does the job but the only thing that has changed since the electrolux days is they've added wheels instead if skis. I despise dragging around the reluctant R2D2 behind me and trying to keep it from crashing into everything. The upright is a worse solution, trying to fit it beneath beds and furniture. Give me a backpack version with an extra long cord and I'll be happy.

 Til then it makes an excellent dog training tool, trying to get them to pose by it was a lost cause, I could't get Teo near it, turn it on, drag it around and watch them scatter, they get so nervous they shed more and the beat goes on....

Sending love out your way, Ro


  1. funny thing is, all your zip-lining from one thought and photo to another makes sense to me. and i DO appreciate wanting to hop the bus for awhile....

    teo! favourite coyote dog. welcome to the compound. again.

    1. Ah well I tried a little zip lining in my studio today, I made three pair of earrings then realized I had no zip at all so I shut the door and watched Anna Kareninna, that was my bus ride.

      I needed a day off so I took one.

      Yup Teo is here behaving like he never left.

  2. Ha! Those deer!

    It's nice to get away on your own sometimes. Nobody can fault you for that :)

    Ahh, the much hated vacuum. I have to shut Bingo in the other room whenever I vacuum. He bites and yips at it. I take it as a sign that I shouldn't do it that often ;)
    I would totally buy your backpack version though.

    1. HAA haa those deer made me laugh too, the one with the tallest hat was weirdly walking toward me, it kept getting closer so I moved off.

      I have one word to say F R E E D O M :)

      Bingo is a killer, my dogs turn tail and disappear. I'm thinking if they cam make leaf blowers like that what's the big deal!

  3. It's great to get away by yourself sometimes, even if only for a couple of hours. You're fortunate to have such great places to do so! I have one of those backpack vacuums and it's a great way to avoid all those damaged corners and skirting boards etc!

  4. The car is always a nice refuge, like a little personal capsule, a good place to decompress, when I owned my brick and mortar, sometimes I took a time out there.

    Oh man, I'm jealous Emma, I just looked it up and Hammecer Schlemmer has them or Hammicker Slammicker as I call them. I hope Miele makes one, I'm stuck with the one I have but I'm never buying one that doesn't function as a backpack again.