Monday, June 3, 2013


Some of you that follow will remember the hawk chicklet. I posted this picture but two weeks ago.

I went up to take a look this morning and in two weeks time, the hawk has now fledged. See it up there at the top of the tree above the nest.

We had a nice steely cloud cover this morning but it was rather dark for photography.

Wow weeee.

It flew up to this structure to convene with family.....I had to walk.


Tearing at something yummy....

Breakfast for all. I wish you could have heard them scream an call it's really invigorating, hawking is  exciting this time of year.

So much can happen it two weeks time, it kinda makes me feel like a slacker :)

BTW Bird Girls, I hope you're keeping an eye in the heron chicks, what a treat!

Happy week! CHEEP, CHEEP, Ro


  1. Wowweeeeee, indeed!!!!!!

    And do you suppose the engineers behind the transmission grid EVER thought their structures would become jungle gyms for raptors???? Or dining room tables for a hawk family? Too funny!!!

    Happy week--you bet!! And count me in on the heron chicks--they're awesome!!

  2. Oh boy!

    Even bird babies grow up too fast....The parents will be there with an empty nest soon.

    "Birditecture", perfect for getting photos.
    Looks like a busy family.....Dining with a view.

    Ro, you are NOT a slacker. : )

    Chirp chirp...xo

  3. Yup, NOT a slacker! :-P

    Wowza....that is amazing...the amount of growth in such a short time. Fantastic photo too with the full wing span!!

    Thanks for the update :))


  4. And I'm with Cinder and Songbird on this, Ro--you are SO not a slacker.

  5. Holy cow, Ro, if you're a slacker, I don't know what that makes me! Hehee :)
    Awesome pictures, I can't believe that fuzzy little chick is so big now!

  6. you ain't a slacker by any means....

    so glad you visited the hawks and shared the photos!

  7. It's remarkable how fast that baby grew, I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

    Thank you for the boost on my work ethic, I appreciate that, the fact of the matter is, I don't think I've ever been as busy as I am this month. I'm trying to keep calm and carry on as they say :)

    xoxoox sweet bird girls

  8. Hello bird girl!! Raptors are so interesting. And THANKS for the heron cam link!! I didn't know about it. Wow!! xoxo