Monday, June 17, 2013

Adventures in Jewelry

I finally found time to work on some new ideas, often when I'm working on custom or repeat pieces (I've decided this is a Zen act, practice, practice grasshopper and one day you may be satisfied) I also think this self criticism that always surfaces in the back of my head keeps me striving to be better but anyway, enough about me.), what I was getting at before I was interrupted with my inner dialogue was that while I'm working on something my mind often jumps to something else. A spark, like wondering if I try this, what will happen.

 I try and develop my own ideas, try and keep my work fresh. These will be coming a little later in the week since I'm still out in my mess playing around, I have several new things half finished....the ol, put together tear apart oh, YES I could do THIS! :)

I always want a little string of pretty and delicate beads to wear in the summer, maybe you do too, I purposely tried to make each shade unique onto itself, for a bit of garden goodness.

Speaking of gardens.....

Yesterday while I was filing away the hours out in my little Tumbleweed, I heard quite a ruckus taking place just outside my open door, when I went out to see what the heck was going on a red tail crashed out of the sycamore and took off. A few minutes later something winged by my door that was so large, even with my back turned it was palpable. A few feet away on the house I spotted my hero, I know I should maybe be sad for that squirrel but I have all but given up growing vegetables because or them, it's just not fair. So I looked at him and did that thing you do when you grab the air and make a fist, pull down and I screamed YES!!!!
Dear Hawk, PLEASE come again and tell your friends... :)

Marty Pants, shivered in the house , surfing on the back of the sofa.

Happy week all, much love Ro


  1. Oh my GOSH, I totally relate--except with me, it's bunnies, too!!!!!! HAWK--do you travel?? I'll pay mileage--or, do you have a cousin here on the prairie you can refer to me??????? Just aim for the lilies in the yard, and you'll come up with dinner, I promise!!!!

    The image of you fist-pumping and cheering the hawk cracks me UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!

    You sound like you're having fun with your rings and your creative, wandering mind...looking forward to the final results! AND that garden strung on silver is just RIGHT--those flower never need water. :-) Blossoms for the mind, body and spirit!!

    Happy Monday--and hooray for hungry hawks!!

    1. Oh boy it was pretty exciting, the ground squirrel population is off the charts but the hawk is always out back surveying in the deodar cedar, look out!

      I am having fun, I worked all day yesterday and on to the evening, good thing hubs keeps me supplied with green smoothies.

      Happy days to you!!

  2. Oh those ground squirrels are awful. They're too fast for Bingo to catch and he gets obsessed with them. We need some hawks over here too!
    We have groundhogs too but Bingo is quite successful with them. It used to bother me when he caught them but last year one of them ate all my escarole right before I was going to pick now I say serves them right, circle of life and all that ;)
    Love your new work, that ring on the left is very intriguing! And the silver daisy chain is so pretty too.

    1. Anyone who tries to grow food will feel the same about ground squirrels, my dogs are obsessed too. Everybody could use the handy air force patrol. We don't have ground hogs, just bunnies and gophers, Id like to have an entire cage to garden in.

      I had a studio visitor yesterday who all but cleaned me out so I worked an extra long day to make some rad new things :)

  3. Awwwwww. I want a Mart silhouette, too!

    (I'll pass on the squirrel stew, though.)


  4. He wasn't feeling brave with that hawk in the garden, he's a little guy.

    Have you seen The Little Guy on Portlandia..TOO funny!


  5. Hi Ro,

    Sorry about the squirrel population in your Tumbleweed :((. I loved your description of grabbing the air with your "Yessssss....." !

    Am experiencing "jewelry envy" with your guest who cleaned you out. Just saying. :-) !!

    {I'm sure there are others on the trail who can relate!}

    Glad your hubs keeps you supplied with green smoothies -- happy smithing!

  6. Those squirrels are out of control and I really did that gesture as I was running for my camera :P

    She ran off with two major pieces but there's more where where those came from, beauty will be here tomorrow, what a mess she shopped in, I usually try and do a little straightening but I've been VERY busy!

    Eric is so good to me, just sticks his arm in the cage........sometimes even a latte :)

    xooox to you, Honey Bunch

  7. How about some bluish or something greenish stones?? hint hint...thx

  8. lol, the great hunter has saved another wonder in your garden. Yay for the Hawk. Maybe he will gift you with a red tail feather.
    Love the new style of saddles. LOVE my Amethyst ring, but most of all i miss you.
    Den is loving jogging in the fresh air, and colorful scenery. He talks with deer early in the am, like you do!