Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Smattering in the Jalopy

We are experiencing early morning fog, known by the locals as June gloom, June Joy is more like it, I am in no rush for the summer heat.

I must say, this blog is an old rust bucket, a jalopy with one squeaky wheel and a busted out window. The feed hasn't worked for months, I tried to fix it through Google, they were very Johnny on the spot in the beginning, then the girl told me she didn't understand feeds and wouldn't answer my mail any longer, so I'm just here rattling down the way. I should start a new blog, one that works better but to spend a day doing that, UGH, I can't face it. I thought I might open a facebook account, I actually did, then I looked around and shied away. I suck at social networking and when it comes to it, I'd rather take a walk instead. So I thank you for being here with me clunking down the road with me even if the right brake light doesn't work and the wiper blades just smear.

The yucca are blooming, such an amazing torch!

I spotted a rare Western Tananger the other day as I walked up and out of the fog.

The toyon are blooming

Early morning dust moats

 This looks like a studio shot but it's actually the adobe soil in the background.
*Mariposa Lily

I love the spurs on the Jimson weed, huge like a tea saucer.

buckwheat pollinator


patriotic pup

coyote pup pledges allegiance in front of someone's hacienda

I had a studio visitor yesterday, the little sprite came in and couldn't figure out how to get out.....

I went outside and tapped on the glass and watched him zoom out the door.

I added a follow by email widget if you care to do so that way.

Thank you all for riding along, I don't mind a little rust and with the window missing it makes it easier to hear the birds.

Much love, Ro


  1. A coyote pup pledging allegiance--heeheeeheeeeeeeeee!!!! Perfect, Ro!!!!

    Remind me that when I go to CA someday, I want to go when the mariposa lilies are in bloom--those flowers just grab me!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for all the blossoms today--looks beautiful in your June Joy days--all that color, birds and blooms alike!!

    P.S. Your jalopy blog is just fine by me--I don't have any trouble following...must be just my speed.

  2. Dear Ro, your blog is caress the soul, beautiful photos, nice poems:-) I love:-)) Thank you Adela

  3. And i'm waving from Prague. Finally shining sun:-) Adela

  4. Bumps in the road? We don't even feel them! Ro, I wouldn't change a thing .....from the view here!!

    You've got it all....birds, blooms, wildlife, AND you turn morning dust into magic dust. And where else can one see a patriotic pup!!! Not to mention, I could look at that Mariposa Lily forever. Wow!

    Sending much love your way these June days! xxxooo

  5. i hear ya' on the interwebular difficulties, so i limp along 'til such time i have THE time to create my very own space on the internet. i've been avoiding almost all cyberspace communication, except to stop in and visit on friends' blogs. i read incoming electronic mail but only for the purpose of collecting my thoughts to write with real pen on real paper, one of my weekend delights. i do love to write and see my own penmanship, of which the nuns were not too impressed.

    gosh. you have some great gifts from the universe: that fog. those flowers. the two-headed ungulates. birds and bees and butterflies. life is sweet, ain't it, ro??!

  6. the perfect analogy between the jalopy and blog !
    love the post, thanks <3

  7. And yet, when my own life is foggy, visiting you along the trail always brings sunshine! =)