Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Day in the Life

 A confided in a friend yesterday that I get a little worried when I don't feel like working, I'm worried that the desire wont come back but it always does. My goal yesterday was to make all the settings for projects I need to do so I intended to make 9 settings. It went so well, I just kept working and made the bracelet band but when it came to soldering the first setting to the bracelet, things took a sudden turn for the worse, the setting wasn't exactly lined up, it was just slightly off, probably no one could tell but it bugged me so I heated it all up again and tried to slide it but it wouldn't budge, so then I tried unsoldering but it would NOT come off. It finally came off in pieces, so I needed to build another setting and solder it on correctly. The sun was sinking but I know I would not want to face THAT in the morning so I stuck with it.....okay I may have screamed once, I probably, most certainly I did, kind of a ARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH! I thought Eric might come out and see if I was being stabbed. He did not, in fact when I finally made it inside the house he was gone with the truck and it was time for me to go wash them doggies. I was so amped I'm positive I could have lifted a car off of someone just then but I was forced to wait.

Teo ( the dog we are boarding) does not like the dog wash but he smelled like a goat, sorry buddy, we all have to do things we don't like, I'm a tough love pet owner. If they don't accept something they need to do, I just do it more til they give up, I don't give up, I'm big on the follow through.

* Teo put himself in a cage and begun panting, he's stressed.

He is remarkably accepting to the nail trim, something a lot of dogs don't like, Marty would fall into the dislike dogagory.

 Much better, the tap dancing alleviated.
*older dogs with ridiculously long nails can suffer foot and leg problems, being forced to walk in an unnatural position, think high heels only in the front of your foot. I have seen long haired breeds with unchecked nails circling around and growing back into the pads.

That was the good part, the rest is an uphill battle. Tiny T as we so lovingly call him, will bite me, or I should say, he would like to bite me, or I should say, he, gets scared and forgets he needs to respect me, in any case, he wears a sporty, comfort muzzle.

Before you get your dog wet he should be thoroughly combed or raked or dematted or deshedded or shaved. This is the part most people get wrong, mostly because it isn't fun working on a dirty dog, stirring up the dander, but you may not be able to get it all out once the dog is bathed, so this is how it's done.

Then the suds..

Your turn Jo..... Banjovi wags, she's used to it...

  He heee!

The dogs are dried with a high speed dryer which not only blows the water off but it blows all the shedding hair out too, pass the particle mask.....
* Teo hated this too and wore his comfort muzzle, he went for me like a shark several times, I kept my cool and just stuck with it, if I get riled, he gets more riled. Dog training is all about energy, keep your cool, you can strike out too but it needs to be in an appropriate way at the appropriate time, without anger, a lot like child rearing. I would rate Teo as unstable, this does not mean I don't like him, he is respectful and trained to the rules of our house and he is never around children, kids come first!

  I have the wrong lens to show this to you, the machine is extremely loud...

  But most dogs can get used to it.

Banjo has had this treatment since day one, literally. Grooming is a good way to gage a dogs temperament and tolerance. The day I adopted her was the fist day I groomed her, she got a passing grade.

 This little guy could practically groom  himself, too bad he can't, he is excellent, a champion, I have to keep my hand on him to keep him from blowing away when I dry him, still he really likes it, he always races in the door.

  Now for the final insult, show everybody how fluffy and pretty you all are...

Wait that wasn't quite insulting enough!

Quitting time yesterday, 9 pm

All in a day, all in a big long day!

Love Ro, Jo, Teo and Mart


  1. LOVE these dogs--thanks for the inside look at the star treatment they get!

    Jo--you rock the glasses!

    Ro...I never, never doubt your artistic desire and motivation...even God took a break, you know. In fact, six days on, one day off...there's a lesson there....

    Okay, the "Charlie" piece is intriguing...and I see a small herd of deer...oh, good things are coming!!

    Treat yourself to something today before you roll up your sleeves and wade back are a wonder!!

    1. I love them too, SO much, after Teo and I battled and I got them all finished they were all so happy and proud, we all left wagging our tails behind us. You should see them show off when I bring them home, they prance around and drag out all their toys :)

      Charlie is a pet memorial piece, I'm making for a lovely lady, I have designed a wonderful way to honor our beloved pets.

      I treated myself by donating my morning to a friend in need, it was very sweet.

  2. I can not get the image of Marty flying across the room caught in the wind from the blower :) That will keep me smiling all day!

    Hank has always been pretty good about baths. When he was younger (before arthritis) he would jump into the tub with just a word, and hop out when we were done.

    Those little tiny deer are adorable! Where will they be bedding down? And the real question: Did you ever find a car to lift off someone ? :)

    1. It's really true Carlene, like a wind tunnel for those people on the news, high velocity :)

      I had a little dog like Hank that did the same thing, she was a remarkable jumper since the tub is elevated at the dog shoppe, I would tell her to get in and she'd pop right in. Hank sounds like a good, good boy, so compliant.

      HAA ha, no, the people were car free, at least the ones I came across, I could have helped them if they needed me though.
      rings, deer, rings, they take forever but they are superfantastic!

  3. Bahahaha! You just made my day!!

    It's hard sometimes, isn't it, trusting that ebb and flow of creative energy. I just keep reminding myself that the moon always rises and the tide always comes in!

    Looking forward to seeing your latest treasures. Am glad you were able to salvage the cuff!


    1. he hee, goofy here :)

      Sometimes even a SUPER moon, so true.

      The cuff is nearly finished, it's gonna be a beauty, a wild beauty!


  4. i got several good chuckles out of this post, especially the cropped shot of banjo and her smile....and the last shot, jo posing as ro.

    i hear ya' on things not working out. it's best to lay it all down and go do something else. and i DO scream the ARRGGHHHHH scream, occasionally, and that's a sign for the rest of the pencilfox family to give me space. or for me to TAKE space.

    the wonderful thing is, ro, that we give you space, and then you come back to the studio, all the better for it....!


    1. That look on Jo's face makes me smile too, HAA haaa!!

      Just the frustration growl, it's good for ya to get a primal scream out from time to time, I know I felt better :)

  5. Amazing, from start to finish, amazing!

    1. The think I like most about dogs is they are all about the moment, Teo recovered as soon as it was all over, see the last pictures.

  6. Sure did enjoy this post!! But you must have been tired out by the end of an epic day & soaked too :)) Beautiful doggies & Jo looks even smarter than usual in glasses :))) xoxoxo

    1. Hi Priscilla, yes to both, Teo took his revenge by shaking me wet but I wear an apron.

      Awww Jo, she does look smarter, she is a good sport!


  7. Holy cow that was a busy day! Your works-in-progress look intriguing! All those little deer :) sorry the cuff was so frustrating, must feel good to get that part finished.
    Love your Teo pics :) Bingo's the opposite, doesn't mind the bath but HATES the nail trimming.
    Had to chuckle at the pic of Mart all wet too, really makes his eyeballs stand out hehe!

  8. Tuesdays are especially busy but the treat is having the dogs all clean.

    The cuff, she's a little buckaroo, nearly finished, she's goona be a beaut!

    Is Bingo roughly the same size as Teo, I couldn't tell by the pictures.

    Yes the Mart looks like a wet rabbit, kind of pitiful.

    Most dogs dislike one thing or another, when I owned my shop we kept the same dogs with the same groomers so they could learn about each other, the likes and dislikes.

  9. The puppy faces are so freakin' cute!!!!!! Why is it that they are even more adorable when they're all together?

  10. Cuz we want more, we want more, we always want MORE! :)

    They are so cute, happy summer Sierra! xooxox

  11. Hi sweet Ro,

    I am late to write in, but you can bet I'm always along the trail! Having had a dog that DESPISED having his nails cut, I could almost hear Teo in the first photo with that "stress panting."

    Funny story - years ago I actually designed a contraption to immobilize one of our Bichons (~ 22 lbs.) so I could cut his nails. I swear he would turn inside out and have super powers when I muzzled him to cut his nails.

    Anyway, this fantastic, VERY involved idea included wrapping him in a piece of fabric with holes for his legs. It closed over his back with velcro. It had a wooden support--carefully shaped, being a male -- for his abdomen which was covered with a piece of foam. Why support? Because my idea was to suspend him from the wooden beams in the CEILING of our living room (I know, laugh it up)....

    So, of course it involved huge chains attached to the front and back of this contraption to hold him. Wait, there's more! In testing it, he would see me coming with the nail clippers -- after all he was now suspended in the air so I could sit on the floor and all would be at eye level! (Can you imagine?) To make it so he couldn't see what I was about to do, I made a huge foam cone-shaped collar for him.

    Okay - here's the *really* funny part. I was testing it out with all of the above on this poor pup one Sat. morning. Sean, our son in college, surprised us by walking in the door. The look on his face was priceless. All he said was "So THIS is what you do when I'm not home?" We laughed so hard!!

    After all that work, it was much quicker to wrap this poor dog (!) in a towel and secure it like a little straight jacket! I still have that rig for a good laugh and it looks like a piece of torturing equipment from the dark ages. lol

    Your post was so fun with wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Oh my gosh Lisa, TOO FUNNY, poor Sean thought you went bonkers or the Shades of Gray thing! I think they actually make a suspension device for grooming but the swaddle works good. I swaddle Mart and clean his teeth, Jo just lays on her side, nothing much riles her.

    "The Rig" ha haaaa! a bit of craft and a bit of engineering!!


    * who ever said necessity was the mother of invention hit it like an arrow on a bulls-eye!