Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Fish Fry

  I hope you had a good three days off. I know some of you are indispensable at your chosen occupations and the cogs couldn't turn without your presence, hats off you, the troopers. One of my girlfriends is a grammar school, science teacher and over the past several weeks she has been chained to her classroom because she is raising trout with the kiddos. I asked if I could accompany her this weekend, oh my what an impressive campus, this is her room!

The grounds are beautiful and including this oddity! Have you ever seen such a tree?

 I just looked it up, the fruit is edible, now I need to go back and try some, I have to say they looked delicious but I was afraid to sample one....remember Eve?

This is the fry we had come to feed, they were so cute and individual...

each one seemed to be dressed in a slightly different outfit. The project is manned by a local fly fishing group, the fish will be ceremoniously released next week, the aquarium includes a refrigeration unit.

Meet Tia, a turtle that was inherited with the classroom. Classroom pets are generally donated by families tired of taking care (or not) of their exotic purchases. This was the saddest case of neglect ever, poor Tia, thought to be a tortoise was given only lettuce which she could not eat, left in a barren aquarium to die. She was on her last leg when Mary took her to the vet and home last summer.

 Tia is a meat eater who NEEDS water in order to.... shall we say eliminate. It's hard to believe in this age, someone couldn't take the time to identify what kind of amphibian she was or what she required.

so cute...

and personable.....(are you my mother?) She has rebounded and is getting the proper care now.

* I have to say, I fell head over heels over Tia and I asked my girlfriend if she left her position if she had planned to smuggle Tia out....OH YES she said without hesitation..

Then there are snakes, I say no thank you to snakes, I like native snakes in native places, the end....well all reptiles for that matter. I never feel good seeing a bird in a cage, an  animal in an aquarium, a dog in a kennel etc....

* when my son was little I would let him observe a lizard for one day because it would miss it's family and friends too much after that :)

EEek look at the length of that guy..they laminated his old pj's !

Friends with orreys!! Take it down, plug it in, turn off the lights!

* I didn't know she had one, but of course she would.

I was invited to my friends, Tom and Adrienne's home for a bit of prospecting..LUCKY me!

I decided to choose a direction with my work....hmmm what to make? I decided to make some blazing saddles, that was my intention, but I have a twelve track mind so I'm still getting there after completing two completely different pendants... I can never stay on the wagon especially with a pocket full of new rocks.

I hope your days are good...Much love, Ro


  1. Oh, Tia!!!!! Oh my GOSH--she has personality to share and spare!! WOW!!! If she ever needs a home on the prairie, let me know!! (And if Mary needs an assistant out there, let ME know--I'll come and move in!!!)

    Your field trips both look just wonderful--wonder-filled!! Yep, you filled your pockets UP. And how do you ever choose WHICH rocks to rattle around in there? They're like puppies, each irresistible in its own way....

    Looking forward to seeing what's new...and TIA!! You're my heroine today!!!

    1. Doesn't she knock your socks off! She's welcome here anytime she needs mealworms, hand fed of course. I want to make her a silver crown with a little chin strap but I would have to figure out how to make it collapsible when she wanted to go inside.

      Oh man, those rocks, talk about irresistible !!

  2. Oh wow! What a cool classroom! CUTE turtle, I've always had a soft spot for turtles. That's some snake too. Eek. I've never had a soft spot for snakes haha :)
    Very intriguing tree! I've never seen anything like it.
    Nifty rocks too, especially that first one. Can't wait to see what you make :)

    1. I love turtles and tortoise too, snakes.....I' m with you on that one.

      I'm really banging around, I should be singing..I've been working on the railroad...

  3. i really love it when a teacher brings nature into the classroom. that adorable turtle Tia....what a cutie. glad she was rescued from starvation!
    lovin the new cabs!

    1. Why not, we are nature after all, least we forget...

      Oh my gosh, to be adored by a small turtle, SO, SO CUTE!!

      I found some purty rocks :)

  4. Oh, my gosh! Tia is too much! I just love a gal who is grounded -- check out Tia's body language with her front legs while she's zeroing in on that food! And in the last photo she looks like "And yes? What do YOU have to say for yourself?" !

    Fun meeting Mary too.....I like her already. She pretty much had me at saving Tia, but how awesome is that to rescue her, in addition to raising trout, laminating saved snake skins, and having an ORREY in her room!

    I did the same with my kids, Ro. We caught little creatures and returned them after getting to know them for the day :)).

    Lucky you to go prospecting <3. I love imagining what else is in your pocketfull. I love what you are showing us so far. And I'm glad you have a 12-track mind, although blazing saddles do sound intriguing. AND I'm glad that you can "never stay on the wagon" !!!

    Here's to a new week & nifty rocks (to quote DJ!)

    1. Isn't she something special Lisa! She follows Mary around, my heart melted......I can bond pretty fast to stuff like that.

      AND she is my bird watching, plant identifying compadre, we have a lot in common only she has the orrey :)

      But of course you would Lisa...respectful learning!

      Prospecting IS FUN.love the stones with the lapping flames.

      OOOO and a special O xo

  5. the fish! and the turtle! what a wonderfully inspiring teacher your friend is!

    and beautiful stones....especially that two-tone....jasper, is it?....

  6. Her enthusiasm shows, a very special place indeed with a stream bed right outside the door.

    The two tone is Owyhee jasper... a sweet little cut.

  7. We have A LOT of Jaboticaba in Brazil..it is delicious! Oh!..you can eat all them..it is a true delight! I miss it living in the US. :(
    Best, deb