Tuesday, May 7, 2013


 It's been so lovely the past few days, we are experiencing rain after such a long dry spell the grasses in the hills have all turned brown and keeled over.

The thistles are still green and blooming. You probably already know they are in the same family as the artichoke but does anyone know if the interior of the bud is edible? I tried to pick one to bring home but this plant is a beast and wouldn't let go. Maybe if they were delicious we would like them better.  :)

 Oh and it started to rain and it felt so good I watched it collect on huge leaves of the castor bean....
invasive, exotic grown for the oil, responsible for sarin gas.

*True, and I looked up the spelling for Sarin so if my computer is confiscated, I will be on a list. I'm still watching Fringe now I'm paranoid.......Ha!

I watched the water run down the tributaries of the leaves and start to fill the small crater lake. When you are rain starved you enjoy looking at it......."hello friend, why don't you visit more often?

I do want to show you more of my trip and I will when I have more time, right now I'm making more birds, thank you "Bird Girls" for keeping me chirping! I thought you might like to see the view from my bench, not bad, not bad at all! I'm in the pink!

Much Love, sparROw


  1. Oh, so happy for you!! Soak it, you song sparROw, and dance among the raindrops!!!

    I've eaten elk thistle in Wyoming in a very young stage--bristles were still soft. We peeled them off and ate the stems--like celery. I bet somebody will know about the blossoms--bees and butterflies love 'em, so they must be sweet???? :-)

    Celebrate all things pink and dripping!

    1. Elk thistle the elks must love them too, very interesting that you were able to eat the stalks. The purple house finches are always on them here, I think they like the old seeds.

      Oh yes, the pink and the dripping, SO lovely!

  2. Lovely pictures! It looks so pretty with the rain.
    I didn't even know that thistle and artichokes were in the same family, so I don't know about the inside being edible. I'm thinking there must be something good in there to have so many prickly things on the outside though ;)

    1. Very good sleuthing DJ, I need to look it up when I have time, you could be on to something here.

  3. Glad you are receiving the welcomed rain!

    Your photos are such a joy. It's always a treat to check in :).

    DJ, I like the way you think too. I think you're onto something!

    Interesting, Caroline about elk thistle - I'm off to google it to learn about it.

    LOVE the view, Ro, from your bench. Whoa! Beautiful pinks!!

  4. Whoops, I said the same thing to DJ, I'll buy you a coke ..........

    Thank you Lisa, I love sharing the pinks and such with you!