Sunday, May 5, 2013

Holy Harrier Bird Girls!

  I did it, I caught a little tail wind and enjoyed the cloudy skies and cool weather, a weekend gift. I sat and I sawed, I stamped, soldered and sanded my tail feathers off.  I sang too loud and danced from my bench to the pickle pot then back again for two days and finished the first clutch of bird girl orders.

 I'm so proud and happy with the way they turned out. Some of you wrote and told me you missed out so I'll make a few more listings tomorrow.

 Chester has been around and busy too, collecting sticks and twigs, building a nest. We've been keeping each other company especially since it's been cool enough to keep my studio door swung open.

 We both needed snacks so we shared peanuts, roasted, unsalted :)

I tried one of them out and they work like a charm. If you are in trouble you can now use your Bird Girl Ring as a signaling devise. Holy Harrier someone needs help!

Obviously I need more than a few peanuts at this point and Eric is making Sunday dinner....

Thank you for your orders dear doves, Much Love, Ro bin.


  1. Oh, they all turned out wonderfully, Ro! And the Bird Girl signal--I LOVE IT! =)

    Aw, Master Chester. Such a handsome fella. Glad you had one another for company...and cool breezes to boot!


  2. What an amazing colorful flock you created!! Chester is pretty cool too!

  3. Oh my GOSH,Ro--you soared!!!!!

    LOOK at that flock!!! No wonder Chester stopped by...wanted to be part of the "in" crowd.

    Plus, who can resist sharing peanuts. Secretly, he may be picking up a few smithing techniques from you, plans to launch a line for the discerning avian trendsetter....

    And I'm with Ash on the Bird Girl signal--TOO awesome--a secret superpower, on the wing!!!

    I hope your supper was deserve more than peanuts for giving life to this fabulous flock....

  4. Oh those look fantastic all lined up together! Love the pendant version too.
    Chester is a real cutie, that's nice to have company while you work :)

  5. Holy hummingbird, Ro bin!

    Don't those look wonderful....and altogether they are just stunning! Now that is one smart line-up. Great job :)).

    I think you should get one of those giant light projectors (that car dealerships have) that reach way up into the night sky. Using the "bird girl ring" logo you could project your cool signal with it emblazoned across the lens of the light!

    Tired hands from all that cutting and stamping? You could alert Eric in the sky that it needs to be a take-out night for dinner!!

    FLeuR-dE-LiSa (Ash, you started this.....)

    P.S. LOVE the design for the necklace <3!

  6. P.P.S. Oh hi Chester......looking good. You are wearing one of my favorite color combinations :) !

  7. Thank you So much, all of you LOveRly Birds.....Yup Lisa, I was thinking the same thing, car dealership shine them on the full moon!!

    Chester gives you all a high 4!!

    xoox, wap, wap, whap (Chester call)