Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye May

Since I do make jewelry, here is my cheap plug... "New rings can be found here"

I took a long walk in the fog this early morning to say goodbye to May, it's been nice knowin' ya.

Here we are on the cusp of summer, the milkweed is always so cheery, even in the most sweltering of times, this plant is one tough cookie.

Sometimes I walk a skinny little deer trail flanked with poison oak, look how beautiful this plant is, I'm immune to it's toxins for whatever reason but don't shake my hand if you aren't......okay you can now, I washed them.

Our clematis "The Virgins Bower" in seed now, I couldn't help thinking about Dr. Seuss....Thing One and Thing Two, three, four , five and......

Good thing I stopped for the clematis or I would have run face on to the little spiders laundry, I did the limbo....( I really did)

I picked some ripe and juicy currants, ever so carefully, little spiny buggers and squeezed the sweet innards into my mouth, then another and another and...

 bedazzled sage

Quintessential, California, summer series, fawn colored grass, valley oak.

Sprawling mat, type milkweed I've only ever seen right here..beneath the Flicker nest..I need to go look it up.

I'm enjoying the gray while it's here and wishing you all a superfantastic weekend.....

Best wishes from dog beach.

Much Love, Ro and Jo and Mart too


  1. Everything's looking so lush and lovely in your part of the world, Ro, including those gorgeous stones!

    Aw. Dog Beach. And that they've dragged along their favorite toys--insanely cute! (Is Marty cuddling Hobbes, by chance??)

    Hope your weekend is cool and misty, too.


    1. Thank you Ash, it's been cool luckily, I'm bracing though :)

      Hobbs, no just a generic tiger, could be a liger.

      I hope your weekend is cool also, I think things are heating up but I'm not looking, just gonna take them one day at a time.


  2. Again those are some beautiful fiery rings!! Glad you had some fog, makes your Calif flora photos so lovely!! Both your sweet doggies with their toys relaxing on the beach. VERY cute :)) Btw, the Matilija poppies have been in bloom & they are a treat to see! xoxo

    1. Thank you sweetie, I fell in love with those stones, the rings were fun to dream up.

      Nice to have the ocean right there to share fog.

      Oh those poppies, fried eggs, they smell wonderful too, BIG HUGE, GORGEOUS, look at the leaves, interesting, asymmetrical.


  3. Oh the fog looks lovely! It's been hot and humid here. ugh.

    Love your rings, the silver bark is so pretty.

    Dog beach is cute :) Banjo's fur looks so soft and cuddly too.
    (PS Bingo has that same flat fox toy! It's his favorite :)

    1. Oh sorry for your weather if anyone could understand it would be me. It takes it right out of ya....

      Thank you, I am always a sucker for bark, especially silver bark :) woof, woof

      Banjo received it in the mail from his auntie, she enjoys shaking it and making it squeak for mercy :) I think it's a popular one, she has an older model too but she LOVES the new one. F.F.F. Fantastic, Flattened Fox

      Teo is coming over for a stay, Bingos twin, Jo will be happy, she loves him.

  4. Farewell to you sweet May....Hello June.
    I can''t believe how fast we are moving through 2013.

    I never knew currants were spiny! I would love to try one right off the branch.
    You aren't afraid of poison oak? Lucky you. I just have to look at poison Ivy and I'm blistered!

    Your up close and personal photos are great. I love milkweed. So fragrant.

    Beautiful rings, wonderful detail.

    Your pups look so content basking in the sun. Our dogs have a flat fox toy too. They love to play tug-o-war with it!

    Happy weekend adventures to you!


    1. The older you get the faster it goes, school will be out soon.

      We have several wild varieties, this one is the best for snacking on the trail, so pretty too. I know some people really suffer the effects of those plants, I am fortunate. Did you know kiwi is also a currant, it's origins are in China...kind of spiky, furry.

      I've tried growing native milkweed in my garden from seed, I need to procure some plants, I love it too.

      Flattened Foxes for every good dog :)

      Happy weekend Cinda, xoxo

  5. so happy to have seen your latest beautiful work before they made their way to the lovely ladies who have collected them! Each one a piece of art and a piece of your lovely spirit!
    thank you for sharing your heart in pictures.

    1. Awww you.....big slobbery hugs and kisses!

      Love you lady

  6. Beautiful photos, Ro. Such a lovely blog to view and read. Those adorable tired cowboys look so content and happy on your rug (beach). Happy June - can't believe it is here.

    1. Howdy April, Happy June!

      Yup they we plum tuckered out!!

  7. Happy June, Ro! (And all of those along the trail....)

    Photos are dreamy looking :). And I love picturing you squeezing currant innards!!

    Aprilgirl - love your description of those two furry kids as "tired cowboys!!"


  8. Happy June to you!

    I ate those weird fruits on the tree at my girlfriends school. I called her and told her to try one since I looked it up and found they were edible even though the kids told her they were poison :) They were delish, tasted like concord grapes. I read that some people make wine from them.

    Spiny little devils but so good.