Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First Stop Alabama Hills

  Happy May Day all, I heard it was still snowing in Minnesota today and to that I say, you have my condolences. We have no such problem, our needle wants to point to the "too warm for comfort" zone.  My dearest and I took a little trip to the Owens Valley, Eric had a pang for trout fishing and I had the wanderlust. All of this was  quite sudden but our calendar was conducive so we made like bananas and split.

 Our first destination was The Alabama Hills. The hills are actually mostly comprised of amazing rock formations that remind me of a small Zion or places you may travel to while visiting the beautiful state of Utah.

 The cottonwoods were getting ready for the big fluff :)

It's hard to capture places like this in pictures because they are so grand. The sound of wind, birds, the trickling of water in deep rivets thick with willows.

*note the little doggie in the drivers seat, have Mart will travel.

 Many a western was shot in these, here hills, though the last notable film shot here was Iron Man.

We headed from the hills into the small town of Lone Pine. I had heard from a lapidary friend that there was a stone guy in this town and I was pretty sure I had spotted his place in the past, down one of the little back streets that face Mount Whitney. Sure enough, this time I got out and introduced myself. I knew we were kindred sprits when he took us into his rock studio and the first thing he needed to show us was the phoebes nest just outside the people!!

I bought a handful or turquoise cabs from my new friends Francis and Francee, seriously, these two were born to be together, their affection for each other was palpable. They generously invited us into their home where we looked though their collection of local rocks and artifacts. I joked that he had found all the arrowheads, that's why I have never found one and believe me I've looked.

I've stumbled upon many Shoshone and Paiute knapping site, the knapped stone fragments are illegal to collect but you may take an arrowhead. On second thought it's probably best to just visit and leave it all right where it is.

I have been busy catching up, sorting through email and all the rest but I have made some pretty things for etsy too so it's time to wake up Sir Churro and put him to work.

I'm finishing some new pieces today, I'll show you tomorrow.

Happy May Day, Much Love, Ro


  1. priceless pictures and priceless people
    Francee and Francis
    I heart it!!

  2. Happy May Day to you!
    I would love to go exploring in those parts too!

    I have never been to the Southwest. It's on my list.

    Nice to have new rock friends. : )
    Can't wait to see the new pieces.

    Spring has sprung around blossoms,daffodils and tulips are smiling at me. Love it!
    Almost all my summer birds are back in town too!


    1. I know you would Cinda, I hope you do one day.

      Your green summers and glorious late spring sound just beautiful, oh how I love a crabapple tree in bloom!

      Congrats bird girl!

  3. Oh wow! Those rock formations are incredible.

    No snow here, in the 70's today--yay!
    Can't wait to see your new work :)

    1. They really are incredible, lots of nice dens and hiding places for big cats etc.

      Yayyyyy 70's are perfect!

      I'm wondering if you made it to the refuge?

      I sat in the vet hosp. for two hours today, wish I had more work time but I did make a wonderful ring today, finished everything up and waiting for my niece :)

    2. We did go to the refuge, it was really beautiful. But we didn't see many birds. I think it might of been due to the oodles of screaming children that decided to go on both days we went. We will try again though (when school is in session haha :)

      Awww, Hope Mart is feeling better :)

    3. Oh nooo I hate when that happens each time I've been to refuges I think we were lucky, hardly a soul there, early morning and before dusk is the best. I'm glad you know the way there anyway. I do hope you go back.

      I think the thought of shivering at the vet has made him feel much better :)

  4. Yikes, Churro looks like he's basking happily--are you SURE you want to disturb him??

    Francis and Francee look and sound like just the right folks for this trail--what a blessing to meet them!!!!

    I hope Marty drove safely...and how was the trout fishing? :-)

    Happy May Day!!!

    1. Doesn't he......this is a place where they take mules seriously, they even have a Mule Day holiday in the summer.

      They are wonderful, she is FUNny!

      Eric caught and released a lot of fish, oh and that full moon made the evenings even more delightful, late angling.

      Poor Mart walked too much and pulled a??? or a muscle spasm, the vet deduced that he is a wimp but gave him some pain meds :)

      Happy May Day to you!

    2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Mart-Fart--I hope he'll be all right! maybe he needs to come hang out at our farm and toughen up by chasing gophers and muskrats??? :-)

    3. Awww....poor Mart. (I have to admit I had an immediate visual of the little Mart-meister zoned out on the good stuff pop into my head when I read this!!) =)

  5. Welcome home, Ro! I missed you :).

    I love picturing catching fish, releasing them, the full moon overlooking everything at night. I love Francis and Francee....just by their faces!

    Glad Marty knew the way home - pictured Mart behind the wheel and you and Eric navigating! He hee!

    Looks like you had good weather, and I'm glad for that :). Nice to get away, and nice to sleep in your own bed again ;).

    xxx ooo especially to Mr. Mart <3 (and you for the 2-hour visit)

    1. Thank you Birdie pie, I missed you too! Yes it was just like that, the full moon was a nice bonus, it lit the ripples in the water, so beautiful, Eric fished late each night and I read with a book light til he returned to camp.......peaceful.

      I think poor Mart did too much, came home with a hitch in his giddy up :)

      You know it, after a week of dirt camping the shower, the luxurious.

      Both my dogs needed attention, new allergy regiments etc. a long day..


  6. P.S. Happy May Day....if I could make it there in time, I'd put a May basket on your door and run! :)

    1. Run run run!! Mart has some good stuff (which might make him speedy fast)!!! =)

    2. You wouldn't get away, Mart is VERY BRAVE on the other side of the door!

      Too cute "Party in a Basket"

      I'm still saving my snow, I may have to break it out this weekend ;)

  7. So glad you had a great time, Ro. (Your first photo totally made my day, of course.) Francis and Francee look and sound glorious. (Gosh, they even have the same smile!!) Good luck with all the housekeeping looking forward to seeing your latest treasures.


    1. The mister was in Pullman yesterday and it was blue skies...then hail storms...then heavy snow...then sun!

    2. Pullman, I want to go there!!!!

      Thanks you Ash, glad you enjoyed them, The F's as I call them are wonderful. Second time around for them........geesh
      f i n a l l y !!!


  8. So happy to see this blog....I must have been under that big rock.... .org. WHO KNEW?!?! I was so lost without you....happy to share this space...

  9. Awww well thank you Delia, it so nice to have you here!!

    You could drive right there in 5 hours :)

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